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Ugochi is a woman of Igbo heritage and wanted a forum to celebrate the achievements of inspirational African women and women of color. The FIERCE Mothers Podcast showcases the stories of these women, through compelling interviews with inspiring guests.

FIERCE Mothers Ugochi Onyewu

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Ugochi is a woman of Igbo heritage and wanted a forum to celebrate the achievements of inspirational African women and women of color. The FIERCE Mothers Podcast showcases the stories of these women, through compelling interviews with inspiring guests.

    36. Welcome to FIERCE Mothers - Meet Ugochi!

    36. Welcome to FIERCE Mothers - Meet Ugochi!

    Thank you for joining us for the FIERCE Mothers podcast, hosted by Ugochi Onyewu! Your host, Ugochi, is a woman of Igbo heritage living in the Washington DC area. Throughout her professional career, Ugochi has built a stellar resume working diligently in the high ranks of Big tech and consulting. Ugochi is also a wife and mother of three children, Ezra, 20, Azure 20, Noah 15.
    From these unique perspectives, Ugochi wants to share her experiences as a Black mother striving for excellence in spaces that weren't always designed for her. Using this platform and others, Ugochi seeks to empower and inspire women of color and mothers of color to realize their own paths of success and excellence. 
    You’re invited to join Ugochi on her journey of self-discovery and intentionality. Learn about your host, Ugochi Onyewu, in this episode, then follow and subscribe to the FIERCE Mothers podcast to be a part of the conversation.
    Follow Ugochi online at fiercemothers.com, and join her FIERCE Wednesdays newsletter. Every Wednesday morning, you'll get one actionable tip on following your purpose without guilt or burnout, in less than four minutes.
    Connect with Ugochi on LinkedIn here, and on Instagram at @thefiercemothers.

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    Welcome to FIERCE Mothers!

    Welcome to FIERCE Mothers!

    Ugochi is a woman of Igbo heritage and wanted a forum to celebrate the achievements of inspirational African women and women of color. The FIERCE Mothers Podcast showcases the stories of these women, through compelling interviews with inspiring guests.

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    35. The Raising of a Feminist

    35. The Raising of a Feminist

    Adaku Uche Ekpo is a consultant to non-profit organizations in the following areas:

    - youth program development
    - business development/fundraising
    - board development
    - nonprofit management

    She has over ten years of experience as a staff and board member of a variety of non-profit organizations. She headed business development for the American Bar Association’s Rule of Law Initiative. Adaku was also the deputy director of advancement at the Atlantic Council. The Atlantic Council is a leading foreign policy think tank. For over seven years, Adaku managed Junior Achievement’s funding and strategic relationships with bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors.
    She holds a Master's degree in non-profit/government administration from the University of Pennsylvania. She also holds a J.D. from Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law


    We discuss Adaku’s childhood, with a father who raised her to be a feminist. He raised her to never put up with anything that she did not have to.


    We talk about Adaku’s journey to her current career and move from the U.S back to Nigeria.


    I love Adaku’s response when I ask for her definition of success.
    Adaku mentions the book "So Long a Letter" by Mariama Bâ.

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    34. Successful People Look Just Like Us

    34. Successful People Look Just Like Us

    Today’s phenomenal fierce Igbo woman is none other than Dr. Ifenlota Ojiako.


    Dr. Ifenlota Ojiako, MD is a hospice & palliative medicine specialist. She is also the founder of Zebralter Medical.


    Zebralter Medical is an organization dedicated to equipping lifelong learners. The organization provides success and study tips. Zebralter Medical is passionate about black children, seeing themselves in all careers.

    The organization exists to overcome the inequalities and barriers to a career in Medicine or Dentistry for black youth.


    Besides this, Ifenlota is the mother of six children.


    We discuss Ifenlota’s journey to the United States as a first-generation immigrant. We talk about how she decided to start Zebralter Medical.


    Ifenlota gives us helpful tips on balancing a busy life by finding a system that works.
    You can follow Zebralter Medical using the following channels:
    - Website: www.zebraltermedical.com/
    - Email: info@zebraltermedical.com
    - YouTube: Click here

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    33. The Knife and The Yam

    33. The Knife and The Yam

    My guest today is the fabulous Ndidiamaka Okoli.
    Ndidiamaka Okoli, president, owner, and founder of olive tree compounding pharmacy.
    Ndidiamaka grew up in the California bay area in a traditional and loving family, who instilled in her a love for her culture.
    Dr. Ndidiamaka (Didi) Okpareke began her professional career after graduating with honors from the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy, class of 2008.
    She embarked on her dream to become an entrepreneur in January 2016, and her vision is to ameliorate the provision of customized pharmaceutical care, one client at a time.
    Olive Tree Compounding Pharmacy helps patients optimize their quality of life by maximizing therapeutic success with creative and individualized compound medications
    Ndidiamaka’s journey is one of a tenacious, relentless God-fearing woman, who is goal-oriented and purpose-driven.
    We uncovered so many valuable nuggets in this discussion and you are in for such a treat.
    Three particular quotes stand out to me:
    1. Steve Harvey who says that we all come with a parachute but if we do not take a leap, how will we know if the parachute will catch us.
    2. Martin Luther King Jr. who said that No work that you do is insignificant.
    3. Ndidamaka who says that whatever we do, should be done well. Through Servant Leadership we can make an impact in our communities and the world.
    We discuss the powerful illustration her Godmother gave her of the Knife and the yam.
    You can contact Ndidiamaka and purchase her products via several channels:
    - Website: www.olivetreecompounding.com
    - Email: info@olivetreecompounding.com
    - Phone: (505) 738-3328
    - Instagram: @olivetree.skin
    - Facebook: @olivetreecompounding

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    32. Umu Igbo Unite

    32. Umu Igbo Unite

    In today’s episode, I speak to Ijeoma Okoli, one of the founders of Umu Igbo Unite, UIU. This was such a warm interview and I found Ijeoma to be a woman after my own heart. She has such a desire to make a positive impact and this shone through during our chat.
    Umu Igbo Unite (UIU), was founded in 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia. The organization was founded to address the lack of a structured network that catered to the specific cultural, professional, and social needs of first-generation Igbo Americans and the greater Diaspora. Since its inception, UIU has grown to over 5,000 members nationwide with 13 active chapters: Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, DMV, Boston, Tristate (NY, NJ, CT), Detroit, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Twin Cities, Bay Area, Austin, and Miami.
    UIU now operates five arms:
    The Convention The Missions Arm which provides scholarships to immigrants UIU Tourism, which organizes and leads guided tours to Eastern Nigeria UIU Connect – The Professional Arm for Business Networking and Career Opportunities UIU Igbo 101 – The language program Ijeoma tells us more about the organization and the impact that it is having in Nigeria and abroad.
    In addition, we discuss the books she has written, including the children’s book she co-wrote called Ije The world traveler. She also hosts the Youtube channel of the same name.
    One thing Ijeoma said during our chat really stuck with me – She said: “Start with somebody, somehow and we can start to make a difference.”
    To learn more visit the website www.umuigbounite.com
    This year's convention will take place August 6 - August 9, 2020.
    Follow UIU on Instagram with the handle @umuigbounite

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
30 Ratings

30 Ratings

Uche On ,

Absolutely Entertaining!

Wow Lota this interview is fantastic! You showed great poise and candor. This is my first time listening to this podcast. I will definitely subscribe. Keep up the good work. So proud of you and Zebralter, doing your bit to better the lives of Black children. 💪🏾

Obiora Nwazota ,

Dr. Ifenlota Ojiako

Wow Wow Wow!!!! Congratulations Ada anyi. This is a Thoroughly engaging interview and a Very enlightening one I must say. I love your candor and passion. It was an All around entertaining show.

NKobasi ,

Warm, open, and honest

I absolutely loved the interaction between these two ladies. One gets the feeling that they are both just totally being themselves. This is a gift in this time of so much artificiality. Thank you. Dr. Lota both through this interview and her work with @zebraltarmedical provides a much needed service for all of us including our Diaspora family. Great interview. Congrats!

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