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Reclaiming Feminism for Christianity

Faith and Feminism Meghan Tschanz

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Reclaiming Feminism for Christianity

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4.8 out of 5
91 Ratings

91 Ratings

abbiejeanr ,

Not alone

It's always so, so refreshing to find another Christian Feminist. In doing the internship at my church, I had to sit and listen why the senior pastor believed feminism has no place in the Christian Faith. I was enraged but almost everyone else in the room nodded their head in blind agreement. I've always been made fun of for being the christian feminist, the liberal christian, etc. etc. If believing people should be treated fairly (women, men, children, poc, the list goes on), then yes, consider me liberal. This podcast serves as a stark reminder that feminism absolutely has a place in Christianity. The fact that Meghan goes out of her way to listen to different points of views from experts and non-experts alike and listens and learns with a heart of humility is something we can all learn from. She is so clearly aware of her own shortcomings in her walk as a feminist and, instead of being defensive, she wants to learn how we can all improve and help build one another up. I even had a lovely conversation with her via instagram. She's kind, intelligent, humble, and passionate and it shows in Faith and Feminism.

earthrainwind ,


I just finished listening to the episode on prolife & politics. I appreciated the heart behind it so much. Your guest spoke perfectly on how I have been feeling. Thank you for creating this space. I am excited to keep listening.

faithandfeminismlover ,

Highlight of my week

As someone who was raised in a Christian culture where women were seen as second to men this podcast has helped me learn about where a feminist can fit into the Christian culture. With every episode I learn more and am able to understand that what I have felt as a feminist isn’t against my faith but how it lines up with it. I am so thankful for this podcast and look forward to every episode. I also really relate to Meghan on so many levels, especially things I thought I was the only one experiencing. I appreciate her authenticity and vulnerability in every episode

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