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Hip-hop discussion podcast from rapper Demone Carter aka DEM ONE, music writer David Ma, and record collector Nate LeBlanc featuring interviews with well-respected figures from rap's past and present. A Stony Island Audio experience.

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Hip-hop discussion podcast from rapper Demone Carter aka DEM ONE, music writer David Ma, and record collector Nate LeBlanc featuring interviews with well-respected figures from rap's past and present. A Stony Island Audio experience.

    DBRP Classic: Armand Hammer

    DBRP Classic: Armand Hammer

    *Note: This episode originally dropped on June 18th, 2020*
    This week we have a rangy interview with billy woods and Elucid, the members of group Armand Hammer, whose new record Shrines is among the year's best. They provide insight into the album's origins, artwork, and their trusted circle of collaborators among many other topics. In the second segment the fellas discuss the best rap records of the year so far, a check-in on the state of the art as we reach the halfway point of this chaotic but increasingly inspiring year. Beats for this week's show were submitted by Controller 7 and we thank him for the contributions. Our theme song is composed by DJ Albert Jenkins.

    • 2 hr 8 min
    Blunted On Reality 30th Anniversary Retrospective

    Blunted On Reality 30th Anniversary Retrospective

    It's a tale of two halves on Dad Bod Rap Pod this week. In the intro segment we take a look back at The Fugees' first album Blunted on Reality, released 30 years ago in the thick of one of hip-hop's best overall years, 1994. For now, let's charitably call it an uneven debut from a group still finding its voice. Please click play on the episode to hear a lot more of our thoughts. This album is full of baffling decisions, yelling, and very few cool moments. After the break, hosts Nate LeBlanc, Demone Carter and David Ma turn our frowns upside down and discuss some of our favorite underground hip-hop releases of 2024 thus far, kind of a halfway through the year check in. We have nuanced takes on and praise for Heems' album LAFANDAR, Mach-Hommy's brilliant RICHAXXHATIAN, and Schoolboy Q's occasionally floaty Blue Lips.

    If you're reading this please consider supporting DBRP by joining our Patreon, where for a few dollars a month you get exclusive access to a steady stream of bonus audio segments, eclectic and well-researched playlists, as well as tons of music recommendations from us as well as our community of homies.


    DBRP is mixed by Taylor Weng, produced by Demone Carter, explained via theme song by Cutso and DEM ONE, has art by Dewey Saunders, is booked by David Ma, contains the high pitched and extra loud laughter of Nate LeBlanc, and is heard via the mighty Stony Island Audio podcast network.

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Lynchian Horror Films with guest Brotha Lynch Hung

    Lynchian Horror Films with guest Brotha Lynch Hung

    You wanna see a dead body? All you need to do is listen to this week's guest, one of hip-hop's most unique MCs, Brotha Lynch Hung. Hailing from the under-discussed rap bastion of Sacramento, California, Lynch is the creator of his own unique brand of horror-centric rap music, which he calls Ripgut. Lynch's music is extremely popular in the Bay Area where we grew up, and while we may not be everyday listeners to the music, we certainly respect his consistency, hustle, and vivid writing style. For those unfamiliar with Lynch's output, be warned, it can be extremely graphic and maybe even a somewhat disturbing for the uninitiated. That said, we respect the fact that BLH has created his own musical universe, self-producing and releasing many of his landmark albums. This is one of our most unique interviews to date, and a must-hear for fans of Lynch's horror movie-inspired art.
    Speaking of horror films, that is the topic for this week's intro segment, as DBRP hosts Demone Carter, Nate LeBlanc and David Ma discuss their takes on the ubiquitous genre, from formative experiences as kids, to a predilection for psychological thrillers nowadays. In the outro, we dig deeper into the so-called "horrorcore" hip-hop subgenre, a style that is often discussed but one that no prominent artists seem to self-apply to their music. Along the way we touch on such artists as Viper, ICP, Esham, and a few others you may not be expecting us old head classical rap fans to mention.

    DBRP is mixed by Taylor Weng. Theme song by Cutso and DEM ONE. Brought to you by the letter 'S' which stands for Stony Island Audio, a gut-rippingly good podcast network.

    • 59 min
    Sacred Crates with guest Breakbeat Lou

    Sacred Crates with guest Breakbeat Lou

    There are few people who have contributed as much to hip-hop culture and received as little recognition as our guest this week, Breakbeat Lou. He was born in the Bronx, steeped in hip-hop culture from the moment it was created, and eventually went on to develop a record series called Octopus Breaks. That series morphed into the mighty Ultimate Breaks & Beats, a hugely formative series for DJs, Producers, and listeners to familiarize themselves with the canonical breaks, or open drum parts, on which hip-hop is built. Lou has some great memories to share, including stories about the legend Scott La Roc, Afrika Islam's role in break record history, and more recent tales about touring with Sous of Mischief. For true fans of hip-hop culture, this interview is not to be missed.

    In the intro segment, DBRP hosts Demone Carter and Nate LeBlanc (David Ma is on assignment this week) discuss breakbeats and break culture. As an MC, Demone has been tracking down and trying to unlock the secrets of the breaks for decades. LeBlanc has an extensive record collection that includes some of the holy grail break records, though he is conflicted about hoarding them when perhaps they could be better used by someone who actually, you know, makes beats.

    DBRP is mixed by Taylor Weng. DBRP has a theme song produced by Cutso and rapped by our very own DEM ONE. DBRP guests are booked by David Ma. DBRP is produced by Demone Carter. Most if not all of the puns on the show are provided by Nate LeBlanc. We are down with Stony Island Audio, the finest hip-hop podcast network in all the land.

    • 58 min
    Timeless & True with guest Marv Won

    Timeless & True with guest Marv Won

    This week we are going to the movies... actually we're discussing rap portrayals in the movies, a somewhat fraught subject. We were inspired to think about rap on the silver screen by our guest, Marv Won. Among other accolades, Marv was famously part of the movie 8 Mile. We enjoyed our conversation with this Detroit battle rap mainstay who recently signed with Mello Music Group and has a new album entitled "I'm Fine, Thanks For Asking. " One of the highlights of our chat was Mar's lightning-quick assembly of his all-time Detroit MC Mount Rushmore. In the intro segment, DBRP hosts David Ma, Demone Carter and Nate LeBlanc riff about rap movies, verisimilitude, decrepit warehouses, strange bedfellows, and much much more.

    Big thanks to our theme song composer Cutso.

    DBRP is mixed by Taylor Weng.

    Dad Bod Rap Pod is probably the 4th or 5th most popular podcast on the Stony Island Audio network.

    • 59 min
    Episode 301

    Episode 301

    "you can tell that the East Bay was his home." 
    Spice One doesn't have the wealth and accolades that some of his West Coast contemporaries like E-40, Too Short, and Snoop have, but he has maintained every bit of his respect in the rap game for over 30 years. The Hayward, California rapper came to prominence in the early nineties, pioneering a dark new gangster arch type that is still mimicked today. Tune in to hear him talk about rolling with Tupac, almost being cast in a major motion picture, and why he is still going so hard in 2024. 
    The Dad Bod Rap Pod is a production of the Stony Island Audio Podcast Network. Shout out to the honorable Open Mike Eagle. The theme song was created by DEM ONE and DJ CUTSO. Taylor Weng is on the mix (c'mon, kick it!) 

    • 1 hr 3 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
168 Ratings

168 Ratings

aggressive progressive ,

Very Solid Hip Hop Podcast

The guys can come off a bit pedantic and snobbish at times but their hearts are in the right place. Their love and respect for the culture is unquestionable.

Would love to see a spin-off show dedicated to Billy woods.

Csubo1685 ,

Love the Podcast, but the Audio Needs Work

Been listening to you guys for a while, love the show! Only minor gripe is that it’s very hard for me to hear you guys sometimes, even with volume all the way up. Keep up the good work though!

DanceMaster (Master of Dance) ,

Great podcast but can’t hear it…

I’m a middle aged man whose been listening to hip hop too loudly for over 30 years.
Please turn up the audio. Sometimes it’s so low I can’t even listen to the episode.
Besides that, I really do love the podcast. I just wish I could hear it better.

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