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A light, fun, creative World of Warcraft podcast that explores the lore behind instances and the bosses inside them. We take time to really explore these locations, the voice lines, music, and any hidden gems we can find!

Dungeon Fables AliandrasK

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A light, fun, creative World of Warcraft podcast that explores the lore behind instances and the bosses inside them. We take time to really explore these locations, the voice lines, music, and any hidden gems we can find!

    Episode 108-Dragon Soul (Part 2)

    Episode 108-Dragon Soul (Part 2)

    For the epic conclusion to this raid, and the expansion, we work with the dragon aspects to bring down Deathwing! We explore the mighty battle together and do a bit of lore diving!

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    Episode 107-Dragon Soul (Part 1)

    Episode 107-Dragon Soul (Part 1)

    We're wrapping up our Cataclysm era of dungeons by venturing forth into Dragon Soul! We've obtained the artifact and we are getting ready to use it against Deathwing. But first we need to make it through some baddies that stand in our way.
    Episode 3 of Live, Laugh, Lore https://tinyurl.com/LLLCast3

    I reunited with my Blizzmates on the most recent episode of Frazlcast! Please check it out!

    Gin and I will be guesting on The Tauren & The Goblin on Oct 14th at 10:30pm eastern. twitch.tv/mashthosebuttons

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    Episode 106-Hour of Twilight

    Episode 106-Hour of Twilight

    We wrap up our trilogy of dungeons this week that lead into the Dragon Soul raid. So much so that we can actually see some of it in this instance! Join me to find out what is special about this dungeon!

    Check out Live, Laugh, Lore https://tinyurl.com/LLaughLore

    I had a blast guesting on episode 107 of Merely a Setback!

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    Episode 105-Well of Eternity

    Episode 105-Well of Eternity

    In this voice line packed epic dungeon, we go back in the timeway to grab the Dragon Soul. This gives us a look at the moments leading into The Sundering!
    Episode 2 of Live, Laugh, Lore is out! https://tinyurl.com/LLLep2
    Episode 366 of Warcast was fun to record!
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    Episode 104-End Time

    Episode 104-End Time

    This week begins our journey through the trilogy of dungeons leading up to the Dragon Soul Raid. We spend some time with Nozdormu as we discover what life on Azeroth would be like if Deathwing wins!

    Episode 2 of Live, Laugh, Lore will be out this upcoming Tuesday! (https://directory.libsyn.com/shows/view/id/livelaughlore)

    Join me on the 23rd around 9pm eastern for another guest spot on Merely a Setback! (https://www.twitch.tv/setbackpodcast)


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    Episode 103-Firelands (Part 2)

    Episode 103-Firelands (Part 2)

    This week brings the epic conclusion to the Firelands raid! We deal with a lot of fire, some mocking bosses, and give Ragnaros his final death.
    -It was an honor to help fill in for episode 104 of Merely a Setback!! Please give it a listen! https://tinyurl.com/MaSep104
    -Have you had a chance to listen to the first episode of Live, Laugh, Lore? Next episode will be out on the 22nd!
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
87 Ratings

87 Ratings

Trainman1957 ,

Should have 10 stars

I love this podcast! It helps me learn things I never knew. Thank you and keep up the great podcast!!!

Darthbrooks ,

An adventure in itself

I have had so much fun listening to Ali talk about the dungeons while I run them. It’s really enhanced my game play and the best part is Ali is so cool. Such a fun show and I cannot wait to hear more!!

Those Meddling Azerothians!! ,

Top 5 WoW Podcasts

This show is amazing! One of the best WoW podcasts out there. Ali herself is just such an awsome person to talk to and get to know. Everyone should give this a listen is you interested in WoW and Lore!

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