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The DraftKings Life Podcast will give you an inside look into the people and culture that define what it means to be a technology company in sports entertainment.

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DraftKings Life Podcast DraftKings Life Podcast

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The DraftKings Life Podcast will give you an inside look into the people and culture that define what it means to be a technology company in sports entertainment.

Check out our job openings ➡️ careers.draftkings.com

    Why Our Products are a Dream for Mobile Engineers

    Why Our Products are a Dream for Mobile Engineers

    As a mobile-first company, we offer a platform where product-focused engineers can build impressive applications, grow their own skills and engage with a community of users who appreciate their work.
    Working at DraftKings is described as a dream for any product-focused iOS or Android engineer. "You go into this career wanting to build something that people actually use in their hands," Tumri, a Senior Software Engineer, explains. This is the essence of what we do here at DraftKings.
    Our Mobile Team empowers engineers to have a tangible impact on products used by millions. It's about creating something meaningful, not just tweaking small code algorithms. Ready to join the team? Check out our open roles today. 

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    Inside DraftKings Bulgaria

    Inside DraftKings Bulgaria

    Located in the heart of Bulgaria, our offices are centered around collaboration and connection. This unique environment fosters not just professional growth but personal relationships as well. Stamena Manova from our Employee Experience Team, offers a glimpse into how the culture shapes the everyday experiences for our team members.
    For Stamena, it's about crafting a workspace where individuals can grow and thrive. From the annual team building to the Christmas celebration, DraftKings crafts events that are more than just gatherings—they are opportunities for people to create genuine friendships and engage in meaningful conversations. 
    A flexible work environment proves to be the best for our teammates. We work in a hybrid model with people working from home and on-site in Sofia and Plovdiv. Over 50% of employees, according to a recent survey, choose to come to the office driven by the desire to interact with their teams and leaders directly. 
    DraftKings is more than a workplace; it's a community. A community that thrives on empathy, resilience, and the drive to achieve results. Here, we're defining an ideal workplace centered around collaboration, connection, and celebration.
    Ready to join the team? Check out our open roles. 

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    The Journey of a DraftKings Software Architect

    The Journey of a DraftKings Software Architect

    Growing in your career can look differently for everyone. One may take on the challenge of managing others, helping to mentor and foster a culture of learning, while others may rise to the challenge of being an individual contributor taking on more responsibilities. 
    We like to ask our teammates, how can you maximize the impact you can make?
    Martin Kostov, a Software Architect, is a great example of a teammate who has embraced learning at every phase of his career. He tried the manager path and then made a pivot to work more with our technology as an architect. In his ten years at DraftKings, Martin has seen so much growth; not just with our products with the addition of new features, apps, and technologies - but within his own skills as well. 
    Martin joins the DraftKings Life podcast to walk us through some of his most exciting projects and why he enjoys working with our technology. If you’re looking to learn more, Martin has published a few articles on our DraftKings Engineering Blog. You can check out our open opportunities as well. 

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    Pioneering The Sports Intelligence Landscape

    Pioneering The Sports Intelligence Landscape

    One of the most fascinating teams here at DraftKings combines Sports Data Science and Data Engineering to create our Sports Intelligence team. On this episode of the DraftKings Life Podcast, we welcome two members of this team from the London office, Robin and Rohan. 
    Robin M. is a Senior Director of Data Science, he’s been with DraftKings for many  years helping to build the team and the models that help our products function. Rohan S. works with Robin focusing more on the engineering side of the house, creating machine learning models that can handle massive scale. 
    Want to learn more about our Sports Intelligence team? Check out our DraftKings Engineering Blog. If you’re ready to join the team, apply to our open roles. 

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    A Tech Deep Dive: Powering Our Sportsbook Product

    A Tech Deep Dive: Powering Our Sportsbook Product

    When we asked Agop Dogramadzhiyan, Director of Engineering, what his favorite problem to solve was, he gave us an answer that encapsulates who we are at DraftKings. 
    “The unsolved one.”
    We’re building the future in the sports and entertainment industry. In this episode of the DraftKings Life Podcast, we are diving into the technology behind our Sportsbook product. Agop works on our SportsCore system that powers one of our most popular products. His team in Bulgaria works with team members across the globe. 
    He describes the SportsCore team as the primary engine that drives the processing of sports content. His team is responsible for transforming the raw sports data into a rich set of odds and events that engage our customers. The work they are doing is reshaping our growing industry. 
    Many think you need to like sports to work at DraftKings, yet Agop says he’s not really a sports fan. Instead, he loves the complex challenges that our products produce and being able to work with our modern tech stack.
    Whether you’re a fan of coding algorithms, cheering for your favorite team, tackling complex infrastructure, or want to solve big-scale problems, Agop says DraftKings brings all these worlds together, “It’s literally a place where everyone can find something they are passionate about.” 
    Want to learn more about our technology? Agop recommends checking out our Engineering Blog, written by various tech professionals across DraftKings. 
    If you’re ready to make an impact on our teams, check out our open positions. 

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    Ask a Recruiter, The Top FAQs Answered

    Ask a Recruiter, The Top FAQs Answered

    Think you're ready to join our team? You'll want to listen to this first. 
    Max and Allie, two Talent Acquisition Specialists here at DraftKings, answer the nine most frequently asked questions we get from candidates. 
    In this Q&A session, Allie and Max discuss preparing for your interview, what to expect, and give insight into the good things to know before you talk with us. Both Allie and Max hire for many different roles here at DraftKings, and they say the best way to learn more about our culture, products, and life at DraftKings is to read our blogs, listen to more podcast episodes, and follow DraftKings Life on Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!  
    Have more questions? Check out our website. 
    Check out our open positions here.

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5.0 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

__Zel ,

Love the podcast

I love this podcast it is great to hear everyone’s story on what lead them to DraftKings and what they exactly do. It’s great to get that insight because some jobs you won’t get that until you start working there. I hope to some day be on it.

DipDap1234 ,

Great Podcast!

I like this podcast and being able to hear from employees about their experiences. Keep it up!

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