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The "Elevated Conversations" podcast aims to uplift, educate, and inspire by exploring meaningful topics and themes that lead to social, intellectual, and spiritual progress.

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The "Elevated Conversations" podcast aims to uplift, educate, and inspire by exploring meaningful topics and themes that lead to social, intellectual, and spiritual progress.

    EP26: CANCEL.CULTURE.SHOCK (Album Review) w/ jeph.ilosopher

    EP26: CANCEL.CULTURE.SHOCK (Album Review) w/ jeph.ilosopher

    In Episode 26 of Elevated Conversations I had the pleasure of interviewing Baha'i-inspired hip hop artist jeph.ilosopher about his latest album "CANCEL.CULTURE.SHOCK".

    I have followed jeph.ilosopher's music for several years, but we only recently connected personally, and this interview was actually our first face-to-face conversation (albeit digitally)!

    We explored his journey as a Baha'i, his creative process as an artist, and unpacked the inspiration behind his new album!

    The new album explores the concepts of "cancel culture" and "culture shock" from a musical and lyrical level through a number of intellectually stirring songs. It was mentally and spiritually elevating to take a deeper dive into the project and jeph.ilosopher's creative mind!

    To listen to CANCEL.CULTURE.SHOCK:

    To follow jeph.ilosopher on Instagram:

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    EP25: Teaching During a Pandemic (w/ Ivan Enriquez)

    EP25: Teaching During a Pandemic (w/ Ivan Enriquez)

    In Episode 25 of Elevated Conversations, I reflect on my experience teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic with my dear friend, and fellow teacher, Ivan Enriquez.

    Ivan and I taught middle school this past school year at ACCLAIM Academy, a charter school in West Phoenix. Ivan was the social studies teacher, while I taught writing.

    We reflect on our experience, discuss education, the period of youth, our friendship, and more!

    • 1 hr 11 min
    EP24: As One Become (Song Review) w/ Roman Orona, Ahdi, Diversoul, and Yechan

    EP24: As One Become (Song Review) w/ Roman Orona, Ahdi, Diversoul, and Yechan

    Episode 24 of Elevated Conversations is a special one! The Baha'i-inspired artists collective "FRMWRK" recently released its debut music project, featuring 4 amazing songs!

    In this interview, we have the whole crew from the song "As One Become" share the story behind the song, break down the creative process, and lots of other elevated reflections!

    "As One Become" centers on an Indigenous voice, the amazing Roman Orona. Roman raps the chorus of the song, and also starts and finishes the track with words of inspiration in Apache and English. 
    The song also features some fire rap verses from Ahdi (who raps in Persian), Emiliano, and myself. The beat was produced by Yechan, who sampled Roman chanting as the baseline for the instrumental. 
    There were also a bunch of other talented people who contributed to the project (recording, mixing, mastering, album art, etc), so it was truly a collective endeavor!
    There are 3 other amazing tracks on this first FRMWRK project, “Fabric”, “Where R U?”, and “Let’s Talk”.

    To listen to the rest of the debut project by FRMWRK:

    To follow FRMWRK on Instagram:

    To follow the artists featured on "As One Become":

    Roman Orona:



    Yechan Yun

    Colby Jeffers

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    EP23: Feel the "Vibe" (Song Review) w/ Gruffy

    EP23: Feel the "Vibe" (Song Review) w/ Gruffy

    In episode 23, I interview up-and-coming rapper, Gruffy, about our new song "Vibe". Vibe is a chill and uplifting hip hop track focused on story telling and positivity.

    In the interview, Gruffy (aka Noah Salomon) and I discuss the story behind the song, how we met, Gruffy's journey and aspirations as an artist and vegan, as well as many other elevated themes!

    Noah is truly and amazing young man, so this song and interview were an absolute pleasure!

    To stream "Vibe":

    To connect with Gruffy:

    • 50 min
    EP22: Changing The World Through Music (w/ AWU Sing Song)

    EP22: Changing The World Through Music (w/ AWU Sing Song)

    In episode 22, I interview my dear friend and musical collaborator, AWU Sing Song.  AWU is a budding music superstar from Cameroon, Africa. But before AWU was making hit singles like "YaYaYo" and "If A Can, Can", we collaborated on "Change The World", a song, video, and album project created to uplift, educate, and inspire humanity to make a positive change in the world.

    In our interview, AWU and I share the story of how we met in Cameroon back in 2012, and the divinely guided steps that led us to create "Change The World". AWU also shares about his various musical projects since then, as well as what it's like to be an independent artist trying to finance your own musical productions.

    If you are listening to this podcast prior to 1/24/2021, I am currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund my new album,"Created Noble", which centers on my experiences as a husband, father, and contributor to the betterment of the world, through the lens of the virtue of nobility.

    All funds collected beyond the minimum funding goal will be directed to AWU and his debut solo album, which seeks to highlight the Cameroonian musical genre of Makossa and bring it to the world.

    To learn more about the Kickstarter campaign, or to make a contribution, visit:

    To connect with AWU on social media, or listen to his music:

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    EP21: Sharpening Your "Inner Sight" (w/ Wyatt Morgano)

    EP21: Sharpening Your "Inner Sight" (w/ Wyatt Morgano)

    In Episode 21 of Elevated Conversations I stumbled into fellow podcaster, Wyatt Morgano! Wyatt hosts a podcast called "Inner Sight", which focuses on tapping into our spiritual perception through deep and meaningful conversations with friends Wyatt has met in his efforts to be of service to humanity and contribute to the betterment of the world.

    Our two podcasts bumped together on the interwebs and so we decided to co-interview each other! We discussed our friendship, why we started podcasting, serving the community, music, racial justice, and more!

    To check out Wyatt's "Inner Sight" podcast, go here:

    • 1 hr 15 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

vanduzer ,

The podcast world needs more of this

Everything I ever thought of my favorite sport, basketball, from a spiritual perspective, Colby described in such an eloquent, uplifting and insightful way. Each episode is a MUST listen!

Dropping Dimes ,

Slam Dunk!

I enjoyed the episode from the tip-off to the final buzzer. It was packed with insights between sports and spiritual values.

Ienriquez ,

Can’t wait to hear more!

A beautiful blend and application of spiritual and basketball concepts. I love learning about basketball history too. Although basketball isn’t an important part of my life; I’m looking forward to mindfully and reflectively doing my sports. Keep it up!

Oh and I’m sure you’ll get there, but more basketball history please!

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