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Fine Beats & Cheeses with Leslie & Lynne celebrates cheesy pop culture.

Fine Beats & Cheeses Leslie Gray Streeter & Lynne Streeter Childress

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Fine Beats & Cheeses with Leslie & Lynne celebrates cheesy pop culture.

    The Resident with Leslie and Lynne PLUS a Bonus Twin Argument

    The Resident with Leslie and Lynne PLUS a Bonus Twin Argument

    This week, our guests are US! Leslie and Lynne talk Fox's hit doctor show, "The Resident". It's really fun! And Lynne clears her throat a lot because we recorded this at like 7 AM a few days ago! And at one point, Lynne and Leslie have an argument that our producer said we should keep in because it showed good conflict resolution. You're welcome!!

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Reality TV and Race with Meredith Davis

    Reality TV and Race with Meredith Davis

    This was a funny and informative discussion with Meredith Davis, Ph. D., about the intersection of race and reality TV. We talk Flava Flav and Bachelorettes and The Real World and such!
    Meredith Davis is a solution focused leader that possesses three decades of experience in non-profit, higher education administration and teaching. Davis' focus areas are equity, access, diversity, inclusion, crisis management, leadership development, training and strategic planning. Her educational and pastime expertise is Blackness and the intersections of historical and popular culture. With a degree in sociology, she is obsessed with culture. Her favorite saying is, "If you are willing to do it, I am willing to watch."

    • 53 min
    The Voice with James Toler and Stephanie D'Accurzio from The Pitchy Podcast

    The Voice with James Toler and Stephanie D'Accurzio from The Pitchy Podcast

    We are pumped to welcome James and Stephanie hosts of the VERY popular Pitchy Podcast, to talk about NBC's The Voice (which their awesome podcast discusses weekly). There is probably more giggling on this episode than any other FB&C episode so far. AND WE LOVED IT.
    You can find them at:
    Instagram: @thepitchypodcast/
    TikTok: @thepitchypodcast
    YouTube: @thepitchypodcast
    And wherever you listen to podcasts!!

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Clueless with Qondi Ntini

    Clueless with Qondi Ntini

    We are BEYOND excited to have Qondi, founder of Thirst for Democracy, as our guest to talk about the 1995 classic, "Clueless'. It's a fun, smart conversation and we are thrilled to have her!
    Qondi is the founder of Thirst for Democracy, a multi-platform political project, which harnesses the power of the Thirst and her democracy baes to encourage joyful civic engagement. She is also the creator of the romcom Twitternovela “The Affair” starring Stick Qondi, Senator My Boo and the Brother Husbands.
    You can find her on Twitter @QondiNtini

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Eat, Pray, Love (and the joy of traveling on your own) with Larisa Harrington

    Eat, Pray, Love (and the joy of traveling on your own) with Larisa Harrington

    This is an uplifting conversation with Coach and Speaker Larisa Harrington about the 2010 movie "Eat, Pray, Love" starring Julia Roberts. There was a lot of head-nodding and mmm-hmming as we talked about self-care, and not feeling guilty about it.
    Larisa Harrington, PCC, C-IAYT, is a Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Speaker specializing in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, somatic trauma healing, conscious leadership and burnout recovery & prevention. She is a Professional Certified Coach, Certified Yoga Therapist & 20-year Air Force retiree with over 2 decades of experience working in wellness & leadership.
    Larisa began her military career in the intelligence field and then transitioned to an employee assistance role teaching leadership, well-being and resiliency to both military and civilians supporting the NSA until retiring in 2017. She started Strong By Nature, LLC while serving in the military and has committed her life to continuing to be of service to others. 
    She helps successful, purpose-driven professionals continue doing meaningful work in the world without sacrificing their health. She teaches clients how to create more freedom, ease, joy and impact. 
    Larisa is the owner/founder of Strong By Nature Wellness, a holistic well-being company offering coaching, healing, yoga & strategy to support purpose-driven professionals in making a bigger impact in the world without burning out. 
    She is also the owner/founder of Better Execs, an executive coaching and consulting company offering support to purpose-driven organizations committed to the well-being & success of their people & their organization.
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/larisa.harrington
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/strongbynaturewellness/
    LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/larisa-harrington-45687a160/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/LarisaDelana

    • 1 hr 11 min
    The Revival of the "Goth Girl" with Rissa Miller

    The Revival of the "Goth Girl" with Rissa Miller

    This is a REALLY fantastic and really well-researched episode with our guest, Rissa Miller, who is an author, editor, herbalist and storyteller. Rissa brought us an engaging discussion about the archetype of the "goth girl", and it goes beyond the stereotype of the moody girl with black eyeliner. We talk about identity and belonging, and I really hope you enjoy it!!
    Rissa Miller is an editor, author, herbalist, seer, and storyteller. Her storytelling expertise stems from extensive research into the area of esoteric history, including ghosts, divination, cryptids, and folklore. Rissa believes the most enduring stories teach us not only about humanity's past, but also give reason to reflect on our own present beliefs and realities.

    • 50 min

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5.0 out of 5
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1 Rating

Threnodyds ,

Fine Beat

Leslie and Lynne are funny, not cheesy at all. They are very knowledgeable about the entertainment industry past and present. Their guests are equally knowledgeable. You feel like you are sitting down drinking wine and cheese with a few of your friends for an hour or so. If you never watched the show they are talking about, you feel like you have by the end of the podcast. Yes, they give spoilers, but their love of the shows, makes you want to go check them out yourself. Tune in and check out this podcast and I guarantee you will make it your favorite!

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