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True crime, legends, folklore, dark history and other creepy topics from the perspective of real live Canadians.

Dark Poutine - True Crime and Dark History Curiouscast

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True crime, legends, folklore, dark history and other creepy topics from the perspective of real live Canadians.

    Shadows of Deception (Part 1): The Murder of Tim Bosma

    Shadows of Deception (Part 1): The Murder of Tim Bosma

    Episode 317: Tim Bosma, a 32-year-old family man from Ancaster, Ontario, went missing in May 2013 after taking two men for a test drive of his truck. The two men were later identified as Dellen Millard, a 27-year-old heir to a Canadian aviation empire, and Mark Smich, a 24-year-old drug dealer and aspiring rapper. This case would expose the disturbing reality of Millard and Smich's cold-blooded violence and web of deceit.
    The investigation into Bosma's disappearance was just the beginning of uncovering the harrowing events surrounding Millard and Smich. In 2012, before Bosma's murder, they had killed Millard's 23-year-old ex-girlfriend, Laura Babcock. Later that same year, they shockingly took the life of Dellen's father, Wayne Millard.
    As the details of the Tim Bosma case unfold, the stage is set for the equally horrific events of the murders of Laura Babcock and Wayne Millard to come to light in parts 2 and 3 of this true crime series. The disturbing stories of these two killers, Dellen Millard and Mark Smich, reveal a chilling trail of devastation left for the families and communities impacted by their callous acts of violence.
    Tim Bosma: A timeline of the police investigation and murder trial
    Cellphone records to play big role in Tim Bosma murder trial | CBC News
    The Murder of Tim Bosma : The Devil Had a Name | CBC News
    Kijiji Statement
    Millard roommate testifies about visiting hangar on day Bosma disappeared | CBC News
    Hundreds attend Tim Bosma memorial service
    Wife of Tim Bosma pleads for his safe return - Toronto
    Clairmont: Whatever it takes to find Tim Bosma
    Hamilton will always remember Tim Bosma
    Tim Bosma remembered: father, husband, son and friend | CBC News
    Everything We Learned at the Tim Bosma Murder Trial
    Tim Bosma: The beginning. and the end
    ‘We have waited for justice’: Tim Bosma’s widow speaks Millard, Smich guilty verdict | Watch News Videos Online
    Tim Bosma Found Dead | Global News | YouTube
    Bosma Murder Charge | Global News | YouTube
    Search: Dellen Millard | Canadian Legal Information Institute | CanLII
    2015 ONSC 6206 (CanLII) | R. v Millard and Smich | CanLII
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    Morning Run Cut Short: The Murder of Marguerite Telesford

    Morning Run Cut Short: The Murder of Marguerite Telesford

    Episode 316: On January 18, 1987, 20-year-old University of Victoria student Marguerite Telesford disappeared during a morning jog in Saanich, British Columbia. Her bloody earmuffs, bloodstains, a discharged shotgun shell, and a pry bar were found, suggesting foul play, but her body was never located. In 1989, Scott Ian MacKay was convicted of second-degree murder concerning Telesford's death despite maintaining his innocence. MacKay had a history of violent assaults on women. Recently, after serving a life sentence, MacKay was controversially granted day parole, raising concerns from the community and victim advocates about public safety risks and his lack of remorse.
    Marguerite Telesford - Mount Doug Alumni Association
    Archive dive: The 1987 murder of a UVic student who vanished on her morning run
    The 35th Anniversary of the Saanich Indian Territorial Declaration
    Neighbourhood History Tillicum
    "Marguerite Telesford" - Search - Newspapers.com™
    1988 CanLII 2888 (BC SC) | B.C. (A.G.) v. Pac. Press Ltd. | CanLII
    1992 CanLII 5990 (BC CA) | R. v. MacKay | CanLII
    Dead Ends: B.C. Crime Stories
    CANADA - Marguerite Telesford, Missing since January 18, 1987 from Saanich, Victoria, BC; 2nd degree murder conviction
    Jack Knox: Marguerite Telesford murder a story without end
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    Man convicted of murdering UVic student 37 years ago gets day parole
    ‘Baffling’: B.C. murderer who killed university student granted day parole - BC
    High-risk offender to reside in Vancouver - Vancouver Police Department
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    More than Meets the Eye: The Murder of Barbara Stoppel

    More than Meets the Eye: The Murder of Barbara Stoppel

    Episode 315: Barbara Gayle Stoppel, a 16-year-old waitress, was tragically murdered on December 23, 1981, in the women's washroom of Ideal Donut Shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was strangled with a twine, and despite being found alive, she succumbed to her injuries after six days on life support. The murder case quickly became notorious not only due to its brutal nature but also because of the wrongful conviction of Thomas Sophonow, who was initially accused of the crime.
    Sophonow underwent three separate trials: the first ended with a hung jury, and the second and third led to convictions ultimately overturned by the Manitoba Court of Appeal. The Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear a Crown appeal, leading to Sophonow's final acquittal. This case is frequently cited as a significant example of a miscarriage of justice involving flawed eyewitness identifications and police misconduct during the interrogation process.
    Despite Sophonow's exoneration, the actual perpetrator remained at large until a re-investigation of the case pointed to another suspect, Terry Arnold, who was already known to police for similar offences, having left a trail of depravity, sexual assaults and suspected murder in his wake. This revelation came too late to be pursued thoroughly, as Arnold died by suicide in 2005.
    The impact of this case has been profound, leading to public scrutiny over police procedures and the reliability of eyewitness testimony. It has also been the subject of several books and a public inquiry which sought to prevent such injustices in the future.
    Thomas Sophonow | Innocence Canada
    City of Winnipeg
    1984 CanLII 2912 (MB CA) | R. v. Sophonow | CanLII
    1984 CanLII 3811 (MB CA) | R. v. Sophonow (No.1) | CanLII
    1986 CanLII 104 (MB CA) | R. v. Sophonow (No.2) | CanLII
    1999 CanLII 6576 (BC SC) | R. v. Arnold | CanLII
    2001 BCCA 374 (CanLII) | R. v. Arnold | CanLII
    2005 BCCA 611 (CanLII) | R. v. Arnold | CanLII
    Body of suspect in Winnipeg killing found in Victoria
    Thomas Sophonow Inquiry
    Letter of Apology to Tom Sophonow
    Exclusive: Thirty years later, survivor details encounter with serial killer Terry Arnold
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    The Life of the Grey Fox: Bill Miner, Train Robber

    The Life of the Grey Fox: Bill Miner, Train Robber

    Episode 314: Ezra Allen Miner, more commonly known as Bill Miner, was an infamous American stagecoach and train robber born in Michigan in 1846. Bill Miner's criminal career included an early arrest on April 3, 1866, for robbery, leading to a three-year sentence at San Quentin. Over thirty-five years, Miner was incarcerated for a cumulative total of nearly 30 years, experiencing two official releases and making five escapes from custody. He became infamous in Canada for robbing the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and securing his status as a legendary figure in Canadian outlaw lore, which included an escape from the B.C. Penitentiary in New Westminster.
    Known by nicknames such as “The Grey Fox” and the “Gentleman Bandit,” Miner was celebrated for his courteous demeanour during his heists. Furthermore, he is often credited with popularizing the now-iconic command during robberies, “Hands up!”; however, this may be hyperbole. Miner’s blend of politeness and notoriety helped cement his legacy in the annals of Canadian criminal folklore.
    This Week in History: 1906 - The legendary outlaw Bill Miner robs a train near Kamloops
    Bill Miner | Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine
    Bill Miner | The Canadian Encyclopedia
    The Grey Fox (1982 film) | The Canadian Encyclopedia
    "The Grey Fox" (1982) - Movie on Bill Miner - Western Stagecoach Robber | YouTube
    The Grey Fox: The True Story of Bill Miner - Last of the Old-Time Bandits
    Billy Miner Pie Recipe
    Billy Miner | Mission Museum
    Bill Miner | Historica Canada Education Portal
    Bill Miner | BC Penitentiary Collection
    Bill Miner – The Gentleman Outlaw – Golden BC Museum
    Bill Miner | NFB Vignette
    Old Bill Miner: Last of the Famous Western Bandits
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    Murders in Meadowvale: Robert Grewal, Joseph Manchisi and Rene Charlebois

    Murders in Meadowvale: Robert Grewal, Joseph Manchisi and Rene Charlebois

    Episode 313: Douglas Donald Moore, known in Meadowvale, Ontario,  as a drug supplier for young teens, gained notoriety in Mississauga for killing three young men before taking his own life in his jail cell while awaiting trial on 11 charges for sexual assaults on three boys. Peel Regional Police assert that Robert Grewal, 22, of Meadowvale, and Giuseppe (Joseph) Manchisi, 20, of Milton, who were close friends, were killed in 2003 by Moore. After Moore’s death, he was named the prime suspect in the murders of Grewal and Manchisi. Additionally, police believe Moore was responsible for killing Rene Charlebois, 15, also of Meadowvale.
    All three victims disappeared in late 2003, and their bodies were discovered in spring 2004. Charlebois’ remains were found in an Orangeville landfill, while Grewal and Manchisi’s remains were located in wooded areas near Montreal. In 2005, Moore’s former common-law wife and an unidentified 16-year-old were convicted of accessory to murder after the fact. The teen assisted in disposing of evidence, including driving with Moore to Quebec to bury the bodies of Grewal and Manchisi. Moore believed the two men had stolen drugs and cash from him, but it was later revealed that the 16-year-old was responsible for the robbery. The police have never disclosed the motive behind the killing of Rene Charlebois.
    Mississauga | Canadian Encyclopedia
    History of Mississauga | MIssissauga.ca
    Canada's most notorious murder case happened in Mississauga in the 1970s
    Improbable Cause: The Harrison Family Murders
    Search: Douglas Donald Moore | Newspapers.com
    Youth appealing in Manchisi case
    Murder victim’s grieving mother still has questions
    Dad seeks slain son’s body parts | Toronto Star
    Douglas Donald Moore (1968-2004)
    Cold North Killers by Lee Mellor | Everand
    Douglas Donald Moore | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers
    Opinion: The horrifying path of Douglas Moore
    Ontario Newsroom | Coroner’s Inquest
    50TH ANNIVERSARY: Notorious Meadowvale serial killer left suicide note
    Didn't know killer's background, doctor testifies | The Star
    Spree killer feared dangerous-offender status | The Star
    `I'm sorry ... I'm finally free': Killer | The Star
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    Moved by the Spirit: The Murder of Mercy Babcock Hall

    Moved by the Spirit: The Murder of Mercy Babcock Hall

    Episode 312: In a home in Shediac, New Brunswick, on February 13, 1805, Amos Babcock, driven by delusions of divine mission, subjected his family to a horrifying ordeal. He gathered his wife, children and sister, Mercy, instilling fear with his erratic behaviour and unsettling declarations. Spurred by imagined threats and seeing himself as an instrument of God, Amos prepared for a sacrificial act, treating his family with cruelty dressed up as a religious ritual. His deep descent into madness was evident as he inflicted violence upon his loved ones, sparing none from his erratic wrath. Babcock's final act of brutality saw him murder his sister, Mercy Babcock Hall, whom he saw as demonic, in a brutal frenzy of madness, bringing a tragic end to a night of unspeakable horror.
    Amos Babcock (1764-1805) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree
    Squash, Pumpkin Pie and Mercy… | Part 1
    Squash, Pumpkin Pie and Mercy… | Part 2
    New Brunswick — History and Culture
    The Babcock Tragedy, a Story of Madness and Murder
    Hellfire in Shediac
    Amos Babcock... Crazed Murderer, or...?
    Full text of "The New Brunswick magazine"
    Mar 08, 1939, page 14 - The Montreal Star at Newspapers.com
    Apr 13, 1939, page 15 - The Kingston Whig-Standard at Newspapers.com
    Jan 18, 1993, page 25 - The Leader-Post at Newspapers.com
    Apr 20, 2013, page 79 - National Post at Newspapers.com
    The Ballad of Jacob Peck by Debra Komar (Ebook)
    Great Awakening - First, Second & Definition
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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
2.1K Ratings

2.1K Ratings

Nullity ,

Enamel bar?

Edit 2: I listen to the January 20, 2018 show and it was extremely moving and sadly, relatable. I wish you were here or I was there to give each other a great big hug.

Edit: I went to the Canada airport on the way to Malta, and I ordered poutine and it was pretty good although different but didn’t get a chance to order a double double from Tim Hortons but I did talk to some Canadians and they did know what these things were :-)

Original review: I don’t know what an enamel bar is, but it sounds like it would really hurt my teeth lol. Regardless, this is a fantastic show. Keep it up!

Onlyinmydreams ,

Enough already

This isn’t the Mathew show. Please Mike, if you insist on keeping Mathew, keep it to 2 comments, no more than 30 seconds each. With his rambling, he interrupts the good story telling you used to have. We’re already aware that Mathew (thinks he) knows everything, has been everywhere, and has an opinion on all subjects to no end.

makechgs4me_deb ,

Always a solid show and entertaining as heck!

I ADORE this show. I’ve been listening for 5 years now and figured it’s about time to leave a review. It’s my favorite true crime podcast. I look forward to Monday mornings at work because I get to listen to “my guys” Mike and Matthew. Not only is it well researched, the presentation is always professional and respectful. Mike is very knowledgeable, seasoned and just seems like a good eg. I find Matthew’s input is often a perspective that I hadn’t thought of and it makes me think outside of the box. Oh and I love Steve stories too! I appreciate the friendship between these two men and how well they interact. I wish I could give them more stars. Bravo on an excellent podcast gentlemen. I’m never disappointed.

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