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Weekly podcasting pointers that help you start and grow your show. As an award-winning blogger, vlogger, author, professional speaker and CEO of A. Blake Enterprises, I have provided training and coaching to many, from the everyday user to corporate CEOs. Find and follow me on all my social media platforms at https://linktr.ee/ablakeenterprises

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Weekly podcasting pointers that help you start and grow your show. As an award-winning blogger, vlogger, author, professional speaker and CEO of A. Blake Enterprises, I have provided training and coaching to many, from the everyday user to corporate CEOs. Find and follow me on all my social media platforms at https://linktr.ee/ablakeenterprises

    QR Codes - Don't Call it a Comeback!

    QR Codes - Don't Call it a Comeback!

    Don’t Call it a Comeback - The QR Code is Back!
    Are you using a QR code or Quick Response code to link to promotional materials, websites or to your podcast which can be done directly from a smartphone, so people can snap and enjoy it ASAP?
    Did You Know?
    QR codes were invented in 1994 to track cars on the assembly line that went out of fashion but have made a comeback.  I remember using QR codes on magnetic car signs when I was selling Avon.  QR codes were once more popular than social media icons used on commercial vehicles.  However, COVID has helped propel QR codes back into fashion due to the isolation and social distancing, because you can scan a QR without touching anything or anybody.
    Superbowl Commercial
    A QR code is a scannable code, usually in black and white squares or weird looking checkerboards that can be read with a Smartphone camera with free apps.  The code can contain links to a website, contest, ad, video and of course your podcast directory.
    QR codes can be created and placed on business cards, television programing, commercials, billboards, merch and even food containers.
    Money is tight!
    Money is tight and the cost of printing, paper and business cards can be costly so when creating a Business Card it is wise to add a QR code so that you don’t need to hand out your cards, just show one card with a QR code and ask the recipient to scan it.  Many business card and sticker designers include QR codes as an option in the design process such as CANVA, MOO and Stickermule.
    Baby Boomers and Social Seniors
    You don’t have to be tech savvy to use a QR code either - something that many boomers and seniors struggle with.  If someone asks about your blog or podcast, you can simply have them scan your QR code that contains your podcast directory and they can listen to your show immediately.  
    QR Codes works well for your guests; after the interview and when creating cover art for your guest to share, make sure to include a QR code that links directly to their individual episode and not to your entire directory.
    How Can I Use It?
    Your QR code should link to your web site that briefly describes your podcast or your social media platforms.  If it goes to your podcast, it should be a link to your trailer.  So use QR codes to promote your podcast on a card, sign, merchandise, billboard, social media posts and car signs especially if you travel a lot.  Use your QR code on your cover art or on bulletin boards at local stores and Farmer’s Markets.
     Don’t Call it a Comeback! 
    Leave a review on Apple iTunes then head over to Instagram for a shout out on the next show!  
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    Podcasting Places & Spaces

    Podcasting Places & Spaces

    On this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I share 5 tips for podcasting places and spaces which will help you before you begin recording.

    If you are not able to record in a studio such as Blake's Booth Podcasting Studio, these tips should help you record a good audio show.

    Silence—Choose a location that doesn't have a lot of noise.  Turn off any appliances, fans and air conditioning units, let people in the house know you will be recording and close the windows and blinds to cut down on outside noises.  Don't forget to put your phone on DND.Carpet—If you are in a room that is not carpeted or with hardwood floors, you can cover the floor with a throw rug or blanket to absorb the sounds.Furniture— Furniture absorbs and diffuses sound, so sofas and couches or cushioned chairs with pillows can absorb the sound, even a bookcase with lots of books works.  Even sitting in a walk-in closet filled with clothes makes a great location with good acoustics when recording!Acoustic treatment—To get the best results, acoustic foam panels or tiles can help.  There is also a portable recording isolation booth that you can use and take to other sites when recording on location.Time—Choosing the right time of day to record can reduce a lot of sound problems. Choose a day and time with the least amount of noise and when you will be least interrupted noises.If you would like more information about starting a podcast, send an email to info@ablakeenterprises.com
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    4 Quick Tips for Podcast Interviews

    4 Quick Tips for Podcast Interviews

    Today is episode #300, last episode of Season 6 and I am sharing 4 quick tips for podcast interviews.

    1: Be Organized - make the flow of the show run smoothly by sending your guest a release or registration form which you will use to create a Q&A Script.  Know your guest, how they wish to be addressed and stay on topic but build in time for ad libbing and follow up questions.
    2. Send questions in advance so that your guest won’t be caught off guard or not have a response for a question.  Stick with question within the niche of your guest’s field of expertise as you have to deliver on your promise to your listeners.
    3. Script out your introduction; for example, along with the questions, how do they wish to be addressed and the correct pronunciation of their name if it is unique.
    4.  Always thank your guest and allow them to leave the links to their website/blog or other social media platforms.
    Remember to always ask your guest to share the episode after it has been published so that you can expand and broaden your brand.
    Today’s episode is being sponsored by 2nd Annual Comic Artist and Creators coming to Wilmington on August 5th & 6th.
    Send an email to info@ablakeenterprises.com if you wish to receive a copy of the Podcast Guest Release/Registration Form.

    Check out Blk Pod Festival for more information on this amazing organization!
    Make sure to share this episode to your fans and followers.

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    Audio Advice - You Ain't Heard it From Me!

    Audio Advice - You Ain't Heard it From Me!

    Audio Advice - “You ain’t heard it from me!” Eps. #299

    Are you always giving advice?  Do people come to you for advice?  Do you want to give advice but no one wants to listen?
    Do you remember reading Dear Abby columns or if you are younger, watching Mrs. Jenkins on Living Color.
    Well, if you are a parent, grandparent, auntie or nosey neighbor and you want to give advice, then a podcast is a perfect media for you - yes, “Audio Advice” but you ain’t heard it from me!
    We all have various experiences growing up in different neighborhoods, towns, cities, states, even continents, so our advice will be varied and you don’t have to worry about copying someone else's style.
    It doesn’t matter whether you are dishing out advice on life skills, fashion, food, travel, home, work, auto repairs, cooking, cleaning, dating, we all have advice or “I remember growing up” memories.

    So whether you decide to start a show as a solo host, just you giving out advice, or having a girlfriends or bruhz boardroom roundtable, father and son, mother and daughter or even a deep daily dive with “Auntie You”, starting a podcast of “audio advice” would be a benefit to many.

    To learn more, send an email to info@ablakeenterprises.com
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    6 Tips to Marketing Your Podcast

    6 Tips to Marketing Your Podcast

    In this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I am offering 6 Tips that will help you to market your podcast to get more listeners.
    Submit to every podcast directory, not just the major onesCreate a website or blog for your podcastKeyword optimization is crucialUse social media to promote, even on one rarely used like PinterestGive interviews and promote your podcastRespond and reach out in support of other podcasters
    Check out this episode to get more in-depth information and make sure to subscribe to my blog, https://delblogger.com to get the complete show notes for each episode.

    Send an email to info@ablakeenterprises.com to schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call and to sign up for the 5-Week Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Sessions.

    Find and follow me on all my social platforms at https://linktr.ee/ablakeenterprises 
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    Podcasting Your Passion

    Podcasting Your Passion

    Podcasting Your Passion
    What do you have a passion for?  Is there something that you would do every day for the rest of your life if you could.
    Do you have a passion for traveling, how about cooking, fitness, fashion, meditation, parenting, teaching, preaching or just about talking about pop culture the latest movie, book or episode of Chicago PD.
    Is there some that you could talk about each and every day or at least weekly without interruption to your closest friends and their associates?  Do you have a burning desire to share a topic because you are an expert in it or at least think you are, talking 10-15 minutes non stop alone in a room or perhaps in a studio?  Well if you answered yes to any of these questions then a podcast is perfect for you.
    Why not turn that passion into a podcast, don't let fear stop you especially now as we are coming off of post pandemic, hey, you never know who needs to hear your story, your passion and your glory, you might be able to change someone's life with your voice.
    Please don't allow Imposter Syndrome or negative thoughts of fear, which is “False Evidence Appearing Real” of entering your head, don’t feel as though podcasting is an  over-saturated market because I can’t keep up with the number of television streaming channels are currently on the market with new ones joining every day….plus you never know where it will lead you, I just read that CityCast Philadelphia is looking for podcasters….do you love that Jawn?  
    My girlfriend, Demia Avery moved from Wilmington, Delaware to Wilmington, NC and now has a very successful podcast, “What Cha Doin Wilmington” and she is sharing travel tips and local venues to her listeners and you can do the same for your town, city or state.
    My passion for podcasting began in 2017, simply speaking into a smartphone on the Anchor FM platform, to me writing 2 resource guides, creating a 5-week podcast coaching session with new clients reaching out to me weekly, I just interviewed 30 TEDx Wilmington speakers and will be turning it into a full fledge podcast series…and in just two weeks, I will be taking the stage or standing in a breakout room at the BlackPod Festival in Atlanta during the Memorial Day weekend and I am so excited because teaching is my passion and teaching on podcasting each week is my passion.
    Are you retired or are an Encore Entrepreneur, with years or decades of content or too much information in your head or are thinking that it’s time to shift and make a move then podcasting your passion and your purpose is a perfect medium for you.
    Send an email to info@ablakeenterprises.com to schedule a 15-Minute Discovery Call so that we can get you started with podcasting or blogging today.
    Subscribe to the Delaware Blogger Podcast, and share this episode, you never know who you will touch.
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

ChloeRae Simmons ,

Great Information

Very good information. This episode was a good reminder as to what we should be doing on social media. Antionette is a great resource for information on all things social media and podcasting and she has great energy! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Dami M ,

Love the spunk and expertise

Thanks for generously sharing your insights and expertise - I was encouraged again through the Power of Podcasting your personal brand episode and it was helpful in eeminding me to stay the course.

Bruce Chamoff ,

One of the most informative podcasts on social media and podcasting

Antionette is one of my favorite podcasters. Her tone of voice keeps me interested. She talks to the audience on a personal level and not just at us, which is something that most podcasters do not do. Every episode title of the Delaware Blogger Podcast is intriguing and important for podcasting success and I advise all social media marketng experts and podcasters to subscribe. Thank you, Antionette for doing a great podcast.

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