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DRUM with Mike & Eddy aims to bring drummers together and give them weekly updates and banter about the wonderful world of drumming. Each week professional drummers Mike Johnston and Eddy Thrower will discus how topics such as motivation, practice habits, routine, health & fitness, and many more have an effect on your drumming. Obviously this podcast is for drummers, but in all honesty it's for anyone that wants to improve at their craft!

DRUM with Mike & Eddy Mike Johnston & Eddy Thrower

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DRUM with Mike & Eddy aims to bring drummers together and give them weekly updates and banter about the wonderful world of drumming. Each week professional drummers Mike Johnston and Eddy Thrower will discus how topics such as motivation, practice habits, routine, health & fitness, and many more have an effect on your drumming. Obviously this podcast is for drummers, but in all honesty it's for anyone that wants to improve at their craft!

    Why We Practice

    Why We Practice

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    In this conversation, we discuss the importance of practice and the reasons why we continue to practice. They emphasize the need for consistency and finding the right time to practice. We discuss the importance of seeing progression in our drumming through dedicated and focused practice. We also chat about how the Practice Project has completely changed the way we approach practice and how much improvement we have both seen in just a week's time!


    Consistency is key in practice to see improvement and maintain skills.
    Having a clear why for practicing helps to stay motivated and focused.
    Avoiding embarrassment and being proud of your drumming skills can be a driving force in practice.
    Finding the right time to practice, free from distractions, can enhance focus and productivity.
    Clarity and musical independence are important aspects to work on in practice sessions.
    Seeing progression in practice is important for motivation and satisfaction.
    Finding the why behind your practice helps to stay motivated and focused.
    Accountability and motivation from others can greatly enhance the practice experience.
    Plateaus and setbacks are a normal part of the learning process and should be embraced.
    Tangible rewards and indulging in rational purchases can serve as motivation for practice.


    00:00 Introduction and Setting the Stage
    03:00 The Importance of Practice
    08:00 The Benefits of Consistency
    13:00 The Why of Practicing
    18:00 Avoiding Embarrassment and Being Proud
    24:00 Finding the Right Time to Practice
    30:00 Focusing on Clarity and Musical Independence
    33:00 Being Impressed with Your Own Drumming
    34:39 Seeing Progression
    35:28 The Practice Project
    36:32 The Importance of Patience
    37:22 Finding the Why
    38:19 Accountability and Motivation
    39:29 The Journey of Improvement
    40:00 The Frustration of Plateaus
    41:02 The Mental Aspect of Practice
    42:09 The Excitement of Progress
    43:29 The Podcast and Personal Growth
    44:14 The Importance of Tangible Rewards
    45:23 Indulging in Rational Purchases
    46:12 Closing Remarks

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    Mike & Eddy Order New Kits!

    Mike & Eddy Order New Kits!

    Join The Practice Project

    In this episode, we discuss our gear preferences and go shopping for new drum kits, but here's the catch. Eddy is doing it on the Gretsch website, and I am doing it on the Ludwig site! We also talk about the importance of practicing and the benefits of accountability.


    Choosing the right gear is essential for drummers to achieve their desired sound and performance.
    Practicing regularly and having accountability can greatly improve drumming skills.
    Ludwig and Gretsch offer a wide range of drum kits and snare drums to suit different preferences and playing styles.
    Personal preferences, such as sound, size, and finish, play a significant role in selecting the right drum kit and snare drum. Gretsch drums have a unique feature called portholes, which allow the drum key to be stored inside the shell.
    When choosing a drum set, consider the sound and feel of the toms, as well as the overall aesthetic.
    Different bearing edges and shell materials can greatly impact the sound and versatility of a drum kit.
    DW hardware is DOPE!


    00:00 Introduction and Gear Discussion
    10:38 The Practice Project
    17:26 Choosing a Drum Kit - Ludwig
    20:33 Choosing a Drum Kit - Gretsch
    24:26 Choosing a Snare Drum - Ludwig
    28:17 Choosing a Snare Drum - Gretsch
    32:33 Gretsch Drums and Portholes
    33:15 Black Copper Drum
    33:58 Ludwig Legacy Maple Drum Set
    34:56 Snare Drum Selection
    35:28 Choosing Drum Kits
    36:08 Bearing Edges and Shell Materials
    38:12 Different Drum Sounds
    38:52 Versatility of Maple Shells
    39:29 DW Hardware
    40:45 Recording the Drum Set
    41:46 Social Media and Drumming
    42:15 The Future of Bands
    43:37 The Direction of Social Media
    45:19 Balancing Shows and Online Content
    46:21 Playing Shows and Filming Performances
    47:00 Supporting the Podcast
    47:32 Flexibility and Drumming
    47:48 Signing Off
    48:16 British Pronunciation

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    • 48 min
    Headspaces Pt. 1

    Headspaces Pt. 1

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    In this episode, we discuss the importance of practice and introduce The Practice Project! We also do a deep dive into our different headspaces in various drumming contexts, including 1-1 lessons, drum camps, and live shows. We talk about the importance of structure and order in drum camps, allowing the camp to unfold naturally and creating an environment where campers can become their best version. We discuss the challenges of reading the room and balancing different personalities in a camp setting. The conversation then shifts to the headspace for shows, the difference between playing in front of other drummers, and the unique challenges of teaching in a one-to-one lesson.


    Practice is essential for drummers to improve their skills and overcome challenges.

    The Practice Project is a new initiative for patrons to hold each other accountable and make progress in their drumming.

    The headspace of a practicing drummer can be influenced by distractions and the need to prioritize different aspects of drumming.

    One-to-one drum lessons require teachers to balance honesty and encouragement while providing solutions to students' challenges.

    Teaching multiple students can be challenging, but experience and preparation can help teachers provide effective instruction.

    Drum camps offer a unique teaching experience that requires instructors to create a positive and engaging environment for a group of drummers. Creating structure and order in drum camps can provide a sense of stability and allow for flexibility when needed.

    Allowing the camp to unfold naturally and embracing the unknown can lead to a more authentic and meaningful experience for campers.

    Reading the room and adapting to different personalities is crucial in creating a positive and supportive environment in drum camps.

    The headspace for shows is often more relaxed and confident compared to the headspace for one-to-one lessons or camps.

    Understanding and navigating drummers' different goals and aspirations in a camp setting can be challenging but rewarding.


    00:00 Introduction and the Importance of Practice
    03:30 The Practice Project for Patrons
    10:25 The Head Space of a Practicing Drummer
    16:56 The Head Space of a One-to-One Drum Lesson
    26:06 The Head Space of Teaching Multiple Students
    31:56 The Head Space of a Drum Camp
    35:23 Headspace for Drum Camps
    36:12 Allowing the Camp to Unfold
    37:14 Creating the Best Version of Themselves
    37:37 Structure and Order
    39:15 Reading the Room
    40:20 Balancing Different Personalities
    41:00 Transitioning from Camps to Shows
    42:23 Headspace for Shows
    43:20 Playing in Front of Other Drummers
    45:14 Different Headspace for Shows, Lessons, and Camps
    46:08 Dealing with Potential Issues in Shows
    48:00 Navigating Different Drummer Goals in Camps
    49:48 Seriousness in Advanced Drummers
    51:03 Headspace for YouTube Videos
    52:16 Appreciation for Listener Support
    53:01 Closing Remarks

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    • 53 min
    3 Tips for Drum Teachers

    3 Tips for Drum Teachers

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    In this episode, we discuss our top three teaching tips for drummers, including the importance of walking the walk, asking questions, finding a niche, outlining lessons, and having confidence as a teacher. We also talk about building confidence, setting expectations, being relatable, and fostering a strong teacher-student relationship.


    Find a niche and teach from your own unique perspectiveOutline your lessons to ensure effective time managementHave confidence in yourself as a teacher and project that to your students Building confidence is crucial for teachers, even if they may not excel in every aspect of their craft.Setting clear expectations helps students stay focused and motivated in their practice.Being relatable and transparent about struggles can help students trust and connect with their teacher.The teacher-student relationship should be built on patience, understanding, and mutual growth.

    00:00 Introduction and Transition Troubles
    03:00 Perfection and Eye Infections
    06:00 Tech Issues and Virtual Camp
    09:00 Teaching Tips: Walk the Walk
    12:00 Teaching Tips: Ask Questions
    18:00 Teaching Tips: Find a Niche
    22:00 Teaching Tips: Outline Your Lesson
    27:00 Teaching Tips: Confidence is Key
    34:30 Building Confidence as a Teacher
    38:00 Setting Expectations
    39:15 Being Relatable and Transparent
    44:30 The Teacher-Student Relationship

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    • 48 min
    Paralyzed by Perfection

    Paralyzed by Perfection

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    In this episode, Mike and Eddy engage in a Q&A session where they discuss various topics such as the best camera, documentary, exercise, and podcast of 2023. They also reflect on their biggest lessons, regrets, and favorite moments of the year. The conversation takes an interesting turn as they delve into the concept of being paralyzed by perfection and the importance of not comparing oneself to others. Overall, the episode provides insights into their personal experiences and highlights the need to embrace imperfections and take risks. In this conversation, Mike and Eddy discuss content creation challenges and the struggle with perfectionism. They share their experiences of feeling intimidated and the pressure to constantly improve. They emphasize the importance of focusing on the delivery of information and the main goals of their content. They also discuss the comparison trap and the need to overcome the fear of judgment. Finally, they share exciting news about a second drum kit, encouraging listeners to embrace the hard work and put their content into the world.


    Focus on the delivery of information and the main goals of your content.Don't let perfectionism and the fear of judgment hold you back from creating and sharing your work.Avoid wasting time with active procrastination and prioritize moving forward.Remember that your audience is more interested in the value you provide than the technical aspects of your content.Build relationships and partnerships that support your creative endeavors.

    00:00 Introduction and Q&A
    07:43 Best Camera and Documentary of 2023
    10:08 Biggest Lesson and Regret of 2023
    10:32 Best Habit and Purchase of 2023
    17:39 Best Food and Movie of 2023
    19:38 Best Exercise on the Kit
    21:05 Best Podcast of 2023
    25:19 Paralyzed by Perfection
    33:11 The Big Picture: Delivery of Information
    34:12 Choosing Between Quality and Spontaneity
    35:33 The Struggle with Perfectionism
    36:26 The Intimidation of Creating Content
    38:00 Wasting Time with Active Procrastination
    39:41 The Gap Between Expectations and Reality
    40:30 Comparing Ourselves to Great Artists
    42:38 Judging Our Own Work Harshly
    44:26 The Importance of Audience Perspective
    45:35 Overcoming the Fear of Judgment
    48:37 The Challenges of Content Creation
    53:00 Embracing the Hard Work
    56:11 Exciting News: Second Drum Kit
    59:50 The Importance of Relationships in Endorsements
    01:02:23 Moving Forward and Putting Content Out

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    • 56 min
    What Makes a Good Drummer?

    What Makes a Good Drummer?

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    In this episode, we discuss the following categories of drumming...
    SpeedGroove/GroovesFills/ChopsIndependenceTechniqueShowmanshipMusic TheoryWe chat about the musical situations where these subjects/disciplines are massively important and the situations where they aren't nearly as important. After that, we give each category a score of 1-10 based on how much effort we are personally devoting to them in 2024.

    We hope you enjoy the episode!

    - Mike & Eddy

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    • 1 hr 6 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
244 Ratings

244 Ratings

Mjo701& ,

Not just about gear

It’s so great to have access to a couple of real guys who’ve reached a high level with the instrument I love. Hearing the thought processes and common concerns is beyond valuable for anyone looking to progress their own skills.

Scoobyrube87 ,

Love it!

I love this podcast! I’m a new listener and y’all are very entertaining and I truly appreciate all the information y’all provide. I’ve been drumming for 23 years and I’m glad to know I can still continue to learn. If y’all read this you should check out Oceans Ate Alaska Chris Turner is a fantastic Drummer, also check out Capstan, their drummer is amazing and I was surprised to learn that he plays traditional grip with the style of music they play. Anyway keep it up! Y’all are awesome!

rosie.cq ,

Great creative life podcast (and drumming, of course)

I started listening to this podcast because I started teaching drum lessons in 2021. I never wanted to teach drum lessons, because even though I played a lot of drum set through middle school, high school, and college, and know that I am good at it, I’ve never felt like I knew enough to teach other people how to play. Some of that is because I excel more at other percussion instruments (mallets + auxiliary) and some of that is because I am a female and have had to put up with years of getting chosen second or not at all, people assuming my male colleagues play better without even hearing us, and so on. But I got an opportunity to teach at a studio and so I took it.

I wanted some resources as I was figuring out my teaching style to draw from, and I happened upon this podcast. I did find a lot of advice about drumming that I have used and synthesized into my own teaching and understanding, but mostly what I found was a podcast about living a creative life, trying to make a business out of it, and everything that comes with it. And at this time of my life, I really really need this because it’s exactly what I’m going through everyday. I am so appreciative of both Mike and Eddy for talking honestly about how hard this path can be sometimes, and I think it’s great how they both have really different approaches to how they accomplish goals and lifestyles. I go back and forth between who I relate to more depending on the topic.

Thanks for making this podcast, glad I finally sat down and wrote a review. Keep on making episodes, I’ll be here listening 👋🏻

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