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The Sharons -- Sharon McIntosh and Sharon Phillips -- explore the internal communication implications and effects on employee engagement.

EE Voice Sharon McIntosh and Sharon Phillips

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The Sharons -- Sharon McIntosh and Sharon Phillips -- explore the internal communication implications and effects on employee engagement.

    Episode #54 – Tamara Rodman on the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer

    Episode #54 – Tamara Rodman on the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer

    2021 Edelman Trust Survey Demands Communicators’ Focus, CEO Action

    According to the recently released 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, societies around the globe are facing an epidemic of misinformation and widespread mistrust.  For more than 20 years, the Edelman Trust Barometer has measured trust in businesses, government, NGOs and the media. According to Executive Vice President Tamara Rodman, who leads Edelman’s Employee Experience Team, this year’s report is an urgent call for communicators to work with business leaders on maintaining and rebuilding trust.

    Tamara is a frequent and favorite guest of EE Voice, bringing 20 years of experience in organizational communications, culture, leadership development and employee engagement across a broad swath of industries. She points out that this moment in time presents an opportunity for executives and business leaders ― one that will require the deft and proactive guidance of internal communications professionals.

    Her advice includes a warning to executives that staying silent on the crises of the moment – whether on racial justice, the pandemic’s impact, the future of the workplace, or vaccine hesitancy – leaves a void that employees themselves may fill with misinformation or negative talk about the company.

    On the subject of vaccines, Tamara notes that while employers may not be public health experts, vaccinations are closely tied to our economic recovery. She provides a road map for communications experts and business leaders to “educate, enable and encourage” employee vaccination, while reiterating that it is a personal choice.

    Tune in to hear Tamara’s insights on these points as she reminds us that employees have the power to enact change and discusses employers’ challenges in a moment when their actions can build – or risk losing – the trust they’ve built.

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    Over the past year, we’ve experienced a seismic shift in the way we work. Being in the midst of those changes can make them harder to see and understand. In this podcast, Victoria Dew, SCMP, Founder and CEO of Dewpoint Communications, walks us through these shifts while illustrating how communicators can reflect them in their strategic communications in the months ahead.

    Victoria’s global business background includes 15 years as a trusted advisor to dozens of CEOs and executives. She tapped that network and beyond in her research into how we communicate and create experiences for people in the post-pandemic workplace.

    Victoria joins us to discuss issues from the normalization of employees as messy, complicated humans to what can happen when we stop treating employees as robots. She emphasizes the high stakes involved, as the potential consequences of burnout can cost companies up to 34% of an employee’s salary.

    “We are fragile humans and we are resilient humans ― and these same humans are the future of work,” Victoria says. In discussing how we approach the whole human, she talks about efforts and progress toward diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.  She notes that as we make real strides forward in achieving social justice and dismantling systemic racism, companies’ approaches to these issues can prove to be the solution to evolving employee experience and engagement challenges.

    Victoria shares her thoughts on the future of the “hybrid” workplace where a confluence of three conditions — human, flexible and connection — will help define the new employee experience.

    Hear Victoria share more of these “ah ha” moments with EE Voice, and learn more about Victoria’s work by connecting with her on LinkedIn and downloading the complete study results:  The New Rules of Employee Experience & Communications.

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    Crisis expert Andy Gilman: Vaccines & and the workplace

    Crisis expert Andy Gilman: Vaccines & and the workplace

    One of EE Voice’s most-played ― and most important ― past episodes featured crisis management expert Andy Gilman discussing communications in the face of COVID-19. Now, Andy joins the podcast to help listeners navigate the latest developments in our current COVID reality, using communications to overcome vaccine hesitancy and compliance. His team recently launched RESTART to help organizations navigate COVID-19 recovery, increase vaccine compliance and support public health.

    These are complicated issues. But Andy explains how company leadership can view this challenge as an opportunity to strengthen company culture, improve morale and build trust.

    Have a listen to learn more about confronting these challenges, and check out more about Andy’s team and work at CommCore Consulting.

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    What a crazy year! For those working in internal comms, it’s been nothing short of a rollercoaster, personally and professionally. Yet, we had some silver linings – and for Sharon and me, it was about tapping into experts to guide us through these trying times.

    At the end of every EE Voice podcast, we always ask our guests for their one piece of advice to leave with listeners. Here, we gather them all in one place, in less than 15 minutes. Our amazing guests this year included:

    * Andy Gilman, on crisis comms during Covid

    * Mark Dollins (twice!), on employee comms during this crisis year– and how to get in front of the third wave

    * Stephanie Bickel of Speak by Design, on how to spice up virtual meetings

    * Laura Field on going gently with yourself into these trying times

    * Steven Crescenzo, on how to make the important interesting

    * Jon Stemmle, encouraging students to take a chance on internal comms

    * Louis de Schorlemer from Corporate Diplomat, on starting with the end in mind

    Sharon and I wish all our listeners happy holidays and look forward to even more engaging conversations in 2021!

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    Episode #50 (!): M&A comms masterclass with Louis de Schorlemer

    Episode #50 (!): M&A comms masterclass with Louis de Schorlemer

    As we close out a year marked by upheaval, experts predict more disruption ahead―including an uptick in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). For our 50th (!) EE Voice podcast, we welcome Louis de Schorlemer of Corporate Diplomat, an agency dedicated to managing M&A, diverstitures or reorganizations. Louis is an international leader in managing M&A communications. He brings a valuable perspective on the importance of centering people in the processes around these transactions.

    Louis discusses the sensitive nature of M&A activities, such as when a cash-rich business buys a struggling company, and he doesn’t look away from the discomfort but instead guides clients on how to communicate through it in a mindful way.  He lays out strategies for analytical mapping and putting people in the right mindset. And he asks challenging questions about transparency and preparedness―and shares the “Four Ps” he’s found to be instrumental for success.

    If you’ve never supported M&A before — and even if you have — Louis offers a masterclass on communications strategy and execution. Listen in, and let us know what you think.

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    Episode #49 – From the inside: A pair of IC experts write the book on internal comms

    Episode #49 – From the inside: A pair of IC experts write the book on internal comms

    In 2018, when comms pros Mark Dollins and Jon Stemmle were first wading into the research for their forthcoming book on internal communications, they couldn’t have anticipated the seismic change we would all soon experience. Their timing will serve us well as we move forward in a post-COVID-19 world.

    Drawing from their ongoing research and their careers in the field and in the classroom, Mark and Jon joined us for the latest episode of EE Voice to discuss the foundational and emerging core competencies of internal comms, the personal stories behind the successes, and the thru-line of those who are charting a new course in an altered landscape.

    A paradox of the Covid crisis is that it presents the opportunity of a lifetime for those who understand this moment’s impact on internal communications. Hear these experts’ insights about this moment in time, the potential advantages it offers, and how to make the most of those opportunities.







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Another accessible, practical podcast with tips to take straight into the work day. Nice to have an accepted theory (Shine theory) behind doing the right thing - giving others due credit at work. And good to be reminded of a few keys to presenting to capture audience attention. Thank you Sharon & Sharon!

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