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Podcast by Sarah Bohl

    The Civilian: Episode 1, The Mueller Investigation

    The Civilian: Episode 1, The Mueller Investigation

    Join me as I tell you what the name, The Civilian, means, and answer your questions about the Mueller investigation.

    **Note: at the time of this recording, William Barr had not been sworn in as Attorney General. He was sworn in on February 14, 2019**

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    #17: Weddings Part 2 with Elizabeth Duncan

    #17: Weddings Part 2 with Elizabeth Duncan

    Elizabeth Duncan and I are continuing our discussion of wedding etiquette--from the perspective of the bride, groom, and family throwing the shindig! In Part 2, we are talking about RSVPing, inviting children to the wedding, the parties surrounding the wedding, how to best interact with your vendors, and much much more. Don't forget to go back and listen to Part 1 if you haven't already! You can find Elizabeth at www.elizabethduncanevents.com and me, as always, @sarahbohldesigns or www.sarahbohldesigns.net. Also join our Facebook group (Everyday Etiquette Podcast) to ask your own etiquette questions or join in the debate!

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    #16: Weddings Part 1 with Elizabeth Duncan

    #16: Weddings Part 1 with Elizabeth Duncan

    This week I am DIVING into one of the deepest etiquette topics and that is WEDDINGS. I have enlisted my friend and renowned wedding & event planner Elizabeth Duncan to walk through all the questions and details that you will come across as a bride, groom, or family member. We've divided this talk into two episodes, so be sure and listen to Part 2 next! You can find Elizabeth online at www.elizabethduncanevents.com; and you can find me, as always, on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook @sarahbohldesigns; or on my website www.sarahbohldesigns.net.

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    #15: Job Interview Etiquette

    #15: Job Interview Etiquette

    It's a special Tuesday episode (to make up for me skipping a couple of weeks!). Just in time for college graduation, I'm talking with HR wiz Diana Funk about job intereview do's and don'ts (Spoiler alert: DO dress appropriately and DON'T bring your mom). Diana gave us so many awesome tips, I compiled them into a nifty .pdf and put it in the Everyday Etiquette Podcast group over on Facebook. Follow this link to see: https://www.facebook.com/groups/190393387964159/

    I'll be back later this week with another episode, see you then!

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    #14: Salon Etiquette with Lori Zabel

    #14: Salon Etiquette with Lori Zabel

    I don't know about you, by my hair stylists are some of the most treasured people in my life. In this episode, I'm talking with master stylist and Redken educator Lori Zabel about how to treat those treasures the best we can. We chat about tipping, re-scheduling appointments, showing up late, how to best prepare for your appointment, and also how your stylist should be treating you. I learned so much from Lori and hope you do, too! You can find Lori on Instagram @lorizabel. You can find me @sarahbohldesigns, or @sarahbohldesign on Twitter. Don't forget to please leave a rating and/or review on iTunes so we can grow!

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    #13: The Death of Handwriting?! Say it Isn't So!

    #13: The Death of Handwriting?! Say it Isn't So!

    Lucky episode #13 is here and I'm talking with my friend Gretchen Purcell Straczewski. She shared an awesome Freakonomics radio podcast with me a while back, and we are breaking it down for you and screaming "Long live handwriting!"

    We also talk about the theory and value of Montessori education, our own experiences with handwriting, text-speak, and what type of legacy we can leave for future generations in this technology-driven world.

    Here are the show notes! Tons of great info:
    Link to Freakonomics Episode: http://freakonomics.com/podcast/who-needs-handwriting/

    Turn your Instagram Photos into a Card:
    Postagram https://sincerely.com/postagram

    --"Never give to the brain more than we give to the hand" - Maria Montessori, the root theory behind much of her methods and materials

    —Gretchen's favorite book on Montessori methods for very young children http://www.amazon.com/Montessori-Start-Child-B…/…/0805211128

    —Traditionally, most Montessori schools teach cursive writing instead of print, but some (including ours) had moved to teaching print first. Interestingly, our school has decided to move back to teaching cursive first beginning next year! Full coverage of the debate in the Montessori community here:

    —Etsy artist who can turn handwriting into jewelry:

    Questions? Comments? I would love to hear from you!

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4.7 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

childfreegoodness ,

Awesome podcast

Thank you so much, for this much wanted and wonderful content!!!

theswooner ,

Love it, wish there was more

I love this podcast so much. Started listening a couple days ago and haven't been able to stop since. Unfortunately I'm going to run out of episodes because apparently there hasn't been a new one in about a year. Still, it's really great!

Baking4two ,

Consideration is the modern etiquette

I love this upbeat podcast! It certainly isn't a list of Emily Post rules, but more of a fun and modern approach to etiquette. I also appreciate the varied guests, which provide solid and interesting information. Sarah, the host, has a welcoming approach and warm laugh while providing a genuine etiquette perspective of kindness and consideration of others.

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