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a voice crying in the void. conversations about god and art and doubt and wonder. stories of disbelief. radiance and math and music and pixels. consciousness expressed as vibrations.

Existential Happy Hour Micah J. Murray

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a voice crying in the void. conversations about god and art and doubt and wonder. stories of disbelief. radiance and math and music and pixels. consciousness expressed as vibrations.

    029: Allah and Abolition w/ Khalid Alexander

    029: Allah and Abolition w/ Khalid Alexander

    Khalid is an educator, advocate, and community organizer and a convert to the religion of Islam.
    In this conversation we talk about his spiritual path as a person of mixed racial heritage in a Christian-dominant culture who wound up finding and embracing Islam as his religion and way of life. We explore some of the theological similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam and talk about role of Islam as a counter to white supremacy in America. Khalid also explains the work he does as founder and president of Pillars of the Community, an organization dedicated to helping those affected by the criminal justice system in Southeast San Diego.
    Khalid is open, funny, honest, heartfelt, and passionate. He gives a unique perspective on the beliefs and experience of being Muslim in America, and challenges us to confront the systemic injustices of policing and incarceration that are accepted as normal in our society today.
    Connect with Pillars of the Community:
    Website: potcsd.org
    Instagram: @potcsd
    Twitter: @potc619

    • 1 hr 20 min
    028: A Very Existential Christmas

    028: A Very Existential Christmas

    Deck the halls and make the yuletide gay, my friends! It's time once again for a special holiday edition of the show. A Very Existential Christmas weaves together poems, prayers, and stories in a unique exploration of Christmas without God. 

    We begin by deconstructing the myth of Santa Claus before a brief commercial break and then come back for a poem, a short sermon I preached one advent Sunday back when I was still a Christian, another poem/prayer, and then a bit of theology about expectation and incarnation in the shadow of God's absence. 

    If you are a long-time listener you may recognize this episode from last year -- it's about 75% the same as Episode 10 ("Advent/Absence") but I've redone the audio and added a bunch of new stuff and generally made it a lot better just for you. 

    So pour yourself a warm beverage and curl up by the fire -- or put this in your earholes while you're driving around doing Christmas shit or going to your relatives house or staying at home being depressed -- and enjoy a Very Existential Christmas. 

    (Christmas spirit not required.) 

    • 1 hr 16 min
    027: The Cryptonaturalist w/ Jarod K. Anderson

    027: The Cryptonaturalist w/ Jarod K. Anderson

    In this episode I talk with Jarrod K. Anderson about nature, death, and the universe. Jarrod is a storyteller, poet, and creator of the wildly popular nature podcast The Cryptonaturalist.

    I found Jarrod through his online poems and his book Field Guide to the Haunted Forest (which is worth purchasing for the title alone.) The language he uses to make meaning in a meaningless universe resonates deeply with me. I consider him a kindred soul.

    In this winding conversation we talk about creativity, being raised agnostic, approaching the Bible through the lenses of literature / trauma,  human brains, contemplating death, the afterlife and eternity, human tribalism, the mysteries of interstellar consciousness, the biological function of cleverness, learning to live with depression, finding community outside religion, and learning to be quiet with the trees.

    Jarod on Twitter: @JarodAnderson + @CryptoNature
    Jarod on Instagram: @Cryptonaturalist
    Jarod's Website: jarodkanderson.com
    Jarod's Podcast: The Cryptonaturalist
    Jarod's Book: Field Guide to the Haunted Forest


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    026: Worldview

    026: Worldview

    When I was a good Christian, I spent a lot of time thinking and talking about my worldview. It was an important part of identity-formation in my Evangelical faith communities. In this episode we revisit the idea of worldview, and talk about the evolution I have experienced as I have sought what is real.

    We begin with excerpts out of my own Personal Statement of Faith (from when I was a good Christian) before diving into an exploration of what it means to orient my life toward the universe through religious naturalism today.

    (tw: includes a lot of fundamentalist doctrine and mentions of abuse.)


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    025: Summer's End

    025: Summer's End

    Pausing at the end of a hot and lonely summer to talk about making meaning, making content, and falling in love with a planet that is bursting into flames. 

    • 38 min
    024: Deconstruction Therapy w/ Emily Maynard

    024: Deconstruction Therapy w/ Emily Maynard

    I catch up with my friend Emily Maynard, a fellow surviver of religious b******t who is now working to help other people live free and meaningful lives.

    We talk about growing up in American fundamentalism and purity culture, why therapy matters, what we mean when we talk about God, and the everlasting b******t of the Gospel Coalition, and why people are leaving toxic Churches. We also talk about how to have support as you move through deconstructing beliefs, how to talk to family when your family doesn't understand, and whether or not forgiveness is a good idea.

    Emily Maynard is a California Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist No.115384, supervised by Emily Celis, LMFT and employed at S.A.G.E. Holistic Health and Wellness Center. Emily works with religious trauma survivors and people healing from spiritual abuse or difficult faith transitions.
    Emily on Instagram: @emilymaynard_thx
    Emily on the Web: sagewellnessctr.org/emily-maynard/

    • 41 min

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4.8 out of 5
42 Ratings

42 Ratings

Keenan J Murray ,

That’s my dad

My dad is the creator of this podcast

meghankrogh ,

Come for the youth pastor fights, stay for the kindness

I told Micah after episode 13 that I didn’t think anyone had ever said this sentence before, but I think I like him more after listening to his podcast. What can I say. I was at “order mac and cheese from ubereats at 9 pm” high by the time I finished listening. A good excuse to get high and mildly retraumatize yourself on a free night.

Just another heretic ,

Subscribe already!

Micah might be my favorite tatted heretic. He keeps it so real and yet so humble. This podcast is full of all the questions and all the doubts that “good christians” were never allowed to talk about. (I don’t go to church anymore so maybe they do now. I don’t really know.) He wrestles with the uncomfortable truths and half truths we have been spoon fed from infancy in the evangelical-conservative-bible-bubble. If you’re not afraid of hard questions and swear words you’ll probably dig this podcast.

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