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Wayne Dyer so wisely said, "You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside. You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be." I couldn't agree more! Since everything is energy and emanates a mood, it is vital that empaths and highly sensitive people learn how to mitigate the energy around them by managing their energy mindfully and purposely. The difference between someone who minds their energy and one who doesn't can be determined by their health and wellbeing. Once you embrace and cultivate your empathic self, you become an Enchanted Empath who uses her sensitivity as her healing superpower!

Join me every Thursday at noon, pacific time, to learn powerful practices that will help you raise your vibe and manage your energy to radically improve the quality of your life in every area! Feel free to visit my website to get a glimpse into my work: https://charlenemurphy.com/

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Empaths are here to heal the world but first, we must heal ourselves.

Enchanted Empath Charlene Murphy

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Wayne Dyer so wisely said, "You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside. You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be." I couldn't agree more! Since everything is energy and emanates a mood, it is vital that empaths and highly sensitive people learn how to mitigate the energy around them by managing their energy mindfully and purposely. The difference between someone who minds their energy and one who doesn't can be determined by their health and wellbeing. Once you embrace and cultivate your empathic self, you become an Enchanted Empath who uses her sensitivity as her healing superpower!

Join me every Thursday at noon, pacific time, to learn powerful practices that will help you raise your vibe and manage your energy to radically improve the quality of your life in every area! Feel free to visit my website to get a glimpse into my work: https://charlenemurphy.com/

This is a great time to "chat in" and get live coaching.

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Empaths are here to heal the world but first, we must heal ourselves.

    How You’re Blocking Your Healing and How to Allow It Instead

    How You’re Blocking Your Healing and How to Allow It Instead


    Well-being is the nature of the Universe.

    If all healing at the levels of mind, body, and spirit is self-healing, how come some people heal while others don't? Are you blocking the inner wisdom of your body to heal itself? Are you taking responsibility for your own healing or are you giving your power away?

    If you look to nature, you can see for yourself that well-being permeates the planet. It's apparent in plants, animals, the cosmos... and people. There's an intelligence flowing through everything that causes its growth and expansion. It's protective and beautiful

    All healing is self-healing.

    Healing cannot take place without your consent, collaboration, or at the very least, your cooperation. At some level, there must be a buy-in to your healing or it won't happen.

    Why's that? Because all healing is self-healing. Healing comes from within. It's not an external thing that happens to you. It's an internal thing that happens because of you. Somewhere deep inside, you have a belief that healing is possible - and so it is.

    On the contrary, if you believe that healing is impossible then it is and healing won't happen. Are you starting to see where the healing power stems from?


    Just because all healing is self-healing doesn't mean that you can or must heal everything that goes wrong. Some things are out of your control. We have environmental toxins, contagious viruses, trauma, and the law of momentum.

    For the sake of this conversation, I'm focusing on the things you can control - or manage to a great degree. And believe me when I say there are many variables that are within your control.

    Some of you will hate what I have to say, but I'm going to say it anyway. I'm not here to placate illness and disease. I'm here to promote your natural state of health and wellbeing.

    I'm not about avoiding death, that's inevitable for all of us. What I am advocating for is Quality of Life. And it's available to all of us.

    This article covers the larger ways we block ourselves from healing - and solutions, so we can turn the momentum around and affect our own healing processes.

    Placebo Effect

    Thoughts are things. Whatever you believe, it is. If you believe you have an incurable disease, you will not heal. Your brain is listening. If you believe your illness is a blip in the matrix and can be healed, your healing increases.

    The placebo effect has been tested over decades and is defined as "a beneficial effect produced by a placebo drug or treatment, which cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo itself, and must therefore be due to the patient's belief in that treatment."

    Nobody is coming to save you.

    Being passive in your healing is giving your power away. Doctors are the first people to tell you that they don't know everything and they have an experimental approach to much of healing. And that's as it should be. No two people are alike so there is no one-size-fits-all type of healing.

    This is one big experiment and there is no one answer. Get curious about yourself. Get curious about a cure or discover something that works for you because it could help someone else too.

    Silencing your symptom.

    When you're sick, your amazing and efficient body is sending you signals that something is out of whack. What's the first thing we typically do when we have one? Kill it. Cover it up.

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    What's Feng Shui Got To Do With Manifesting?

    What's Feng Shui Got To Do With Manifesting?


    Does your environment matter when you're manifesting?

    Absolutely, it does! And get this... you're manifesting right now! The question is, "What are you manifesting, and are you happy with it?" If not, change it! Neglecting your environment in the manifestation process is a big problem! I'll show you how to use Feng Shui for manifesting anything!

    Leveraging feng shui is an absolute must for conscious creation. Your space is a reflection of you and what's going on inside of you. And it's the inside that is doing the broadcasting to the Universe. That is the stuff that is magnetizing similar situations and things back to you.

    So how do you help your insides? How do you quiet those fears and anxieties? How do you find peace and calm inside your body and brain?

    You cultivate it! Yes, you have to create peace... it's not coming to find you - you have to find it. There are a thousand and one ways to do this, but for now, we'll focus on creating clarity and peace by leveraging the art and science of feng shui. In other words, you can literally become a clear and peaceful channel for all the things that you desire simply by moving the stuff in your house around!

    "You could pray for 1,000 nights, visualize for 1,000 days, and give thanks for 1,000 things, but it's when you physically prepare the way that 1,000 miracles will find you."mike dooley - notes from the universe

    Preparing the way is always the first step in manifesting anything and everything. This is why feng shui is a big part of my manifesting toolbox and should be a part of yours too.

    What is Feng Shui?

    Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy or "qi" (pronounced chee). It literally translates to "wind & water."

    I see feng shui as the art of manifesting on the physical plane by clearing energy and creating space or channels for energy to flow at its optimum, healthy level. This flow makes manifesting easier and more graceful.

    When your physical space is cleared and open for energy to travel, so are YOU. Conversely, when your physical space is cluttered, messy, and disorganized so are YOU and there is no room for energy or manifestations to flow. You become blocked to your dreams and desires.

    There's a CURE for that!

    In feng shui, the solutions to blocked or disorganized energy are called "cures" and there is a cure for everything, so don't worry! It's all fixable.

    Cures consist of creating energetic balance by incorporating elements of the earth in your living spaces. Those elements include wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. When you are in harmony with the earth, you're grounded, and being grounded leads to calm, peaceful energy.

    There are traditional feng shui cures and more modern ones - and they all include simple fixes using light, sound, living things, weighted objects color, things that move, electricity, symbolic objects, and empty space.

    A traditional feng shui cure would be incorporating a red front door on your home to attract good luck and monetary fortune. Another example would be installing a mirror in your business across from your cash register to double the money and call in even more cash.

    Modern feng shui cures include anything that speaks to your soul and raises your vibration to make you an inspired attractor to the things you want to manifest. For example, you want to attract a new romantic partner.

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    What Messes Up Your Manifestations?

    What Messes Up Your Manifestations?


    I'm sure you can relate to this: It's a new year and you have new inspired dreams, desires, and goals! You feel big changes bubbling up inside and think to yourself, "This is MY year! I'm gonna rock it this time."

    Three weeks later, your dreams are dashed and the wind is knocked from your sails. Nothing happened and you're back to square one! History is bound to repeat itself. Oh, no!

    In this article, we'll explore what is messing up your manifestations and what to do about it!

    I'm sure you know of people who manifest amazing things in their lives and you wonder just what is their secret sauce. You doubt your own abilities and ask the debilitating question, "Why can't I do that?"

    Well, I'm here to tell you that you can do that! You are equipped with the same resources to manifest as everybody else. You literally can be, do and have whatever your heart desires.

    But first, you have to understand a few things, like the principles of manifesting and certain Universal Laws... but most of all, you have to get out of your own way!

    Let's back up a bit and cover the 4 Steps to Manifest Anything:

    * Ask* Align* Allow* Take Aligned Action

    From what I've observed over the years is that most people get tripped up on Step #2: Align. It's the step that throws most people off course and consequently messes up their manifestations.

    What is Alignment?

    Energetic Alignment is Step 2 in the Manifestation Process. It's not a one-and-done step! Alignment takes self-awareness and daily practice. Let's explore what Alignment is and how to maintain it.

    Alignment means becoming a vibrational match to the things you're wanting. Since everything is energy, including you - your body, mind, and spirit are constantly broadcasting certain frequencies or vibrations out into the atmosphere. Your vibration or "vibe" is attracting back to you people, places, and situations that match your vibe much like a magnet - 100% of the time whether you are aware of it or not.

    We live in a Responsive Universe

    Let's use an example. Let's say you tell your spouse, your couples counselor, and anyone interested that you want your marriage to work and that you're willing to do what it takes to improve it. But in your heart, you feel depleted, lost, and resentful towards your husband and in the deep spaces of your mind, you equate marriage to prison and yearn for a change.

    Well, you cannot fake alignment! Your inner broadcast always overrides lip service. Energy never lies and the Universe is always responding to your inner broadcast.

    So, you might as well come clean and own your deep desires instead of squashing them and manifesting even more misery - which often leads to illness and disease, which is the ultimate misalignment and assault to your very spirit. (Another topic altogether. I digress.)

    How to get into energetic alignment with your dreams & desires

    Getting into alignment and maintaining alignment requires self-awareness and daily practice. It doesn't have to be a difficult task and should be treated with a gentle and compassionate approach. Once you gain momentum with this, it becomes easier and easier as you replace old habits with new ones that truly serve you.

    Clear Your Energy

    The first part of getting into alignment is to clear your energy. Think, "Out with the old and in with the new!"

    * Check yourself. Does your desire feel realistic to you?

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    Manifest 2022: Step 3: ALLOW

    Manifest 2022: Step 3: ALLOW


    Manifesting anything requires receptivity or allowing on your part. How can a manifestation come through if you don't allow it? You may think you're receptive, but are you really? There's a high probability that you're unconsciously blocking the very things you want.

    Just how receptive are you? Take my Receptivity Quiz to find out.

    Receptivity is also necessary for Step 4, Aligned Action, to happen. Aligned Action is rooted in intuition. Intuition is impossible without receptivity. Are you starting to see the importance of Allowing and how all of the steps are connected? (By the way, I use the terms allowing and receiving interchangeably.)

    Manifestation Blocks

    Let's take a minute to explore the things that block manifestations before diving into the solutions.

    Personal baggage. This is the #1 manifestation block, bar none. Baggage is bondage, and it can include, but is not limited to holding onto blame, judgment, resentment, and looking for occasions to be offended. This type of baggage keeps a person in the victim cycle where not much good can enter. This is where I lovingly coach my students to check themselves. We are evolutionary beings - works in progress - that require constant maintenance and lots of love.

    Micromanaging the manifestations. Control freaks beware! Manifesting is a collaboration with the laws of the Universe not an exercise of personal will and ego. Just as if you are planting a new wildflower garden, you don't dig up the seeds every day to see how the plants are growing - disrupting their process - or stand over them yelling at them to hurry up. No, you prepare the soil, fertilize it, plant the seeds, water, and on occasional weed the area to allow space for the flowers to grow. Manifesting follows the same process!

    Impatience. The art of manifesting includes working with the many laws of the Universe, not just the law of attraction. When manifesting, it's helpful to keep the law of gestation or divine timing in mind. Everything has a process and most of the moving parts are unseen. It takes patience and faith when it comes to manifesting. Let's revisit the wildflowers. We plant the seeds in faith that flowers will be the end result. We don't know for sure, but we know enough to proceed. That's huge in manifesting and takes a degree of humility. And then we experience the unfoldment in due time!

    Unclear ask. You may have gone too general in your desire. Perhaps you want to manifest more money. How much more? Will a dollar do? To help the process along, get specific in your desires. They don't have to be perfect so don't sabotage yourself with paralysis. You can always pivot, go back to the drawing board and fill in the details as you experience contrast that redirects your desires. Flexibility is your friend in the manifesting process. The more you know, the more details you can include in your ask to make them more specific. But at the same time, don't pigeonhole yourself. Here's how. Let's take the more money example and tweak it: I am so grateful now that I receive a monthly income of $10,000 or more! It's specific and there's room to be gifted with more.

    There's no room. This is when we leverage what I call the vacuum law. The Universe abhors a vacuum and will always fill it. But if it's already full, there is no room for the manifestation to land. It's as if you don't really believe that it will manifest, so you hold on to what you've got. This is a double block! The simple solution to this is to make room for the things you want. Make room for the new lover. Clear out your old clothes to make room for your new ones.

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    Manifest 2022: Step 2: ALIGN

    Manifest 2022: Step 2: ALIGN


    What is Alignment?

    Alignment is everything when it comes to manifesting. In Step 1 of the Manifesting Process, you asked for what you wanted. You wrote down your dreams, desires, and goals for 2022. You got clear on your WHYs and started to imagine or visualize how your life will be once your desires become realized.

    Now the real adventure begins! Your journey moving forward is about managing your energy with awareness, intention, and focus so that you become an energetic match to the things you're wanting to bring into form.

    We've already clarified that everything is energy, right? You are an energetic being always transmitting certain frequencies by way of your mood, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. In other words, you are always broadcasting an energetic vibration or "vibe."

    That vibe that you're broadcasting, whether you're conscious of it or not, is like a magnet drawing back to you much of the same vibe. So, if you're in a foul, grumpy mood, for example, you're going to attract more situations that match and feed your current energy. Like attracts like. If you're in a kind and generous mood, you'll attract more of that. So doesn't it make good sense to manage your energy more consciously?

    When you are manifesting deliberately, managing your energy isn't just good sense, it's absolutely necessary! You must be energetically aligned or a vibrational match to the things you want to manifest. It's the only way they will.

    Alignment is not a one-and-done task to be checked off your list. Energetic alignment takes awareness and daily practice - not efforting, but practice. I liken energetic hygiene to personal hygiene or physical fitness. It's something you address daily and make choices that support or sabotage it throughout the day. The choice is always yours.

    Alignment and Empaths

    Energetic Alignment for the sensitives and empaths can be challenging for the unpracticed. Most empaths, including myself, tend to take things personally and can become emotionally reactive to external circumstances. We feel emotionally hijacked because we have lost our alignment and have given our power away. As a result, we manifest poorly from a place of powerlessness.

    The good news is, we can flip this script and become powerful manifestors as we leverage our sensitivity proactively. When we realize our power and train ourselves to take nothing personally, to become observers of other people's energy (OPE), we can sit firmly in the director chair of our lives and manage our energy beautifully and align ourselves with our deepest desires. It just takes practice like anything else.

    This is why awareness and daily practice are essential in manifesting - simply because you're human and life throws curveballs. Practicing energetic alignment keeps us flexible and adaptable so we can pivot when necessary and not break.

    Energy Management Tips

    How do you keep your vibe healthy and high? How do you clean up those occasional messy vibes? How do you align your energy to match your manifestations? Here are a few ideas that you probably already do. Now you can do them deliberately as part of your energy management system.

    * Ground yourself. Get yourself in nature. Walk barefoot, jump in the lake, feel the earth, take a hike.* Meditate. Sleep is the highest form of meditation, according to the Dalai Lama, so don't worry if you don't sit in the lotus position to meditate. There are many ways to meditate. The intention is to slow your mind and body.

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    Manifest 2022: Step 1: ASK

    Manifest 2022: Step 1: ASK


    One thing I know for sure is this: We live in a Responsive Universe. The Universe is always listening and responding to our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs by delivering to us people, places, and situations that match them. Your thoughts and feelings are like magnets drawing back to you (the sender) energetic matches - 24/7. So, if you don't like what you see in your environment you can change it by first changing your own energy, and then you can attract something better.

    Most people are not aware of their magnetism and end up manifesting by default. They attract more of 'what is' - not comprehending their amazing ability to co-create with the Universe. This kind of complacency and unawareness leads to depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and feelings of powerlessness.

    But not you. You know better. You sense there's something bigger and more magical going on, or you wouldn't be here reading this. You are wired for success. You are wired to manifest or bring into physical form all of your dreams, desires, and goals. It all starts in your imagination. You are the only creature on the planet with an imagination which signifies you are here to create. Why else would you have one?

    Your imagination is the incubator for all things manifested. You have an inspired thought that sparks a desire and your imagination keeps it alive. Every time you dream or allow the inspired thought to play itself out, you are in the creation process. Isn't that amazing when you stop to think about it?! No other creature on the planet has this ability.

    So imagine if you used your imagination intentionally to manifest your dreams, desires, and goals? What if you become a deliberate creator of your reality?

    4 Steps to Manifesting

    * Ask – Get clear on your goals, dreams, desires. Wish big! Get clear on your WHYs.* Align – Clear the way to make room for your desires. Check your thoughts and habits.* Allow – Dig in and see what’s blocked you in the past and become an amazing receiver.* Aligned Action – Leverage your intuition for higher guidance that is aligned with YOU.

    Manifesting Step 1: Ask

    Today's training covers the ASK. We've already determined that we live in a Responsive Universe and that we're always asking by our desires and through our contrasting situations, but for the Manifest 2022 Challenge, we are going to ask with intention and purpose.

    Get out your journal and thoughtfully answer the following questions. Don't edit your responses or stop writing because you don't know HOW you'll manifest the things you want. This is a light, easy exercise! Let yourself dream and imagine with child-like wonder!

    * What is your one BIG desire, dream or goal for 2022? What have you been thinking about? What has been getting your attention the most? * Why do you want this? What will change? How will you feel?* What changes would you like to make in your relationships - family, friends, social life, love life? Why?* What changes would you like to make in your physical health and wellbeing? Be specific. Why?* What changes would you like to see in your finances - career, job, income, business? Why?* What about your personal development? How would you like to see yourself grow? What would you like to learn or improve?* What would you like to experience in your spiritual life?

    As you write about your dreams, goals, and desires, feel about them too! Remember to write down your WHYs for each of them. How will having your dreams manifest make you feel? What will change? How will you change?

    Download this handly a href="https://charlenemurphy.

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