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A Chattanooga Based Crime Cast by Maci Bookout and Natalie Gard

Expired Maci & Natalie

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A Chattanooga Based Crime Cast by Maci Bookout and Natalie Gard

    Heather Maples

    Heather Maples

    Heather Maples was a Texas transplant to Tennessee. She moved to Murfreesboro in January of 2015 to go to MTSU. Heather moved in with her friend Chaz and got a job at their apartment complex. She and Chaz quickly became more than friends and a relationship began. Heather would complain that Chaz was abusive and always yelling. She even said there was a physical altercation and ultimately, they broke up. She stayed at the apartment mostly because she worked there, and he moved out. In the Summ...

    • 20 min
    Justice After Three Decades- The Pamela Rose Aldridge McCall Story

    Justice After Three Decades- The Pamela Rose Aldridge McCall Story

    Rose was a free spirted, hitchhiker who spent most of her time with truck drivers in the 1990’s. She loved the energy she got from the open road, seeing new places and things and being free. Originally from Grand Rapids Iowa, she loved it when she found a trucker going south. In 1991 she was 32 years old and 24 weeks pregnant. Her body was found on Saturn Parkway at the off ramp for Port Royal Road in Spring Hill, Tennessee. It would take 30 days for the police to identify the body and 30 yea...

    • 15 min
    Byron "Low Tax" Looper

    Byron "Low Tax" Looper

    This week’s episode of the Expired Podcast is on Bryon “Low Tax” Looper, who was a politician who legally changed his middle name to win an election. He was a dirty "public servant” and would do anything for a senate seat. Byron Looper was a democrat turned republican running against Tommy Burk. Senator Burk had been a public servant for almost 3 decades. Just before the 1978 election, Tommy was found shot in the head. His wife took his place on the ballot and won! Byron would be charged and ...

    • 25 min
    Zoo Man / Thomas Dee Huskey

    Zoo Man / Thomas Dee Huskey

    In February of 1992 a woman went into the Knoxville Police station, claiming she had been raped, tied up and robbed. The woman was a sex worker, and she said the night before she had met a john, and he took her into his Buick Le Sabre to a secluded area of Cahaba Lane which runs parrel with I-40. The secluded area was used by sex workers and johns. There was trash everywhere, old mattresses and used condoms all over the ground. The police officer asked the woman to take him there and when the...

    • 31 min
    The Fast Food Murders / Paul Dennis Reid Jr.

    The Fast Food Murders / Paul Dennis Reid Jr.

    Paul Dennis Reid was a troubled kid and as an adult he continued his behavior robbing restaurants and stores. By his mid 20's he had been in a car accident resulting in a $25,000 pay out. He took that money, got plastic surgery and moved to Nashville, Tennessee to be a country music singer. When that didn't work out for him, he started robbing restaurants again. Paul hit Captain D's, McDonald's and Baskin Robbin within a few months in 1997 resulting in 7 murders and one attempted murder. Paul...

    • 35 min
    4 murders, 1 town and all in 30 days

    4 murders, 1 town and all in 30 days

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Customer Reviews

3.1 out of 5
218 Ratings

218 Ratings

km44km ,


I have followed Maci since 16 & pregnant. Absolutely love how far you’ve come! I also love hearing about the family on here but I can’t ever understand what you’re saying… the sound quality is Terrible and it makes it super hard for me to follow and keep focused. Please please fix this, talk louder, something!

yasmin.13 ,


Want to support but the audio quality is horrible and the narration is confusing.
On the most recent episode they jump in with no intro, the story was jumping out of order, and the details were hard to follow. You can even hear Maci shuffling her papers at one point. It’s fine to read but make it more convincing and the narration interesting

Ljjsbjjjdbg ,

Don’t listen

Love maci but this podcast is absolutely terrible. The audio is horrible, (you can’t tell me that between the two of them that they can’t afford decent mics), and they don’t cover cases good at all, or even decently. They covered one in particular in under 30 mins but other podcasts covered the same case in a 90 minute episode. Don’t bother wasting your time listening.

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