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"God's Word and Luther's Doctrine Pure To Eternity Shall Endure." Lutheran sermons that confess Christ's Doctrine once and for all delivered through the Apostles.

Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Tell City, Indiana Podcast Nathan Rusert

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"God's Word and Luther's Doctrine Pure To Eternity Shall Endure." Lutheran sermons that confess Christ's Doctrine once and for all delivered through the Apostles.

    Pentecost Today! Acts 2:1-21

    Pentecost Today! Acts 2:1-21

    1 Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest,
    And make our hearts Your place of rest;
    Come with Your grace and heav'nly aid,
    And fill the hearts which You have made.

    2 To You, the Counselor, we cry,
    To You, the gift of God Most High;
    The fount of life, the fire of love,
    The soul's anointing from above.
    Whitsunday, The Feast of Pentecost 19-May-2024
    Sermon Text: Acts 1:1-21
    Sermon Theme: Pentecost Today! I. King Jesus Fulfills His Promise! (Vs.1-4). II. God The Holy Spirit Breathes New Life Into The Dying! (Vs.5-11). III. Hearers Either Wonder or Wander! (Vs.12-13). IV. The Preacher Speaks The Father’s Word To Bring Us To Call On Christ By His Spirit. (Vs.14-21). by Rev. Nathan j. Rusert

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    Christ's Kingdom Comes! Acts 1:1-11

    Christ's Kingdom Comes! Acts 1:1-11

    The Kingdom of God comes indeed without our prayers, but we pray in this petition that it may come among us also. Jesus of Nazareth's ascension and enthronement is not to escape from us, but to be with us always as True God/True Man in His Church as He has promised. He has not left us orphans He is present in His Church by His Spirit through His Word and Sacraments. Sermon Theme: "Christ's Kingdom Comes!" Sermon Text: Acts 1:1-11 preached for Ascension Eve, 8-May-2024, at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, LCMS, Tell City, Indiana by Rev. Nathan J. Rusert

    • 18 min
    Prayer: Always Just Do It! James 1:22-27

    Prayer: Always Just Do It! James 1:22-27

    "Satan trembles when he sees...the weakest Christian on his knees!" Pray without ceasing! The battle and victory belong to our crucified and risen Lord Jesus - cry out to Him by His Spirit through His word in prayer to Our Father! He alone delivers us from every evil - from the Evil One. Sermon Text: James 1:22-27. Sermon Theme: "Prayer: Just Do It!" Preached for Rogate, The Sixth Sunday of Easter, 5-May-2024, at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Tell City, Indiana (LCMS) by Rev. Nathan J. Rusert, Pastor.

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    "Born to Sing Salvation's Song!" James 1:16-21

    "Born to Sing Salvation's Song!" James 1:16-21

    "Oh sing to the Lord a new song!" Where Christ Jesus is really present - the Church cannot but sing His praises! We are "Born To Sing Salvation's Song!" Sermon Text: James 1:16-21. Preached for Cantate, the Fifth Sunday of Easter, 28-April-2024, at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Tell City, Indiana by Rev. Nathan J. Rusert.

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    "Set Free!" John 8:31-32

    "Set Free!" John 8:31-32

    William “Rod” Elmer “Bill” Held
    William Elmer Held was given life by his Creator and was born on November 15, 1951 in Evansville, Indiana, the child of the late Elmer and Marie (Harker) Held. He was reborn by God's grace in Christ Jesus through the waters of Holy Baptism on December 9, 1951 at St. Paul's Ev. Lutheran Church, Evansville, Indiana. The Lord Jesus baptized him through the hands of Rev. E.G. Dobelstein. His baptismal sponsors were Edward L Harker and Ervin Held. Growing in God's Word, grace, and knowledge of Jesus as he attended St. Paul’s Ev. Lutheran School through grade school. He as was catechized by Rev. Paul Mroch. On April 11, 1965 Elmer confessed the Holy Apostolic Faith given him in holy baptism and was confirmed at St. Paul’s. His confirmation verse was John 8:31,32
    Elmer was a graduate of Harrison High School in Evansville, Indiana, and received an A.A. at Concordia College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. On October 18, 1975 the Lord united Elmer and Carol Lee Gill in the blessed institution of marriage. They were married at St. Vincent Catholic Church in Seward, NE by Christ through the Rev. Clarence Reisdorf. Diane Gill was the Maid of Honor and Rubin Schmidt was the Best Man. The Lord blessed their marriage with three children and 48 years together to see their “children’s children.”
    Elmer served Christ as a Christian husband, father, and as an agronomist with Farmland Industries in Nebraska, Illinois, and South Dakota. After moving back to Indiana, he served his neighbors working at Whirlpool and Masterbrand Cabinets and finished his career as a truck driver for Buchta Trucking.
    Elmer was a lifelong member of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, serving various churches as Sunday School Teacher, Elder, and on various boards. He loved singing in the choirs and playing handbells. Elmer and Carol transferred their membership to Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Tell City, Indiana in November 2013. On Sundays after church service, he could be found in his favorite chair watching his beloved rednecks turning left, ie. Nascar Races.
    Left to look forward to the reunion that awaits all Christians on the Last Day in the resurrection of the body and the life of the world to come are his wife Carol (Gill) Held, daughter Linda Ekong and husband Eric of Ireland, Indiana, son Phillip and wife Stacey Held of Newburgh, Indiana and daughter Danielle Hulsman and husband Brad of Ireland, Indiana. He was loved and will be missed by 11 grandchildren, 1 great-granddaughter, and many friends and family.
    In addition to his parents, Elmer was preceded Home to Heaven through death by his sister, Linda Marie Held.
    Memorial contributions may be made to CLEF- Confessional Lutheran Education Foundation.

    • 17 min
    "Rejoicing On Our Journey!" 1 Peter 2:11-20``

    "Rejoicing On Our Journey!" 1 Peter 2:11-20``

    Jubilate, The 4th Sunday Of Easter 21-April-2024
    Sermon Text: 1 Peter 2:11-20
    Sermon Theme: Rejoicing On Our Journey! I. Born From Above We Journey Towards The Land of the Living!(vs.11-12). II. Protected by King Jesus Ruling Governments To Maintain Civil Peace! (Vs.13-14) III. Trusting Our Father’s Good and Gracious Will! (Vs.15-17). IV. Serving Our Neighbor as Christ Serves Us! (Vs.18-20) by Rev. Nathan J. Rusert

    • 20 min

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