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Host Bree Noble shares insights on how to create a sustainable career as a woman in the music business. This show includes two different episode formats, solo shows where Bree provides tips and tricks from her own knowledge and experience, and interviews with female musicians and industry pros. These interviews are inspirational and informational and help our audience get a different perspective on the business of music.

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Host Bree Noble shares insights on how to create a sustainable career as a woman in the music business. This show includes two different episode formats, solo shows where Bree provides tips and tricks from her own knowledge and experience, and interviews with female musicians and industry pros. These interviews are inspirational and informational and help our audience get a different perspective on the business of music.

    The Power of Gratitude for Your Music Career with Beth Matthew and Cayla Brooke

    The Power of Gratitude for Your Music Career with Beth Matthew and Cayla Brooke

    This is the kind of subject that is not necessarily business-oriented but has so much impact on your business. Gratitude is so important to be able to approach business in a healthy way. You cannot avoid experiencing huge highs and huge lows in your business. Gratitude allows you to balance out the mistakes you learn with the great things that are also happening. This allows you to create longevity for your business. I try to have some kind of gratitude practice on my walks everyday. When I fail to do that, I noticed that little things start to annoy me. My two Community Managers in our Female Indie Musician Community, Cayla Brooke and Beth Matthew, will discuss this on today's podcast. If you're not in our Facebook group, go to Female Indie Musician Community or to woscommunity.com
    Gratefulness has a lot to do with our mindset. When someone is grateful, their mindset is different. If we come from a state of gratitude, it makes our music better. When we're positive about things, that makes life worth living. We become more solution-oriented than problem-oriented. It's a really important subject that changes a lot of things in our lives. We can choose to focus on the good things going on instead of the bad.
    Imagine going through this pandemic without technology, we would not be able to do Facebook lives or access courses at a price next to nothing. Depending on our mindset, we can either sit at home and whine or look for something to be grateful for. Even if you don't have support at home, you can actually find support online. We are so fortunate.
    Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, the readiness to show appreciation and return kindness. When we're grateful, we tend to look for the positive and attract more opportunities. We can help train our minds to be grateful. We can also do small routines like sending thank you cards to people weekly or thinking of three things to be grateful about each day.
    People who are more grateful are less-stressed, less-depressed and more satisfied. It lifts our wellbeing mentally and physically. Even if we don't feel grateful, we can cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Practicing gratitude makes us happier. If we can start being grateful even in really tough situations, it can help us process things and lessons we've learned. Why don't we start practicing gratitude everyday?
    Link mentioned in this episode: http://www.woscommunity.com (woscommunity.com)

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    Conquering Performance Anxiety with Allison Anderson

    Conquering Performance Anxiety with Allison Anderson

    Today, we're talking about Performance Anxiety or commonly known as Stage Fright. I've had a lot of people wanting me to discuss this particular topic. Although I've had some bad experiences onstage, I've never had stage fright from the beginning. I know there are a lot of you out there who have a lot of talents to share and a lot of things to say but are afraid to get out there. So I have invited Academy member Allison Anderson to talk about this with us today.
    Allison is a musician and licensed therapist from Alberta, Canada. She started playing the piano at 6 years old and singing at 7. After she did music school, she suffered performance anxiety and it lasted for three decades.
    During a certain performance around seven years ago, she was off-key and everything was going wrong, then she found herself laughing it off during the performance and letting it go. That was when she heard the most beautiful tone come out of her. She eventually learned that her stage fright came from bad experiences in music school that were enough to shake her confidence.
    Performance anxiety is classified as a social phobia. It can be caused by different origins of thoughts such as a previous bad performance, trauma in childhood, learned behavior patterns, some strong personality traits or anything else that could have caused that impact in a person's deep self-esteem. A person may have tendencies but it could be developed by biological or environmental causes. Whatever the origin is, the result is the same onstage, which is stage fright or performance anxiety. No matter what the cause is, this is more about how you respond to a situation.
    To prevent having stage fright, you can do practices outside of the time so you can apply it when you're onstage onstage such as mindfulness, breathing, or being in the moment. Mindfulness is a practice about being in the moment using your five senses. We have to be in our bodies to get grounded in the moment and not live in our heads. When we have stage fright, we're activating our fight or flight response and we need to be aware of the present reality so we can allow our body to be mindful of the true situation and not of our fears or thoughts.
    As human beings, we always have the right to create. Nurturing your muse is giving yourself the freedom and fertile ground for creativity. It helps if you allow yourself to respond in the moment as an improvisation. The skill of mindfulness is being able to return to the moment. You also have to let yourself go and accept that your creativity is limited if you keep on thinking of being perfect. Developing this skill allows you to deal with Performance Anxiety and control your body's reactions.
    If there is one step you can take to move out of your stage fright, Allison advises it is allowing yourself to be horrible or to be the weirdest in your own space. Letting go and being free allows you to get rid of stage fright and discovering your best voice.
    You can find more about Allison at andersonarts.ca.
    Link mentioned in this episode: https://memberspace.andersonarts.ca/wp/register-for-the-challenge/?wpam_id=3 (andersonarts.ca)

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    Using Online Tools & Data to Convert Listeners Into Paying Fans with Michael Walker

    Using Online Tools & Data to Convert Listeners Into Paying Fans with Michael Walker

    This episode focuses on marketing your music. We're going to talk about how you are going to find the perfect people, how you're going to connect with them using tools online and further that relationship, and how to use data to figure out ways to convert them into raving and paying fans to support your career.
    We're going to discuss a lot of information about data and it may feel overwhelming at first but if you know what your data can tell you, you will love it and will turn you into a fan of knowing your data. If you want to learn more about what we talk about here, go to femusician.com/modernmusician and sign up for the free workshop that Michael Walker will be doing for my community on November 11th.
    Michael Walker from Modern Musician is a fellow summit host. Through his brand, he teaches musicians how to build their fanbase and make money from doing what they love. He started from being in a band in South Dakota and he grew his fanbase through grassroots. What they did was approach people who were fans of the bands they have similar music with.
    Michael shares the following steps they use in building fanbase:
    1. Find out where the people who will benefit from what you offer hang out
    2. Find out the best way to introduce yourself
    3. Build a real relationship with them
    4. Generate value for them
    5. Provide more value over time
    How do you use online tools to connect with people and have that deep relationship with them? We need to make sure that even while using automation, you will still have traction and real connection.
    What is important either with personal or online connection is to make sure that you are getting on the same page and reaching out to your fanbase where they can really get in touch and resonate with you. Being in tune with them is very important.
    Michael will be doing a workshop with us and he's going to teach you his system that will help you figure out about your artist identity, nailing that down into creating a passionate fan base and revenue multiplier. This is mainly based on a marketing funnel and his system will help musicians develop the skillset of using the right online marketing tools. They have a 3-month program that will equip musicians to develop that skillset and get comfortable enough to run it, keep optimizing it and create their own funnels. They also have a team of 18 trained coaches that will do a lot of heavy-lifting for the artist and do one-on-one sessions every week.
    When you start building something, you emulate then you innovate. Once the foundation is built, the last step is the revenue multiplier. They will teach you about a funnel accelerator which allows you to track your metrics weekly. The spreadsheet may be overwhelming but it it best to not know what to track and how to do it. Data also allows you to understand what's happening to help you get motivated about what you do. You will also be taught how to segment people into different categories based on how they answer sets of questions. Then you offer value based on their answers. You also have to analyze the Cost per Acquisition vs Value per Acquisition. The Fanbase Growth Workshop allows musicians to have clarity on what they have to offer. One requirement is to have at least one song that has high quality on it. How do you put it in front of people, create traffic with it and put it in front of the right people. The workshop will teach you how to go from scratch to your first $5000/month. Michael is going to break it up for you so it would be simpler and easier to understand. To join Michael Walker's workshop, sign up at femusician.com/modernmusician
    Link mentioned in this episode: http://femusician.com/modernmusician (femusician.com/modernmusician)

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    How to Make an Impact with Your Music While Staying True to Yourself with Cayla Brooke and Beth Matthew

    How to Make an Impact with Your Music While Staying True to Yourself with Cayla Brooke and Beth Matthew

    This week, I'm bringing back in my two Community Managers from our free Facebook Group, the Female Indie Musician Community. What we will talk about is something that is so poignant right now because of the pandemic. We need to feel realigned with our purpose and our passion for our music career. With what I am doing for musicians, I wouldn't have stayed this long if I didn't love what I do and if I'm not that passionate about what I am doing. I've always encouraged my Academy members to keep a reminder of wonderful testimonials that fans have given them about themselves or their music so they can use that as a reminder if they're not feeling motivated enough. But the key is really to have your passion for music deep in your soul, deep in your heart and deep in your belly because pursuing music is not that easy.
    Beth has been singing and playing the piano since she was a child but she has tried to push it to the side. She kept having this urge to pursue it and later in her life she eventually decided to listen to it and pursue her music. Knowing your passion is really about knowing what you love, what you're good at and what the world needs. After figuring that out, you need to find out what you can do that people can get you paid for if that's what you like. It would be wonderful to have our passion, profession, vocation, and mission all rolled into one. In pursuing it, there will always be some aspect that you need to learn and get help with but whatever it is, there's always hope to do what you're created to do which is your purpose.
    Cayla wanted to perform since the age of three. For her it's like a curse and a blessing at the same time. If you don't follow it, that nagging feeling stays with you and you know that you are on the wrong path. When she started her career, she just wanted to sing and take every opportunity to do it. Later on, she discovered that she didn't like the performances she did at restaurants and bars during that time and that she was looking for something else. For a long time, she toured the show about Eva Cassidy. When she gets off the stage, she felt great and happy and she knew she was doing what she wanted. One night she just realized that she was done with that part of her life and it was time to write and sing her own music. Then afterwards, she found herself needing to speak infront of people. As we grow, we need to rediscover ourselves, rediscover our purposes, learn something new towards our new purpose and following the opportunity when it arrives. We should learn to not be afraid to pivot when needed. We should not regret what we did in the past because you learn from them.
    Some experiences would help you figure out that that's not you. Some would make you feel alive. Following your intuition since it's usually good and usually right. Before Beth turned 50, she knew she wanted to do more with her music. She didn't have fans or a website. She had an opportunity to record her album in Nashville and she did. She had the time of her life, she felt good about herself and learned a lot. Another thing is she had a desire to move to Connecticut from North Carolina. That's when she had the chance to be seated next to her now-husband and they eventually got married. Understanding what your values are, what makes you alive and what makes a difference in our lives to is really important.
    We might let what other people think prevent us from living our purpose and passion but living through what's feeding our soul is what will really make us happy. Your passion should also be aligned to what's really core important to you just as being a voice to people who are voiceless. Your core message comes out in your music because you can't help it and that's who you are.
    Our Music With A Conscience has a lot of songs that were written by people about really amazing themes. You will hear a lot of different v

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    How to Gamify Your To-Do List

    How to Gamify Your To-Do List

    I've been doing a lot of work lately on productivity and I'm really getting a lot more done in my business because I'm splitting my time. Working hard, taking care of my family and having a lot on my plate, I've really been working hard to make sure I get stuff done in each aspect of what I need to do.
    I've come across something lately that has really helped me manage my tasks. So today we're talking about gamifying your to-do list. In the past, I've talked about breaking your to-do list, knowing how to prioritize and keeping 5 goals within 90 days. Even then there are certain things that keep falling to the bottom because I don't really want to do them.
    I've been working with a book called "Free to Focus" by Michael Hyatt and it has helped make things clearer to me on how I can run my business and make sure I get everything done.
    How do you get rid of that overwhelming feeling that you have endless things on your to-do list? I learned from the book that we can choose 3 big things for the week and around those big things, choose 3 smaller things per day.
    Before I start my work during Sunday or Monday morning, I organize them into first priority, check the deadlines then I fill in the rest. The gamification comes in here. Usually I procrastinate stuff that I don't like doing so I put them off. Since I started this 3 big things, I only focus on 3 things a day and 1 of those 3 things is something I don't like, and the other 2 are things I like.
    It's reality that there are things we procrastinate but with this gamification, we focus on only 3 things a day and 1 of those things is something we don't like. But that's how we go forward. The other 2 things that you like get to be a reward or a motivation that you only need to do 1 thing you don't like and you usually do it first.
    Gamifying your to-do list makes you feel more in control of things you need to get done. Doing this makes you feel better and so accomplished.
    If you want some help about figuring out your priorities, grab my Smart Goals Workbook at femusician.com/goals
    Link mentioned in this episode: https://breenoble045.lpages.co/smart-goals/ (femusician.com/goals)

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    How UniqCube Can Enhance Your Virtual and Live Gigs

    How UniqCube Can Enhance Your Virtual and Live Gigs

    I rarely talk about products on this podcast and today I am going to talk about UniqCube. It's a great product that can really be used by musicians offline or online and will make us stand-out. CEO Anna Sedleniece will talk about its benefits and how it has helped musicians stand out during their gigs.
    I heard about UniqCube from Wade Hutton on the Six Minute Music Podcast, went to their website and I thought this is really cool! This is a product that is great to use for your branding, can be used for gifts to family members or friends and other applications for various events and purposes. You can check how this product looks like on our website, femusician.com and search for Episode 214 or on femusician.com/cube. If you decide to purchase it, you can also use my discount code "BREE".
    UniqCube was founded in 2016 and the product itself was originally created as a home decor. It's basically a cube with a light inside. Since it's a cube, it has six sides which you can personalize and DIY online. Originally, it was not really intended for musicians until record companies started ordering them for marketing purposes. The product design is minimalist so your DIY design really stands out. You can choose to put your photos, logos, website address, social media handle, upcoming albums or releases and so on -- the design ideas are limitless! This is a great way to use offline to promote your merch and also for online promotion.
    One way to use it is when you're live streaming. It's a great way to catch people's attention so that when they are scrolling on their phones, they will get visually attracted by the cube and will notice your live. Also, because of its size, the cube is easy to bring from one gig to another. The price is affordable as well for start-up musicians.
    Benefits of UniqCubeGreat way to market yourself and your brand
    Helps you stand out in a livestream or offline event
    Each of the six sides of the cube can be personalized
    Minimalist so your own design really stands out
    Small enough to be conveniently brought from one event to another
    Can be used as a unique gift idea for holidays and events
    You can check them out at femusician.com/cube and use code "BREE" to get 10% off.
    Link mentioned in this episode: http://femusician.com/cube (femusician.com/cube)

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4.9 out of 5
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85 Ratings

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Awesome Insights!

I love this podcast! It has given me renewed hope that somehow I can monetize my art. Thank you Bree🙏

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Bree Walks Her Talk!

I was so honored to be a guest on a podcast I love to listen to - Bree is not only a great resource for musicians {check out her website!}, but she's also a kind soul with a giving heart and I LOVE our conversations together about the industry. Subscribe now!

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Great for all musicians! (even guys)

I know this podcast is geared toward female musicians, but I’ve found the concepts apply to everyone in the music industry, no matter your gender. So I’ll hide out in the shadows and listen continuously to Bree’s great talks and interviews. :)

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