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Dvorak and Horowitz, unscripted and unrehearsed discuss markets, finance and economy like no one else.

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    • 4.5, 189 Ratings

Dvorak and Horowitz, unscripted and unrehearsed discuss markets, finance and economy like no one else.

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
189 Ratings
189 Ratings
Gene Everett 187 ,

Fun entertaining podcast👍

Edit- Andrew believes anything he sees! He’s become a joke when it comes to research or understanding topics outside his usual realm! since my 5 star review more and more often Andrew spews false information from bogus media reports. I don’t like bashing John as he’s amazing on NoAgenda but John seems to just be silent when he knows Andrew is repeating pure nonsense! I assume it’s because it’s a fun show and John doesn’t wanna argue which I understand. But would he nice to at least correct the most nonsense statements from Andrew!


I see the last person to review badges this show and it seems they don’t know what this show is. It’s honest about what it is a fun entertainment show that discusses markets. If you want a serious stock picker show check out Andrews other podcast. This is a fun show and a must listen👍 5 ⭐️

But remember To know what your listening too it doesn’t claim to be a “serious” show it’s a fun show! The complaints in last review before mine are insane and clearly this person didn’t know what they were looking for! John is hilarious and though I’m not a fan of Andrews other podcast lately it’s still a great show here👍

tgramseyer ,

Hit or miss

Some good stock insights, but it is often rambling and ignorant. It is also clear that they don’t know anything about science; for instance, neither had any idea what intersex means, and they scoffed at lab grown meat based on the fact that neither know what stem cells are.

Also, the intro/exit thing is a little creepy.

Phild2400 ,

Everything wrong with the stock market

Nitpicky nonsense anything we can do to down grade a company regardless of how they’re making money. This show is everything that’s wrong with the stock market. Ollie want to talk about is volatility and things that are incorrect as to the companies are doing a good job and actually making money for their stockholders

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