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After 10 years of success in the capital you might think a club would get complacent. But we're not one to rest on our laurels and this year has been our most dynamic year yet, firmly establishing Egg as one of London’s true underground clubs and we continue in our mission to make your clubbing experience the best it can possibly be. Now, as we approach the end of 2013, we're stoked to be unveiling our shiny new Egg London Podcast series. This gives you, the discerning beat disciple, the opportunity to hear our sound wherever you may be in the world.

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After 10 years of success in the capital you might think a club would get complacent. But we're not one to rest on our laurels and this year has been our most dynamic year yet, firmly establishing Egg as one of London’s true underground clubs and we continue in our mission to make your clubbing experience the best it can possibly be. Now, as we approach the end of 2013, we're stoked to be unveiling our shiny new Egg London Podcast series. This gives you, the discerning beat disciple, the opportunity to hear our sound wherever you may be in the world.

    Egg London Podcast 011 - Andre Galluzzi

    Egg London Podcast 011 - Andre Galluzzi

    A vinyl connoisseur who is living a somewhat techno fairytale. Andre Galluzzi’s career is on the verge of legendary status.
    Galluzzi’s DJ story started at 14 years of age. Over a quarter of a century later and the man in question is still performing week in week out and now recognised in the top echelon of house and techno artists. Running his own label, ARAS, which is the main outlet for his musical productions alsongside Dana Ruh and Matthew Dekay, the label enables the release of creativeness within Andre’s being whilst also shouldering the responsibility of pushing Galuzzi’s signature sound to the punters. Always known for being A DJ first and foremost, his productions have established a reputation as someone who is at the forefront of his craft with his passion for the dance music world evident in everything that he creates or curates. 
    As a producer, organic is the best way to describe Galluzzi’s style. Old school in nature, he has always trucked along vinyl records to his gigs since the start and the way he creates his music draws constant parallels. Live instruments and vocals are always included as nothing artificial will suffice.
    Heavily associated with the creative melting pot that is, he was former resident at the legendary Tresor, before moving on to Ostgut, the previous club of the infamous Berghain. With releases on Cocoon, Ostgut Ton and Cadenza, it’s safe to say Andre has done it all.
    We were privileged to have the man himself down recently for Circus, we caught up with him after to see what lies ahead.
    Your set was recorded at Circus alongside Andrea Oliva and Yousef. You played 5am - 7am, how was your set? 
    I realy like Egg, fantastic soundsystem, nice people that know how to party hard but one thing I have to say - 2 hours play is a bit to short for me haha.
    For those that don’t know you used to be former resident at both Berlin’s Tresor and Osgut before it became the infamous Berghain. Techno on the whole has undergone a huge resurgence recently, what do you attribute this to? 
    To be honestly,I think techno and all the other genres are always there. Of course you have some periods where focus turns. It can be house today ,minimal ,electro or techno tomorrow. But it became a industry as well and clubs got an essential influence. If you run a techno club very sucessfully, hot for the moment, techno would be the weapon.
    Obviously having spent a fair bit of your career in Berlin you are well placed to see how the city has transformed over the last 2 decades. What do you think it is about Berlin that attracts so many DJs within house and techno?
    Well Berlin is a very open minded city. I always feel free in Berlin. You do what you want, You look like you want or be who you want. Berlin doesn’t judge today. I think it’s caused by its own heavy history, this place was attractive to many creatives. This found a seldom mix of art & nightlife.
    You’ve recently released your debut album ‘Alcatraz’. Having been a producer for so many years was it a conscious decision to wait this long to release this project?
    I did two albums with Paul Brtitsh on our former label Taksi in the ’90. Since then I wanted to do a further by myself. I was just always very focused on DJ’ ing, I’m now finding a perfect balance to handle both. Thing is, the more that you play, the more you know exactly what elements you want to hear on the turntables. So you became part of the development of music automatically. I promise, you will not have to wait further years for the next album ha!
    What were you trying to achieve with this album?
    I wanted to produce an album which is close to my DJ set´s. With tunes for all different moments you have in a night. warm up, the middle part, prime time and the trippy moments in the morning. My inspiration to every single track was that you(continu

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    Egg London Podcast 010 - Reset Robot

    Egg London Podcast 010 - Reset Robot

    The UK has certainly been at the very forefront of the recent rise in popularity in house and techno worldwide. UK artists have provided their own distinctive sound, bringing new fans to the scene as well as rejuvenating existing house and techno lovers, showing them a new side. David Robertson aka Reset Robot is one such artist. His unique style blends high tempo tech house infused with chunky, dark techno elements. This style has led him inevitably to some of the most forward thinking labels within techno, with a string of productions being put out on the likes of True Soul and 8 Sided Dice. 2013 saw the Portsmouth lad hit the big time with tunes such as ‘False Widow’ being supported heavily by the likes of Tale Of Us and Richie Hawtin.However, it hasn’t been any easy journey for the rising star. Failed promises from his previous management led him having to completely reset his production plans. This would deter most, but his sheer determination led him to eventually to release on the infamous Dubfire Records.Constantly moving forward and looking for new opportunities, he and fellow techno superstar Alan Fitzpatrick announced recently the arrival of their new joint label, Whistleblower Records. What’s in store, who knows, but it certainly does wet the appetite if their solo efforts are anything to go by. We caught up with David after his recent set at Egg London alongside Mihai Popoviciu and Martin Eyerer to pick his brains.
    Hey, so this set was recorded on Saturday 12th July at Egg London, how was it?
    It was a great night, a little slow when I started but the room picked up nicely. I hadn’t seen it since the work had been done. It looks great now.
    UK artists seem to be enjoying somewhat of a golden period in house and especially techno at the moment. Artists such as yourself, Alan Fitzpatrick, Scuba, Dense & Pika and Perc have enjoyed great success. What do you think has led to this and how has techno changed over the last few years?
    Yes, it seems there are quite a few guys doing pretty well. I’m not sure how its ended up like this to be honest but dance music has always been a massive part of our culture. I think Techno has become more accessible, people didn’t even know what Techno was when I was at school or thought it was Gabba. It’s something that lots of people listen to now even if they don’t know it.
    The UK has also seen an exodus in talent, who now reside in foreign cities when producing, most notably the trend to move to Berlin. Do you think your surroundings effects your productions and do you think we are in danger of losing our identity when it comes to musical talent? Detroit can be seen as an example of this, with very few artists now remaining there.I guess your surroundings might affect your productions but I haven’t really produced anywhere else so I can’t say from experience. I think Berlin has a great musical energy and people who move there are immersed in it. Having been there I can see why people might want to move there but there are always going to be others that don’t. You have a very unique sound, whop would you say are your biggest influences when it comes to both your productions and your DJ sets?Matthew Dear has been a big influence since I first heard ‘Leave Luck To Heaven'. Bill Patrick and tINI are also very influential at the moment. Their DJ sets are fantastic.So, you have just started up Whistleblower Records along with Alan Fitzpatrick. Can you tell us how this came about and what you aim to achieve with the label? Is there a certain musical route you will stick to?Yes, we’ve just started up the label with Rhymos and Con Fraser. We want to release our own music and try and find some interesting new talent. We’re also looking to tour with the label at some point. It would be nice to DJ together for a change.You had some big releases in 2013, whats planned f

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    Egg London Podcast 009 - Christian Smith

    Egg London Podcast 009 - Christian Smith

    Sweden’s very own Christian Smith has been soaking up the sounds of house and techno since the late 80s when Sven Vath first took the scene by storm. Since that moment his life has been dedicated to a vision which he has shared with the global techno community. Jet-setting DJ and label boss, Christian has achieved a lot in a career spanning over 20 years, with his imprint Tronic holding a special place in techno circles. Christian set the label up back in 1994 when he was just 21, and ever since then it has been a bastion of quality music. Diverse in it’s output the label has released the likes of Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, Marco Bailey, Hobo and Jay Lumen and has been seen as a leading force in shaping a less purist techno style. It was also notably one of the first labels to embrace sounds from house and techno to create records that DJs from both scenes would play.As a producer we have seen Christian be as diverse as his own label, with releases on a vast array of labels including Drumcode, Ovum, Bedrock and Renaissance. Having recently celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Tronic and off the back or a world album tour, Christian certainly doesn’t seem to be slowing. We caught up with him after his performance for the We Are FSTVL after party here at Egg a couple weeks back.
    This mix was recorded at the massive We Are FSTVL After Party here at Egg London. How was it?I have the privilege of playing regularly at Egg as its the main venue I play for in London. However this was the first time of this year as my schedule has been crazy busy and I could not manage before. I am very comfortable there and know the crowd so for me it was a lot of fun. It always is . The crowd is very open minded and not pretentious, great energy, you can play longer sets, and the staff is a pleasure to work with.
    Your imprint Tronic reached an impressive 100 releases last year. What would you say the ethos of the label is and is there anything you look for in particular when signing a record / artist?
    The ethos of the label is to release open mind underground house and techno. I have never been a purist and I think this is one of the reasons why the label is still doing so well after 20 years. Its easy to always do the same, but its tougher when you play around with different styles.  If i like the music I'll sign it.Techno recently has seen a huge surge in popularity. What do you think has contributed to this and do you think the techno crowd has changed?
    Techno has become 'cool' again in recent years. I think the fact that it has slowed down to the same speed of house has helped it popularity for sure. I'm not a fan of hypes or trends, but can tell you that techno has always had a strong global presence and this will not change for a long time to come. Honest house and techno will always be around!
    We’re now in festival season, what’s your personal favourite to play at, both past and present?
    Oh thats a tough one to answer. I personally really enjoy playing at festivals in Japan because the people there go strictly for the music rather than the drugs. So the vibe is immense and the fans are very loyal which is something you don't get in scenes like London that are very hype driven.  I also love playing in Argentina. When it comes to festivals in Europe i really enjoyed Exit, in Serbia and of course Awakenings in Holland. Though I heard that We are FSTVL is also wicked. Hopefully next year! :)
    What’s coming up for both you and the label?
    New material from the following artists: Ambivalent, Dave Angel, DJ Anna, Wehbba, Harry Romero, and and album by myself. My wife is pregnant and we are getting our second child in October, so I'm diligently working on my next artist album and hope to have this finished before.
    And finally, who would you love to collaborate with if you got the chance?
    I would like to do something with Richie Hawtin. He

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    Egg London Podcast 008 - Franck Roger

    Egg London Podcast 008 - Franck Roger

    The Paris underground scene has given rise to some of the biggest names in dance music across the board; Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier, Dimitri From Paris, Ivan Smagghe, Jeremy Underground Paris and DJ Mehdi to name a few. Right at the top of this very talented pile lies Franck Roger, a man dedicated to old school house whilst still pushing things forward.A staunch supporter of vinyl, his sets have won him support around the world, and earned him recognition from those artists that originally inspired him to become a musician. His love of the old school does not only lay in the music and the format in which he plays on, but also his use of analog equipment during his special live sets.A multi-talented individual certainly, not only a producer / DJ, but also label boss, with his imprint Real Tone Records putting out releases from the likes of Maya Jane Coles, The Martinez Brothers, Shonky, Burnski and M A N I K. His new label, Home Invasion, is set to be a vinyl only label, with a real emphasis on the releases being collectors items. Again drawing inspiration from the past, the label is set to take on his major musical influences whilst still having a modern twist.
    We caught up with ever cool Parisian ahead of his gig at Egg Presents on Friday 9th May alongside the Decay Records camp with Sascha Dive, Gavin Herlihy and more.
    Where, how and on what was the mix recorded?
    The mix has been recorded at home where all my records and studio is. This is where I feel the most comfortable and able to create a mix that I am happy with. I used two mk2 turntables, 2 cdj's and a wonderfull DJR 400 that I have had for 8 years now and that i love to play with. It's recorded live without any playlist in mind which is how I feel the best, no pressure, just a the feeling of the moment and that's also my vision of djing at home or in a club, keeping it live and real.The Parisian underground scene has given rise to some fantastic artists and some very influential movements in Electronic Music. Laurent Garnier with his distinctive 'French Techno' sound, then Daft Punk, Alan Braxe and Cassius were instrumental in what was labelled 'French House' by the media. Meanwhile Mr. Oizo & Ivan Smagghe,  amongst others, played their part in the evolution of 'Electro House' and acts such as Jef K, D'Julz & Jeremy Underground Paris have been instigating a classicist House revival for many years now.  You've been there from the start witnessing, and being a part of it all since day one. What effect has this musically rich city had on you as a person, performer and musician?All the names you mention here take a lot of influence from a special musical era which existed in the US and it is the same for me too. French producers gave their 'special treatment' with a classy touch of course. I think we can talk also about St Germain and Shazz here. Paris is a city with tons of talented dj's and producers and it also influences all of us in a crazy race of production, especially today with all the Parisian labels that do only vinyl for most of them, we all have respect for each other and provide one another with energy and inspiration. If i lived out of Paris i would have followed a different path with my music for sure.How would you describe your sound as a DJ and also as producer?My sounds as a dj and producer is an instant sound, instant in the moment, just a feeling as a dj when you have a good crowd you wanna give them all you have, so the moments can be magic, in the studio the approach is different, you're all alone with you're machines, so you need to project yourself in another dimension, imagine how the record will be received once played in a club. My sounds are mostly old skool in the studio and even the way i play, i keep it raw, no time to sleep behind the decks, that's how I feel it. You’re known for your love of 'old school' house music, how did you fi

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    Egg London Podcast 007 - Yousef

    Egg London Podcast 007 - Yousef

    Circus curator, international DJ and in-form producer Yousef continues to make a strong, well earned impression with both his Liverpool and now London Circus events; hosting huge events with both current and forward-thinking lineups and surpassing all expectations both in the studio and behind the decks.
    Yousef got his break after winning the Muzik Magazine’s Bedroom Bedlam competition many years ago, but it is because of this he has always been there to support new acts within the scene, and he has showed that this year with his bookings at Egg. But while 2014 might have seen Circus explore new ground, that doesn’t mean it’s lost, any of it’s heavyweight status as one of the best club nights in the country.
    Circus has grown into one of the most respected nights in the UK, growing a huge following in the process, with Yousef at the helm. His sets encapsulate everything he and Circus is about; not confined within boundaries, he's free to explore all sides of house and techno, from upbeat to down tempo, darkened house mixed with melody driven tracks, all the while keep the dancefloor in mind.
    We caught up with him after the massive Circus Weekender at Egg London which featured the likes of Laurent Garnier, Steve Lawler, Darius Syrossian and Noir.
    This mix was recorded at the massive Circus Weekender here at Egg London. How was it?
    It went off in true Circus style! Garnier and Lawler Friday and Syrossian and Noir Saturday, and myself playing both nights. Friday's event stood out for me playing wise,  beginning my set earlier than i usually do i had a chance to musically organise the tone for the entire evening. It was such a momentous weekend for both me as dj and for Circus and my label Circus Recordings in London, offering two world class line-ups for both nights and both events running pretty much at capacity.Circus is a massive thing now – what’s the ethos?The ethos behind the event in Liverpool and here now is the same thing – I just want people to listen to fresh new music and feel welcome, have a good time. It’s about the atmosphere and allowing people to feel safe in the space.Circus is originally from Liverpool – it’s booming here right now – why?I think we’ve always just loved getting down there – people always have – from northern soul in the 60’s, and the Beatles of course too – Liverpool in particular, has been rocking for a long, long time now.You brought Circus to London a couple of years ago – you chose Egg, it’s a second home for you – why?I’ll tell you exactly why. As a DJ I’ve pretty much been able to play every single club in London, but I felt when I came here, it was the only club in London that really made me let go and generally just the people really respond to the music in a really positive way. Generally, I found this club mirrors exactly what goes on in Liverpool. I’ve been here 18 months now, and every single time the events just go up and up and up and get better and better, but always in a really natural, organic positive way. Here we are, in 2014, and it’s just a roadblock nowadays. I’ve just always been really really happy with it here.How has the musical direction of Circus changed over the years?I think the musical ethos of Circus has always been really broad – we have real hardcore stuff sometimes, and then some techno, but there’s always 4/4 house at the centre of it. Like Gorgon City, they’ve been breaking through in Liverpool for a few years, and it’s great to have them. It’s always a cool thing to have a broad perspective, I think with me musically, even next month, we’ve got an incredibly broad mix. We don’t pigeonhole. We just have broad pallets.What have you got planned for the rest of 2014?From Circus, in Liverpool, there’s some massive nights coming up. It’s alwa(continued)

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    Egg London Podcast 006 - Glimpse

    Egg London Podcast 006 - Glimpse

    With a career spanning well over a decade, Glimpse’ unique sound has shown both his versatility and creativity as a producer. His London roots shine through in his music, constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new ground, with his imaginative blend of house and techno winning support from the likes of Carl Craig, Richie Hawtin and Damian Lazarus. With releases on labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Aus Music, Leftroom, Planet E and his own imprint, Glimspe Recordings, he has consistently shown his ability as a forward-thinking producer. Recent work has seen him branch out musically as one half of popular Hotflush duo, Dense & Pika, with numerous shows worldwide and a RA podcast already under their belt. We sat down with Glimpse after his recent set here at Egg London.This set was recorded live at Egg London when you recently played here, how was it? How did you find our bespoke Flipside system?The Flipside Sound system is absolutely incredible and easily one of the best sounds systems in London. It was really great to play on.You’ve been producing for over a decade now. Who would you say inspired your unique sound?You go through ups and downs as a producer.  Times when it feels easy and times when you feel like you don't know what your doing.  My inspiration usually comes from the people around me and the music im listening to at the time. You have a love for analogue equipment in the studio and the Jupiter and 909 sounds are present on a lot of your productions. Have you had a play with the new Roland digital series yet? The TB-3 and TR-8 units are causing quite a stir at the moment with people digging the additional live / jamming capabilities.I haven't had a chance to play on the new Roland kit but am interested to have a go for sure. You’ve released on some heavyweight labels including Aus Music,  Hypercolour, Planet E and more. How did the opportunity on Carl Craig’s Planet E come about?A friend of mine Dean Mushin sent him one of my demos and he signed it. So you’re one half of Dense & Pika. How did this project come about and how do you differentiate this sound to your solo work?Me and Alex have been writing music of and on for 10 years now and it seemed like a logical step for both of us as our musical interests are very much aligned.  Your own imprint Glimpse Recordings is coming up to it’s 10th Anniversary. What was your thinking behind starting the label? Was it used as an output for material that other labels weren’t signing at the time?I've never liked sending my music to other labels maybe scared of rejection.  This way I could release my music exactly how and when I wanted.  We did the same with dense & pika at the beginning.  Just put out a series of 12s and waited to see how they went.  This way there is no hype and no b******t.  If the music isn't good enough it won't work.  But if it does you know you have something solid and no one can control that apart from you. Have you got any release news, both personally and for the label?Release wise I have a Glimpse EP coming out on Aus in a April, a dense & pike EP out in March on Hotflush and a dense & pika remix of Paul Woolfords 'Erotic Discourse' out in March as well. And finally, anything you’d like to shout about?Kris Wadsworth & Luke Viberts albums on Hypercolour are ridiculously good and worth buying on vinyl.

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