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FTMA News presents F&T Time with Kersten Gentle, a podcast series aimed at keeping the Australian timber frame and truss industry connected and updated.

F&T Time with Kersten Gentle Kersten Gentle

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FTMA News presents F&T Time with Kersten Gentle, a podcast series aimed at keeping the Australian timber frame and truss industry connected and updated.

    S3 Ep 3: Sustainable Forestry - A Critical Part of the Answer

    S3 Ep 3: Sustainable Forestry - A Critical Part of the Answer

    Listeners may remember today's guest from season one, however this time he joins us as the Executive Director of International Sustainable Forestry Coalition!

    This insightful episode with guest Ross Hampton, looks at the important role sustainable forestry plays in the fight against climate change and the great announcements that came out of COP28 at the end of 2023.

    • 20 min
    S3 Ep 2: Sustainable Construction Practices Helping Create a Greener Future

    S3 Ep 2: Sustainable Construction Practices Helping Create a Greener Future

    In this enlightening episode of F&T Time, we sit down with Hamish White, a Founding Builder of the Sustainable Builders Alliance (SBA). Hamish's dedication to a more sustainable construction industry is truly inspiring, and we delve into the transformative work the SBA is doing to reduce emissions and carbon footprint in construction. 

    Born out of Builders Declare Australia, the SBA is driven to revolutionise construction practices for the betterment of our planet. FTMA proudly aligns ourselves with their mission through our Carbon Warrior arm, and as a Gold Sponsor of SBA. 

    Join us as we explore the concept of building net-zero sustainable homes, the role of a certified passive house tradesperson, and the significant role timber plays in sustainable construction. Don't miss this compelling discussion with Hamish as we delve into the future of green construction.

    • 23 min
    S3 Ep 1: An Exciting 2024 Ahead!

    S3 Ep 1: An Exciting 2024 Ahead!

    FTMA is back again for another season of our podcast series, F&T Time! 

    This first episode of the new season looks at the exciting year ahead, including the 2024 National Conference which is the only national conference specifically curated for timber frame and truss fabricators. 

    Enjoy listening and remember, this is YOUR podcast! We're always open to topic suggestions or questions, so don't hesitate to connect 📨

    Here's to another great year at FTMA! 🥂🎉

    Stay tuned, stay informed, and let's frame the future together! 🔊👥

    • 10 min
    S2 Ep 11: Celebrating Training

    S2 Ep 11: Celebrating Training

    Today, we’re looking into the importance of education and training for the timber, frame and truss sector - a topic that is particularly important for us at FTMA, given our drive and pursuits to deliver courses, to help address the under employment that we are all experiencing, and encourage skilled people into our wonderful industry. 
    We are joined by NTHA Senior Trainer and Assessor, Colin Taranto - an inspiring and dedicated man, who has contributed greatly by paving the way for those coming into it. With nearly 40 years in the timber sector, Colin has recently been awarded VET Trainer of the Year, in the NSW training awards. He was also a finalist for this year’s Australian VET Trainer of the Year. A truly magnificent achievement and testament for what he’s contributing to education, and our future.  
    For members of FTMA who wish to participate in training, or have employees they would like to enrol, please reach out to us for assistance. Those interested can also directly contact Colin Taranto via email at colin.t@ntha.edu.au. The training conducted by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), NTHA and Timber Training Creswick, is accessible and comprehensive, tailored to the needs of the timber industry.

    • 18 min
    S2 Ep 10: Carpentry Australia’s Helping Hand Day

    S2 Ep 10: Carpentry Australia’s Helping Hand Day

    Today, we're shining a spotlight on Carpentry Australia’s Helping Hand Day. This isn't just an event; it's a testament to the spirit of community and the craftsmanship that lies at the heart of everything that Carpentry Australia do.

    During Helping Hand Day, carpenters from all walks of life join forces to lend their expertise and support to various community projects. It’s a day when chippies roll up their sleeves, pick up their tools, and make a real tangible difference in our communities. Whether it's fixing a home, building structures, or giving a space a refreshing makeover, these talented chippies use their skills to provide a much-needed helping hand to those who require it the most.

    To explain more about the celebration of community and craftsmanship during Helping Hand Day, we are joined by Nathan Quinn of Carpentry Australia.

    For more information on Carpentry Australia please check out their socials @carpentryaustralia on Insta and FB or email info@carpentryaustralia.com.au 

    • 20 min
    S2 Ep 9: The Push for a Timber Olympics

    S2 Ep 9: The Push for a Timber Olympics

    The Paris Olympics in 2024 are aiming to be the most sustainable games in Olympic Games history. One way they are achieving their sustainability goals, which align with the Paris Agreement, is using timber in construction.

    To ensure the Brisbane Olympic Games achieve similar environmental milestones to Paris, several strategies must be implemented. We need to prioritise the use of timber in our construction projects. This involves not only the games' facilities but also surrounding infrastructure such as transport systems and accommodation facilities.

    By opting to use timber, we can ensure that the games serve as a symbol of Australia’s commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

    Timber Queensland is leading the fight for a greener games by actively raising awareness about the benefits of timber use in the Brisbane Olympic Games through targeted campaign. They are pioneering public discussions, launching educational initiatives, and fostering strategic partnerships to drive their message home.

    On the 22nd of August, Timber Queensland hosted a Timber 2032 Forum, where they engaged with key stakeholders in the construction industry, architects, parliamentarians, and government bodies, to highlight the environmental advantages of timber over traditional construction materials.

    For this episode, we are joined by Clarissa Brandt, the Strategic Relations & Communications Manager of Timber Queensland to discuss further.

    If you have any questions for Clarissa, please contact Timber Queensland by emailing admin@timberqueensland.com.au

    • 30 min

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