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A podcast about cross country skiing. Bringing you stories, insight, tips and knowledge about ski racing at the elite level.

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A podcast about cross country skiing. Bringing you stories, insight, tips and knowledge about ski racing at the elite level.

    Ep 16: Skiing w/ Flora Dolci and the French National Team

    Ep 16: Skiing w/ Flora Dolci and the French National Team

    Flora Dolci is a member of the French National Cross Country ski team. She has multiple top-20 results on the World Cup and is a fierce competitor, but I believe she is known more for how kind and sweet she is. Truly one of the nicest humans, always with a smile on her face and always looking to have fun. We talk about her path as a skier growing up in France, how she reached the National team and what she gets up to when she isn’t racing or training (like rock climbing, paragliding, studying, and being a part of the French army). 
    We chat about so many other topics like racing equi-distance and racing the first Women’s 50k Holmenkollen last year. We also discuss the community that builds cross country skiers and how similar the journey can be for a young American skier vs a young French skier. There are many paths to get to being a strong adult athlete and no one’s experience will look the same. Rather, Flora grew up trying all sorts of sports like karate and canoeing. She believes that learning to use your body in so many different ways and so many new skills, especially at a young age but even today, the more they can help contribute to strength, balance, agility, body awareness, which all come into play for cross country skiing. Overall, we share our joy for ski racing and our enthusiasm for outdoor activities!
    Follow Flora on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flora_dolci/

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    Ep 15: The USST D-Team with Kristen Bourne

    Ep 15: The USST D-Team with Kristen Bourne

    Kristen Bourne has been the USST D-Team coach for over year now and has taken on some impressive roles. Not only is she coaching 8 athletes on the D team, plus two A and B team athletes, attending all of the team training camps, visiting and working with her athletes all over the country during the summer and fall... she is also a full-time World Cup coach, ski tester, organizer, planner, administrator and leader. After only 3 world cup weekends last year, she stepped up to take full control of the USST during the Tour de Ski when a majority of the staff got sick. And she did it with the most positive energy and smile on her face. 

    I love chatting with Kristen in this episode about her journey to get to where she is today. It felt like I was talking to an old friend, because she is! Kristen and I go back to our Junior racing days together on the Midwest circuit and have countless hours, training, racing and traveling the world together. It was so fun to catch up with her in person when we recorded this podcast back in Vermont this summer! 

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    Ep 14: Visma Ski Classics w/ Katie Feldman

    Ep 14: Visma Ski Classics w/ Katie Feldman

    Katie Feldman is an American skier who just wrapped up a successful racing career with the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation.  After 5 years of Supertour racing, this past year was the cherry on top as she raced the Visma Ski Classic marathon circuit around Europe all winter. This collection of marathon races range anywhere between 40-90 kilometers, sometimes back-to-back days, and frequently the elite racers will chose to double pole the entire classic race.

    On this episode of Extra Blue, Katie shares how she prepared for so much double pole this past season, what it was like to race on the Visma Ski Classic circuit, plus some highlights of her season in Europe. 

    Katie's instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katfeld/
    Visma Ski Classics: https://skiclassics.com/events/

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    Ep 13: World Cup Expenses w/ David Norris

    Ep 13: World Cup Expenses w/ David Norris

    David Norris raced in 58 World Cups as a professional skier. He competed in 3 World Championships and had many top-30 results on the World Cup, yet he was never named to the national team and never received funding from the national team for his racing. Instead, he had to find and build his own network to financially support his ski goals, despite being one of the best (if not THE best, at the time) distance skiers the country had.

    On this episode of Extra Blue, David and I discuss self-funding a World Cup ski career. We chat about how we've both leaned into our communities, worked a few side hustles, and done what we can to fundraise enough money to cover the price tags associated with cross country skiing at the highest level.

    David's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grandmasternorris/

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    Ep 12: Racing on the Canadian National Ski Team w/ Katherine Stewart-Jones

    Ep 12: Racing on the Canadian National Ski Team w/ Katherine Stewart-Jones

    Katherine Steward-Jones is a World Cup Skier for the Canadian National Ski Team. She has had a stand-out season this year with 3 top-13 finishes on the World Cup and is currently ranked 18th in the World Cup Distance points. Originally from Chelsea, Quebec, Katherine now skis for the Alberta World Cup team based in Canmore. On this episode, we discuss Katherine’s development as a Canadian athlete, how she overcame a severe concussion a few years ago, and what changes she made the last few years that have contributed to such a successful 2023 season. 
    Katherine’s instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kstewartjones/

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    Ep 11: World Championship Alternates w/ Zak Ketterson

    Ep 11: World Championship Alternates w/ Zak Ketterson

    Zak Ketterson is a member of the US Ski team and a fellow native to Minnesota. He was recently named to the World Championship team, but was not given starts to his goal races and decided to forgo attending the championship event and head home instead. In this episode we discuss this difficult decision and relate to each other on so many levels as we share similar season outlooks. 

    Zak will be racing in period 4 of the World Cup in Scandinavia - including races back in Falun, Sweden. Last year in Falun, Zak raced to an outstanding 15th place in the 15k freestyle. 

    Zak's blog: https://www.zakketterson.com/
    Zak's instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zaketterson/
    Gear West End of Winter Sale: https://www.gearwest.com/collections/end-of-winter-sale

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5.0 out of 5
55 Ratings

55 Ratings

Kelley786 ,

Thank goodness for this podcast!

This podcast is really great to listen too. I wish I’d discovered it earlier. I’ve watched most of the racing (on television) this season and just discovered the podcast. It would be great to hear about the season as it went along. I’m so looking forward to next year’s podcast and will look for it earlier. I hope you can keep at it!

MatthewBart26 ,


I’m excited to hear about your Birkie experience! Looking forward to skiing in next year!


So fun!

As a “retired” XC racer, I really appreciate this Podcast as it makes me feel in the mix of what is going on. The host does a great job highlighting a wide variety of people so that you can understand all aspects of the sport. Looking forward to more!!!

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