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The music industry is in a constant state of change. With more and more artists all vying for the attention of audiences, there is a big need for direction for musicians to grow their fan base.
The DIY Artist Route provides that direction with interview conversations with successful indie musicians, community builders, thought leaders, music industry professionals and others to help DIY artists navigate their uncommon pathway to success.

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The music industry is in a constant state of change. With more and more artists all vying for the attention of audiences, there is a big need for direction for musicians to grow their fan base.
The DIY Artist Route provides that direction with interview conversations with successful indie musicians, community builders, thought leaders, music industry professionals and others to help DIY artists navigate their uncommon pathway to success.

    Timothy Palmer’s Curious Philosophy On Pt 2 Of DIY Artist Route Interview

    Timothy Palmer’s Curious Philosophy On Pt 2 Of DIY Artist Route Interview

    In the 2nd part of our conversation with indie musician Timothy Palmer, we pick up where we left off in the previous episode of The DIY Artist Route Podcast (listen to past episodes and the podcast archive here)
    Curiosity and questions are the driving force behind some of the best creations on earth.
    What drives the curiosity engine?
    Learn how can you strengthen your curiosity to engage with your own ingenuity and creativity to produce your best and most engaging work.
    When Timothy Palmer isn't making great music he's leading people in a quest for truth and introspection. It turns out that many of the answers we seek externally are found inside us through looking at our experiences and the teachers who have imprinted their brilliance on us.
    This conversation is an exploration of these elements so that you will take the proactive steps to become more curious about yourself, your relationships, your journey, and the work you produce.
    One of the key elements that comes up in every conversation I have with Tim is the depth of questions we ask each other.
    It's what Timothy says inside this conversation when he says,
    "Especially in the United States, we can't get away from the questions of morality, ethics, politics, or religion. Because even if we are not interested in that, everyone else around us is."
    Which is a fascinating truth. I don't consider myself to be one who spends much time in politics. Actually I avoid political discourse a lot because of the argumentative nature it has become.
    As you know, I'm all about harmony, unity, and bringing people together. But Timothy makes some incredible points in this discussion that pertains to this subject because avoiding the discussions that people are having is not a way to bring harmony.
    What do you think?
    There are several places in this episode where we ask you to join into the discussion. You can do that through connecting with us both on social media. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Here's where to engage and follow Timothy Palmer:
    Timothy Palmer on Twitter
    Timothy Palmer on Facebook
    Experience an in-depth discussion on the power of curiosity. We also dive into areas involving Fear, being known and the power of love.
    And we close with a little chit chat on the power of tattoos. Both Tim and I have adorned our bodies with art that represents who we are and what we're all about. Which is another way I'd love to invite you to connect with us. Share your tattoo stories (and pics if you have them) in the comments below or through social media. Hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In.
    Share this episode to bring more people into the discussion. I look forward to talking more with you soon!

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    The Power Of Love & Creativity With Timothy Palmer On Pt. 1 Of Podcast

    The Power Of Love & Creativity With Timothy Palmer On Pt. 1 Of Podcast

    You've heard his music, even if you think you haven't. Timothy Palmer has been Tryin‘ to help you us all navigate the journey of the creative entrepreneur and musician for years. His song (by that same name, Tryin') is the theme song to the DIY Artist Route Podcast, a brilliant track found on the critically acclaimed Half Boy EP.
    On top of being a brilliant songwriter, he's also one of my closest friends. Every time we have a conversation, he shares so much incredible wisdom and philosophy that I wish I had been recording it to share with you.
    This is the fulfillment of that dream for us to talk openly about our stories, and the pursuit you share with us in taking our creative work to new levels of success.
    Tim is an avid reader, which you hear in his quotations of great writers, musicians and sages in this conversation. It's his uncanny ability to relate story with philosophy and real life perspective that make him such an incredible leader and speaker.
    This is the first in a two-part episode where we dive deep into the philosophy of being human, in particular creative people who want to make a difference in the world. I know that's your mission and passion, otherwise you wouldn't be here.
    In the interest of time, I've split our conversation up into two parts. This first portion serves as both an introduction to him and his work, as well as lay a solid foundation for the role that philosophy plays in how each of us see ourselves, our role in the world, and the work that we do individually and collectively. The collective part is where you join in too. And I invite you to join into the discussion we have here.
    Connect with him to share your perspectives, stories, and ask questions:
    Timothy Palmer on Twitter
    Timothy Palmer on Facebook
    Timothy Palmer on Instagram
    As always, I invite you to join me in this conversation too. What thoughts and feelings do you have about what we discussed here? What curiosity thread are you unwinding as you listen to us talk?
    Share your thoughts and feelings! I want to know what ideas you have, as well as any struggles you're working to overcome. If you're feeling stuck, or if these perspectives that we talk about has your mind racing, let's talk about it. I want to hear from you.
    Set up a free 15 minute strategy session with me here.

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    How To Ensure Your Next Media Interview Wins You New Fans

    How To Ensure Your Next Media Interview Wins You New Fans

    In part 2 of my conversation with Rob Lawrence (host of Influential Creatives & podcast coach), we look at how to prep for an interview that will totally rock. In this episode you'll discover ways to ensure that your interviewer loves you after the interview is over. And you'll learn how to engage with the host/interviewer so that the audience follows you and becomes your fan too.

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    Rob Lawrence Gives Truth On How To Kickass At Interviews

    Rob Lawrence Gives Truth On How To Kickass At Interviews

    One thing that everyone in the media industry pays attention to is how well an interview is done. Rob Lawrence, host of Inspirational Creatives, is one of the best there is at doing amazing interviews. That's why I invited him to join me on the DIY Artist Route Podcast to share his wisdom.
    What we discovered in our conversation is that it's important for hosts who interview and guests being interviewed, can both gain clarity on how to have the most kickass interviews.
    When the guest and host connect on a deeper level than just a basic Q&A, the audience gets the best experience. Everyone wins.
    This is not something I'm seeing a lot of lately, in terms of discussing how to create amazing interviews. Which is why this podcast is a great resource for you because Rob gives some clear insights and very actionable suggestions to help you be a better interviewer or question-asker in any medium.
    My Perspective On Great Interviews
    My background is in public radio. I cut my teeth in learning the art of doing captivating interviews for KACU FM in Abilene, Tx way back in the early 2000s. My inspirations are folks who have made NPR a standout media platform for decades. I'm talking about radio icons like Scott Simon (one of my personal heroes), Steve Inskeep, David Dye, and Linda Wertheimer.
    Those folks really know how to go deeper than the questions to get to the heart of their guests, and ultimately create heart-connections with their listeners.
    It's something that comes from what Rob Lawrence calls "having a natural curiosity."
    This podcast session ended up being something that led to a different kind of production for me: a two-part episode.
    Closer Look At Part One
    Here in the first part, we take a closer look at how podcasters, radio hosts, bloggers & writers, and other media personalities can create the bedrock for a truly engaging interview.
    It's a How To Be A Great Interviewer 101 lesson, from one of the best podcast interviewers there is.
    Rob has a gentle presence, a great voice, and enters discussions with both his mind and his heart. There's a noticeable kindness in his presentation, which makes him both intriguing, engaging, and easy to talk with.
    These qualities make for a conversation that moves both the question-asker, and the answer-giver. Aka, the person hosting and the person being interviewed.
    You'll notice that we switch roles a few times, another mark of a great interview. When an interview feels more like you're sitting in on an intriguing conversation, everyone wins. Because you feel like you're joining in a rousing chat that is more than just a "let me pick your brain about XYZ" kind of experience.
    If you've watched any of Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, you see a very similar dynamic. Sure, there's a bit of comedy and humor involved, but essentially Seinfeld is asking a lot of questions to learn more about his friend. In the process, we all gain both an intellectual and entertaining experience.
    What Makes For A Great Interview
    When both the mind and the heart are engaged in what's going on, you find yourself challenged to think differently, and also feel something in the process.
    What makes for powerful media, audio in particular, is the presentation of something that connects with the audience's emotions. That makes for great songwriting and musical performance, as well as any creative medium.
    The mind and the heart. Nail the engagement with both of those vessels and you have the makings for a seriously kickass interview.
    There's a whole lot of gold in this podcast episode, and there's even more in part 2 where we will talk about how to best prepare t...

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    Tommy Darker On Why Freedom Is The Focus For Success

    Tommy Darker On Why Freedom Is The Focus For Success

    It's been about ten years coming that Tommy Darker and I sync our powers together to help you grow. Here's a guy totally committed to the art of success. Who has stayed in the fight for musicians and creatives to win in a complicated digital space for a long time.
    Tommy has recently launched a platform called MusicPreneurHub. It's a fantastic outlet that provides educational resources, mentoring and artistic development for artists. Students there really take their music to the next levels. I'm honored to get to be a part of this platform too.
    Tommy Darker Has A Specific Focus & So Does Our Conversation
    The overall focus in this podcast is on overcoming challenges all of us creatives face. From fear of failure to lack of education. To blaming others and making excuses for not reaching goals to failure to learn the lessons from everyday teachers.
    It’s a combination of practical and brilliant philosophy with specific ways of changing your mindset. If you, "change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” That is a great quote by one of my favorite teachers Wayne Dyer from a book called The Power Of Intention.
    Honesty and vulnerability create better ways for people to connect than anything else. We go to places philosophically that built a stronger connection between Tommy and I.
    By learning from this example and from insights in our conversation, you’ll learn at least 3 new ways to connect better with other people and practice growth farming well.
    I've discovered that most of the guests brought onto the podcast get into philosophy and psychology with me in our conversations. This is possibly the most philosophical conversation I’ve ever had with someone that’s recorded.
    What You Learn In This Podcast Episode To Take Your Growth To New Heights
    How to mix your roots musically with the things you’re passionate about.
    Gain leverage to overcome obstacles and find solutions by picturing your life as a movie where you're both the writer, director and lead actor.
    Learn how to create a unique value proposition for your individuality.
    How to claim your freedom as an artist to connect more with yourself and with others.
    Learn how to challenge yourself in the right ways to go beyond the goals you set.
    That's just the tip of the iceberg.
    A Few Powerful Quotes From This Episode
    “I never publish things that I learn. I publish things that I do. It’s experiential knowledge.” -Tommy Darker
    “Not giving yourself room for excuses is how you make it (your goals) happen.” -Tommy Darker
    “If you start seeing your life as a movie, you start having fun. And the character, which is you, will learn something along the way because movies are always about character growth.” -Tommy Darker
    “We all get to be scientists and play around with these different potions and chemicals and methods and tactics and strategies. My results might differ from yours. Actually they should because I’m living my story and you’re living your story. And that’s just the way that it’s supposed to be.” -D Grant Smith
    What To Do When It's Your Turn
    At the end of this podcast, I talk about how my tribe is passionate and will share his wisdom with at least 3 people.That's you. Your turn now.
    Go spread the love you just received from Tommy and I with at least 3 people in your world who want this kind of wisdom, love and success in the work they do.
    You can send an individual note or email with this link or you can click Share and spread the love on your social profiles.
    Either way, Tommy and I appreciate you! Thanks!!!
    Before You Go:  Plant the right seeds to grow a stron...

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    Creative PR Tools For Growth With Angela Mastrogiacomo

    Creative PR Tools For Growth With Angela Mastrogiacomo

    The latest episode of the DIY Artist Route Podcast is here! And it features none other than my good friend Angela Mastrogiacomo.
    Aside from being one of the most inspiring and kick-ass people I know, Angela excels at the real heart of PR and marketing work: relationship building. That's why I had to have her on the podcast to share her insights with you.
    As a music curator and media host, there are a lot of marketing and PR people who contact me every day, usually for the same reasons. They have an artist or band they want to promote. Maybe there's a new single their artist just released and they want media feature on my radio show. They want a review or feature of some kind.
    This are some of the traditional ways that music promoters, publicists, and PR companies operate. Tragically though, many marketing and PR endeavors fail. Whether it's a company that charges and arm & a leg for their work or it's a do-it-from-scratch solo artist reaching out to media for feature, the key element in this puzzle is…….you guessed it, relationship building.
    Which has become somewhat of a buzzword these days. When subjects as important as relationship building become buzzwords, it's easy to lose the meaning of the concept. Which is another big subject we dive into in this podcast.
    One big thing that trips creative entrepreneurs like you and I up is our own negative mindsets. Wait, what does that have to do with marketing, or with relationship building? Everything my friend!
    Our ego can be our worst enemy. For some artists, the ego says that who they can't connect with a music influencer with their story or music. So they try to parrot the work that other bigger artists do to promote themselves. It's not genuine, therefore it doesn't connect in the best ways that a sincere approach to relationship does.
    Other artists struggle with a more arrogant form of ego, one that tells them they should be treated like royalty. So talk yourself up like you're a god, and have the media eating out of your hand. And if they don't respond to you this way, screw 'em!
    That's the ego talking.
    When you work on marketing yourself, building genuine one-to-one relationships takes you further than anything. It's what's made Angela so successful with her work on Muddy Paw PR and Infectious Magazine. She's written tons of articles for Sonicbids and other music-centered publications, all covering the subjects of marketing, PR, and relationship building.
    We all deal with ego. Ego affects our mindsets, creates fears and insecurities, and if not dealt with can cause struggles that aren't overcome. One weapon against the work of the ego is vulnerability. Sounds strange right? How can vulnerability be the antidote to ego? Angela and I discuss this at length in the podcast.
    I'm being fairly overt here. Listen to the podcast. Download it. Share it. Then connect with both of us and share your story with us.
    Here are some ways to connect with Angela. She wants to hear from you so reach out to her and tell her you heard her on the DIY Artist Route.
    Muddy Paw PR
    Infectious Magazine
    She gave her email at the end of the podcast, but in case you missed it you can contact her via angela@muddypawpr.com
    Fears and mindsets are struggles for everyone. Honestly, dealing with personal fears and negative mindsets has been a very big part of my year in 2017, which is why you haven't seen me post as many blogs or pieces.

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8 Ratings

tunesbyto ,

Excellent Insight

D Grant Smith and his guests provide incredibly valuable insight for independent musicians who handle all of the logistics on their own. Sometimes there are also other great resources he provides to his listeners throughout the show, so don't miss out! Wishing I had subscribed earlier!

BirdsOver ,

Insightful music industry interviews

This podcast is a “must listen” for any independent artist. D Grant Smith has an obvious passion for music, and also for advising and guiding the independent artist. D Grant is a thoughtful interviewer, and these episodes provide a great deal of insight into the careers of up and coming independent musicians and the minds of music industry experts. Highly recommended!

Radio Richard ,

The Real Deal

D Grant Smith is as authentic a music lover and bringer-together of people as anyone I’ve ever known. He has a real and genuine interest in the artists he highlights, both on his podcast and on his radio show, The Appetizer. I recommend his creativity and love of music to anyone!

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