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As Pungo's television horror movie host for thirty years, Doctor Madblood now brings his frightening broadcasts to the Internet

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As Pungo's television horror movie host for thirty years, Doctor Madblood now brings his frightening broadcasts to the Internet

    "30 Years of Madness: The Podcast"

    "30 Years of Madness: The Podcast"

    Thirty years, three wigs and 355 t-shirts ago, the Pungo Swamp bubbled over and out-stepped Doctor Madblood. Written, produced and directed by Rachel Hunter and hosted by Mike Arlo and Penny Palen, thirty years of shows are crammed into these 80 minutes.

    • 1 hr 20 min
    "Dimitri Slept Here"

    "Dimitri Slept Here"

    Paying customers are more than welcome at Madblood Manor as a newly checked-in rich uncle and his handsome nephew reveal themselves as something other than what first impressions were amidst Brain's latest money-making scheme...

    • 12 min
    "Saving Count Lacudra"

    "Saving Count Lacudra"

    Lacudra's biographer attempts to capture the remarkable drama in the Count's life, enabling the 'heroic vampire' to really step in it this time...

    • 11 min
    "The Great Palunka"

    "The Great Palunka"

    Doctor Madblood's Nice Device seems to have had a lingering effect on Brain who's become uncharacteristically good-natured as Nurse Patience and Sybil of the Swamp discover how good looking Tinker Grant's rich cousin really is...

    • 11 min
    "Witch Sense"

    "Witch Sense"

    Sybil seems to be in two places at the same time as something threateningly evil takes over her sisters in what may very well be her demise...

    • 15 min
    "The Turkey Caper"

    "The Turkey Caper"

    Lamont Cramden and Margo Loin, along with fellow crimefighter, Turkey Man, - and with a little help from Doctor Madblood, track down the evil Skull who has stolen everybody's turkeys right before Thanksgiving...

    • 22 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

Colt is a diamond ,


Just discovered the great Dr. Madblood had/has(?) a podcast....every episode harkens back to such great radio shows as "Lights Out" while also adding that Dr. M flair of humor. Excellent stuff...wish there were more!

Nansemond Native Kid that used to live on Loomis Rd. ,


I'm 41 years old and I have to say as a kid, staying up to watch the Dr. Madblood Show used to be the absolute highlight of my weekends. I loved his silly sense of humor, the duengon/lab, and his don't take it all too seriously deminor. I can recall as a 10 year old (circa 1976) when my parents snuck out to go to the disco, I faked sleeping to stay up and see...The Excorist! I don't think I've ever been sooo scared. I can remember how reluctant he was to air it, and was telling us how people went running out of the theaters in New York due to fear, etc.

I also enjoyed all the background info he would give about the film and really engaged my curiosity about the supernatural. Today of course, I'm and Art Bell fan and have done my share of studying the occult and supernatural, even minored in comparative philosophy while getting my BS. Anyway, Dr. Madblood really helped me wonder and imagine what was beyond the veil of every day existence while growing up in rural Suffolk, VA.

Cheers to the good Dr. and I just can't express how happy I am to discover that his majic lives on via the web.

LadyPerrin ,

So Funny

I watched Dr. Madblood when I lived on the Outer Banks up until 12 yrs ago(when I moved), and laughed my butt off.
Today I heard him on Fox 106.9 in Chesapeake and heard him talk about the podcast.

You do not know how happy I was to know that he was doing podcast. I only hope he will put the clips of Arlo on video and put them in the podcast.

Keep up the good work Madblood.

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