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Fusing soul care and stories about life on our changing planet.  Content created and curated by your host: Katie IndiCrow.

Tune in for monthly astrology and planet reports. Stick around for real life conversation that goes deep into the heart of why we do the things we do. Sometimes a talk-show, sometimes a sacred experience. Always about celebrating our connection to our lives. Blending soul care, current events, and life as an anthropologist comme energy master. Come on in for some Crow Medicine.

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Fusing soul care and stories about life on our changing planet.  Content created and curated by your host: Katie IndiCrow.

Tune in for monthly astrology and planet reports. Stick around for real life conversation that goes deep into the heart of why we do the things we do. Sometimes a talk-show, sometimes a sacred experience. Always about celebrating our connection to our lives. Blending soul care, current events, and life as an anthropologist comme energy master. Come on in for some Crow Medicine.

Check me out at my website: https://crow-medicine.com/ for writing, tools, and classes!

    October 2022 Astrology Report: Shifting the Veils Personally and Cosmically

    October 2022 Astrology Report: Shifting the Veils Personally and Cosmically

    Welcome to the October 2022 Astrology Report. Our theme this month is shifting veils. With Samhain and Halloween being such celebrated holidays as well as our astrological alignments, themes of the otherworld, underworld, soul journeys, and being what happens on the 'other side' are at the top of our lips. In this report, I talk about how the astrology of October 2022 is placed to bring us on our very own special journey into and through the veils. With Mercury taking the lead on October 2 as it goes direct and taking a key role the rest of the month (and beyond), this month we have an Eclipse (on the Scorpio/Taurus axis), Pluto goes direct, Venus has a superior solar conjunction.

    We are at a unique place in our planetary journey. The last podcast I delivered was about the decade point since 2012. In it, I mentioned that a lot of souls were going to be waking up in a large wave, even bigger than what we experienced then. In this podcast, I talk about how the other world and the underworld are not just for the dead. Rather, many of us have parts of ourselves that are traveling to and through them. October is a month soul sparking and integration is going to be at a high potential BECAUSE of the thinning of the veils. This is an excellent time to dive deep on yourself, your questions, and also, your desires and creations. Pluto and Scorpio in combination with Saturn are bringing forth the grounding of what can be known as 'extreme' emotions. Desire is a powerful thing, as is passion. Learning to bring those into our lives through our creation is a pathway to happiness and success.

    Key themes discussed: All of the above plus the power of the Taurus and Scorpio nodal journey, how souls journey (and ways to recognize if yours is on the move), actualization, working with the Eclipse, what is coming up for November and December 2022 and why it is important to ground and prepare now.

    Do you have dreams where you are traveling through territory and wonder what those are about? Tune in. I talk about them in the second and third segment. This is very common and is a sign your soul is on the move (ideally, back to you).

    Key Alignments Discussed in the Podcast

    October 2: Mercury Direct

    October 5: Conjunction of Moon and Saturn

    October 5: Mercury at Perihelion

    October 8: Mercury dichotomy and Greatest West, Pluto Direct, ca of Moon and Jupiter

    October 9: Mercury highest altitude and Full Moon (Aries)

    October 12: Close Approach Moon and Uranus, Lunar Occultation of Uranus

    October 14: Close approach of Moon and Mars

    October 15: Conjunction of Moon and Mars

    October 22: Venus superior solar conjunction

    October 23:  Saturn direct, Venus enters Scorpio

    October 25: New Moon, partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

    October 28: Jupiter goes Retrograde

    October 29: Mercury enters Scorpio

    Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection Learning Experience: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/soul-compass-pathways

    Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection (book): https://crow-medicine.com/2022/09/02/new-book-release-announcement/

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    Turning of the Seasons (and Decade)

    Turning of the Seasons (and Decade)

    Did you happen to clock that we are walking into our last quarter before we are at our 10 year December 21, 2012 anniversary? Well, let me inform you. This is where we are at. This September Equinox and December solstice package is going to be a doozy! Doing dual duty with the wrap up of our 2012-2022 test phase AND representing the beginning of another much bigger wave, these two turning of the seasons are worth noting. In this instalment, I get us grounded in remembering what 2012 was about. More importantly, I talk about how our current cosmic moment packs infinitely way more punch than that moment did. You see, back then we got rocked out of a rut. Now, we have had a decade to test things out. As the sun, cosmic rays, and planetary activities naturally meet their connection points, we are about to experience the equivalent of a very large cosmic spark. (If you ask Venus, it has already begun.)

    Final Quarter Before Decade 2012 Celebration (1-18:00 timestamp)

    We are just around the corner from September Equinox 2022. This is our ‘final quarter’ before we celebrate our 10-year anniversary since 2012. This decade was an important part of the ‘turnover’ phase, during which we moved from solar cycle 24 into 25 and through which we entered the transformation into the Age of Aquarius. Excitingly, the major objectives, themes, and contracts that had been created in relation to the ‘great awakening’ which that moment was meant to represent have mostly played themselves out. These will be months of review, repair, wrapping up, and moving on.  

    Just in time for another, larger wave of awakening to come in its place. YAY.

    Ultimately, the planet as an energy system and in its pathway of healing is progressing extremely well. In the year 2014, I made my first public appearance to you as Katie IndiCrow. My job then as it is now, is to walk the planet through these changes and to express these messages. In this segment, I talk a bit about the background of what these soul groups and projects were. The highlight points we met the last decade is going to be a 'theme' of what I write and talk about over the next few months. Subscribe, like, 'follow' to hear more.

    What to Expect 19:00- 25:00 Time stamp (19-25:00)

    Rapid energy change as well as the 'wrap up' and 'start up' that we are going to be experiencing more fully during these next three (plus) months. As I explain in the podcast, the cosmic factors plus the changeover factors that many of us are going to be experiencing will bring about: emotional and soul wound healing, the ability to harness new and different forms of knowledge, re-connection to your creativity, moving beyond a reality stream and into another, and the opportunity to make major energy leaps. 

    Preparing to Make the Most of It (Time stamp 25:00- 36:00)

    Rapid energy transformation can be fun, invigorating, and inspiring. It can also be confusing, terrifying, and painful. The latter does not have to be the predominant experience, but it tends to be for people who are not prepared. (Even the most prepared will also feel discomfort here and there.) The main difference is that it is not the ongoing state of being and is recognized as something to work through or from as part of moving beyond the limitations of one reality stream or vibration spectrum. My book (Soul Compass) is a powerful learning aid that you can work with to get yourself into tip top form this season (and beyond). Click here for your copy of 'Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection' in book form: New Book Release Announcement – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (crow-medicine.com)

    Visit my blog for a more elaborate version of this write-up!

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    September Update and Special Announcement

    September Update and Special Announcement

    Hello, friends! Welcome to September. A month where we finally overcome some of the most harsh energy oppositions that were built into our harmonic system. This month, there is no 'astrology' report proper because I am in the middle of working on components of this in ceremony. This short podcast is to say that and to explain what is happening. In it, I talk about how masculine and feminine energy within us at times has felt like an opposition within ourselves. Embracing ones' spirituality, intuitive gifts, and feeling empowered to create a relationship with the Universe is not always something that has been 'supported' in reality. The legacy of witch-hunts and colonialism remained in our spectrum. This month (and last), significant chunks of what was weighting us down in relation to that are being lifted. That *wall* feeling should be less and less. It is up to you to jump over it. 

    One of the things that you are going to naturally feel as we move out this suppressive and repressive parts of our energy strands is the desire to take better care of or get to know more about your soul and your intuition. As opposed to feeling 'at war' or as though this is not something meriting 'attention', more and more people are going to realize: your soul and intuition are assets. Your intuition is a valuable resource to refine.

    It is also to excitedly announce that I have just released a brand-new book called "Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection". It is available for purchase now! Click here for the announcement and to get your copy: New Book Release Announcement – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (crow-medicine.com)


    You are your most valuable resource. Learn how to refine and use your intuitive self-connection as a source of reliable, everyday guidance. Featuring the IndiCrow method of conscious self-connection, this book walks you through a journey of getting to know the sound of your soul and how to work with your unique talents and gifts. Learn the groundwork for healthy soul and body energy connection and how to heal yours. Build pathways for your intuitive senses to do what they are meant to, which is help you out in everyday life.

    Oriented with the practical reader in mind, this book and the concepts and tools for conscious self-connection that it teaches you are ones you will be able to return to for the rest of your life to go ever more into you. Each chapter represents a different pathway to self-connection to pursue!

    *Special gift 20% discount code to Elemental Ascension, my favourite andara store.*

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    A Wave of Cosmic Love

    A Wave of Cosmic Love

    A wave of cosmic love is spreading through our Universe. Do you feel it? 

    Today marks a special moment in our process of tuning Earth (and this Universe) into our higher harmonic connection.

    This quick podcast explains what that means and how to tune into it. 

    *I recorded this in great excitement on my way out the door to ceremony. I will come back when able to fix this summary. The words say it all.*


    I mentioned several resources I had posted on this page and my blog to help 'get ready to ground' these moments. Work with them if you feel inspired:

    Tuning to Love:  (crow-medicine.com)https://crow-medicine.com/2022/08/08/tuning-to-self-love/ 

    Calling in New Energy: https://crow-medicine.com/2022/07/24/calling-new-energy-into-your-path-2/ 

    5 Signs You are Experiencing Rapid Energy Change: https://crowmedicinemedia.com/2022/07/12/5-signs-you-are-experiencing-rapid-energy-shifts/

    Experiencing Powerful Emotions: https://crowmedicinemedia.com/2022/02/18/experiencing-powerful-emotions/ 


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    Energy Management for Busy People

    Energy Management for Busy People

    Busy people of the podcast world: this one goes out to you! Being busy but also knowing that finding more self-care and energy management time is a #1 concern that people have. We know that taking 'time for us' to 'take care of us' is important, yet we lead full lives. With children, businesses, school, sports, and all the great things we do, it can be tough to fit a little 'me' time in. (It can sometimes seem unnecessary when we are living our dreams.)

    As many busy people can tell you, there comes a time in many of our lives when being 'booked up' leads us to a point where we feel bogged down. We start getting lethargic. In my own case, I wound up experiencing migraines and extreme IBS. This leads to burnout, falling out of love with our lives, and eventually, turning to podcasts like this to help ourselves figure out how to fix it. This rock bottom is totally avoidable. If you have not reached one yet: good job! Taking steps to manage your energy will keep you from having that experience. If you are there or have been there, you know exactly what I mean. 

    This is something that is very common. Even people who are living their dream can get energetically exhausted. If this is you, do not feel ashamed of yourself. You are not alone. You can heal. Energy management, once you take into the factors that I talk about in this podcast like what we carry with us from one meeting to the next, or when we get back home, it becomes rather easy to take care of.

    In this podcast, I share some of my best energy management strategies for 'busy people'. I promise, you will not hear me tell you to take a day off. Rather, in this installment, I talk about the importance of finding ways to work within what you do have.

    1) Identifying what you require to feel nurtured, nourished, and loved 

    2) Working with bookends 

    3) Creating an oasis of peace (and using it)

    and *4* which is throughout) Finding high impact moments where you are able to layer the things that work for you.

    As I share throughout, one of the key concepts for energy management, in particular for energy sensitive 'busy' people, is to find things that work with your schedule and responsibilities. Keeping an ongoing flow or regular self-connection and alignment moments for self-healing is something that helps us stay our best. In each of the segments, I suggest how to do that. 

    Study with Me:

    Auric Field Clinic: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/aura-clinic

    Breathe, Ground, Connect: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/breathe

    Resources: I mentioned that I host a blog. At that blog, I share energy management techniques and articles. You may visit and check out a list of recent articles at https://www.crow-medicine.com/blog

    'Feeling Ungrounded: https://crow-medicine.com/2022/02/17/how-to-fix-feeling-ungrounded/)

    Processing Emotions and Energy: Processing Emotions and Energy – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (crow-medicine.com)

    Deliberately staying away from advice you probably heard before, I work to share unique tools and tips that will help you enrich and enjoy your life!

    Thanks for tuning in!

    Katie IndiCrow

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    Identifying and Moving Away from Spiritual Manipulation

    Identifying and Moving Away from Spiritual Manipulation

    As we move through the dissolve, it felt appropriate to speak about a trend that I will happily see end: spiritual manipulation. It happens in groups, with teachers and through ets. If you have ever experienced it, do not be ashamed. There is a relatively large group of us who have.

    In this short instalment, I discuss some of the key signs that spiritual manipulation is present. More importantly? I talk about ways that you can work to heal yourself and walk away from it. Recognizing it is the first part. Working on your energy to purify and release any connection is the next step.  There are little discernment suggestions with each point that I address. I suggest that you ask them to yourself and really hear your answer. If you suspect that you were or are being negatively impacted, listen through the final segment for suggestions on what to do. Beginning to immediately cut energy ties, moving into repair mode, and taking stock of the valuable lessons we learn when this happens are powerful things to do. Though it can take a while to release the influence of these beings, it is highly possible. Once we realize these things happen and that these people are 'out there', we know to look out for them. They become a thing of the past.

    Energy body autonomy and getting into that highest harmonic, autonomous, self-connected flow is a favourite topic around here. There will be more, soon. Are you a spotify premium member? Check out 'Calling New Energy into Your Path'. It is a little something I recorded a few days that will help with that.


    I mentioned Auric Field Clinic in the podcast as a powerful place to start on the autonomy journey: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/aura-clinic.

    Big love,

    Katie IndiCrow

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