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Three brothers and one other guy talk about Dad life

The HeyDad Podcast HeyDad

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Three brothers and one other guy talk about Dad life

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loloflowers ,

Fun for everyone

I’m literally a 17 year old without any kids and this is my favorite podcast of all time. The bits are solid and all of the brothers, and the one guy that’s not their brother, are so entertaining and hysterical. 11/10 would recommend

Mrs. Reo ,

Authentic and hilarious!

I am not a dad, but I so enjoy listening to these dads! I was introduced to you guys from the That Sounds Fun podcast and am hooked! It takes a lot for me to laugh out loud so when my husband heard me laughing so much he had to get check it out too! I love the message you guys are fighting for and the way you do it. It brightens up my day to listen as I drive from patient to patient during my work day!

Jayde-O-Rama! ,

Distracted Driving 😂

Seriously, guys... I listen to HeyDad on my commutes between patient homes. The hazards of operating a vehicle while listening to this podcast are very real. I have clung to my steering wheel, tears streaming from my barely-able-to-keep-them-open eyes, listening to you guys.

I’m so happy you guys are back!

Jayde (Hi, Derek! Hey to the fam!)

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