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Welcome to Fermented Adventure The Podcast. Meeting and talking to the creators of distilled spirits, beer, mead, cider and other fermented delights.

Fermented Adventure The Podcast Rich Shane

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Welcome to Fermented Adventure The Podcast. Meeting and talking to the creators of distilled spirits, beer, mead, cider and other fermented delights.

    Durham Distillery - Lee Katrincic

    Durham Distillery - Lee Katrincic

    This episode features Lee Katrincic of Durham Distillery.

    The distillery became a passion project born out of being gin fans. Lee and his wife Melissa would travel and visit gin distilleries. Out of nowhere one anniversary, Melissa suggested that they open their own distillery. With their scientific backgrounds they felt comfortable to move forward. They headed west to Big Gin Distillery in Seattle to better understand and learn how to make gin. Since 2013 their passion and focus has ben on creating award winning high quality gin. They have a special process in coaxing out amazing and intense flavor. You really should have a conniption or two and try these sensational gins.

    711 Washington St, Durham, NC 27701 - (206) 557-4599 - www.DurhamDistillery.com - Facebook

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    Highlights From our Discussion:


    High West Distillery

    Slingshot Coffee Company

    Videri Chocolate Factory

    Constellation Brands

    Eda Rhyne Distilling Company

    • 50 min
    Eda Rhyne Distilling Company - Chris Bower

    Eda Rhyne Distilling Company - Chris Bower

    This episode features Chris Bower of Eda Rhyne Distilling Company.

    Chris had been looking into doing a distillery for a number of years. He had been working on some home made projects. One day a mutual friend Rett Murphy came to Chris and shared that he's been looking to create a distillery. Rett has been a farmer for 15 plus years and wanted to stay in agriculture but with something more towards providing the fruits of his labor. The conversation turned towards making Fernet and the relationship was sealed. Chris has a family history about learning about plants and botanicals. The distillery launched in 2017 with the Appalachian Fernet and laying down barrels or Rare Grain Rye Whiskey. They provide these special grains and plants a place to shine and show off their specialness.

    101 Fairview Rd suite a, Asheville, NC 28803 - (828) 412-5441 - www.EdaRhyne.com - Facebook

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    Highlights From our Discussion:

    Seashore Black Rye

    Drew Mayville

    Ovo Vodka

    Delaware Valley Fields Foundation

    Gin de Las Californias

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Perlick Distillery - Scott Perlick

    Perlick Distillery - Scott Perlick

    This episode features Scott Perlick of Perlick Distillery.

    The Perlick family and their ancestors have been farming the land in Northern Wisconsin since the 1920's. It is a small county with about 17,000 people and two stop lights. They farm over 2,000 acres growing a wide variety of plants and grains. Scott and the family discussed what they would be able to do with the grain on their farm and making something of it. The began to distill alcohol and figure it out as they went. The research from what they wanted to persue came from visiting breweries and distilleries that were not too far away. Initially for Perlick the focus and mindset has been on making vodka. "If we can't make it with making vodka, we shouldn't be in this business", Scott proclaimed. Their vodka has been a huge hit statewide. They also produce a five year single malt and an incredible maple vodka.

    W5150 County Hwy B, Sarona, WI 54870 - (715) 296-5087 - www.PerlickDistillery.com - Instagram

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    Highlights From our Discussion:

    The DeLong Company

    Compass Farms

    Laird's Applejack

    • 49 min
    Bourbon Of The Week - Chris Littlewood

    Bourbon Of The Week - Chris Littlewood

    This episode features Chris Littlewood of Bourbon Of The Week.

    Chris started his YouTube Channel right before the start of Covid. It was a project to educate himself and other about whiskey. Chris's introduction to all things whiskey came by the way of his someday to be father-in-law. Over time he began to enjoy the pours that he was offered. Then he began to go out and grow his own collection. On BOTW he focuses on three key aspects; Price, Taste and Drinkability of the whisky's that he features and highlights.

    YouTube - Instagram

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    Highlights From our Discussion:


    Old Grandad

    Basil Hayden

    The Inn At Grace Winery

    Elijah Craig

    Hard Truth Distilling Co.

    Infused Barware

    Midstate Distillery

    Old Forester

    • 46 min
    The Inn at Grace Winery

    The Inn at Grace Winery

    In this episode we are joined by Andrew Yingst, Cory Ruggiero and Rachel Rougeaux-Testerman of The Inn at Grace Winery.

    The bed and breakfast got it all started in the late 1980's. Grace Le Vines left the property to Christopher Le Vines who established all of the cottages, the winery and vineyard. He changed the name to honor his sister. The grapes were planted in 2007. Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Fran, Chardonnay, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc make up the varietals that were set into the limestone soil. Today the property boasts being a winery, restaurant, boutique hotel, tasting room and event space. The wines that are being produced are delicious and complex. They honor the history and the future of this hidden gem nestled in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

    50 Sweetwater Rd, Glen Mills, PA 19342 - 610-459-4711 - www.GraceWinery.com - Facebook

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    Highlights From our Discussion:

    Delaware Valley Fields Foundation

    Jim Kaat

    Delco Chamber of Commerce

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Drew Mayville - Buffalo Trace/Sazerac

    Drew Mayville - Buffalo Trace/Sazerac

    This episode features Drew Mayville of Buffalo Trace and Sazerac.

    When Drew was originally looking for work he applied to a brewery and a distillery. The distillery turned out to be Seagram's. In hind sight this was his best move. He began in the distillery lab. After many years of working in different areas he was promoted to the Master Blender. We discuss his role at Buffalo Trace and some of the nuances for being a Master Blender. His first priority is being responsible for the consistency and quality of the spirit that goes into every bottle. Drew is always looking to make a better whiskey with Sazerac's Buffalo Trace Distillery. Today he's transitioning into being more of an ambassador and educating people about the products. After the interview, The Master Blender led us through a master class on some of Buffalo Trace's most coveted expressions. Almost 200 plus in attendance at Roger Wilco were grateful for this once in a lifetime experience.

    www.BuffaloTrace.com - www.Sazerac.com - Instagram

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    Highlights From our Discussion:

    Art Dawe

    Sam Bronfman

    Harlen Wheatley

    George T. Stagg

    E.H. Taylor Four Grain


    Sazerac Rye

    Thomas Handy

    Ghost Hunters

    Last Drop Distillers

    Roger Wilco

    Chris Stapleton

    Traveller Whiskey

    Rock Hill Farms

    Elmer T. Lee

    Pappy Van Winkle

    American Society for Quality

    • 47 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

HouseofDudley ,

Mount Vernon distillery

I stumbled upon this podcast being a huge fan of the Mount Vernon Distillery. I was very thoroughly entertained with the questions asked by the host. I’m not even that much of a spirits enthusiast but this episode really stood apart with its history lessons as well. Looking forward to listening to some more episodes.

Bsalk ,

Just fun!

More of a wine drinker, then a sprits enthusiast. Enjoying the human stories behind the businesses. Rich can be a little campy, but he is a lot of fun to hang out with.

Boozedancing ,

A Good Old-Fashioned and Boozy Time was had by all!

Rich Baby! Thanks so much for having us on your podcast. You are a SUPERB and gracious host (i.e. you put up with our nonsense and didn't kick us off the air!), and we had a glorious time! Hope to do this again real soon. Cheers! - G=LO

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