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    Daily News Brief for Friday, July 1st, 2022 [Daily News Brief]

    Daily News Brief for Friday, July 1st, 2022 [Daily News Brief]

    Happy Friday ladies and gentleman, and happy July 1st to you and yours’! I hope and pray y’all have an excellent weekend and Monday, celebrating our nations’ independence. Celebrate hard folks because our current administration hates that we have freedom… Before I get into the news:


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    White House Encourages Girls ‘15 Or Younger’ To Abort Without Their Parents’ Consent


    The White House just promoted a website that guides girls under 15 to getting an abortion without their parents’ knowledge or consent.


    On June 25, the day after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the White House advertised an online Health and Human Services flier containing a link to AbortionFinder.org, a network that connects women wanting abortions to local facilities that will perform them and provides information on the legality of abortion in their state.


    The website has a search engine to find abortionists based on the seeker’s location and age, including for minors “15 or younger.”


    AbortionFinder.org also includes a link to the If/When/How Judicial Bypass (JB) Helpline, which is designed to help minors bypass their parents or guardians to obtain an abortion. This Judicial Bypass system cuts 14-16-year-olds off from their support systems, isolating them and allowing them to kill their children in utero and put their bodies through the trauma of abortion with no familial protection.


    There’s a picture in the article, and you can find the article in our show notes by the way…


    Despite studies showing that women who go through abortions suffer increased mental health issues than women who decide to give birth to their children, Biden and his administration are capitalizing on the outrage sparked by the overturning of Roe to target American youth.


    After the Dobbs decision, the Department of Health and Human Services immediately published a website, “ReproductiveRights.gov,” for the express purpose of providing “accurate and up-to-date information about access to and coverage of reproductive health care and resources.”


    This page — which is itself a misnomer since abortion is neither health care nor a right — though branding itself as full-range coverage of the choices available to women, made no reference at all to a woman’s choice to keep her baby and instead pandered almost entirely to abortion-related services. The website also linked to AbortionFinder.org, once again promoting the bypass of parental consent for minors to obtain abortions.




    Supreme Court rules against EPA's authority to limit emissions by remaking energy sector


    The Supreme Court on Thursday issued a ruling in the case of West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency. The 6-3 ruling sides with West Virginia, which sought to limit the Clean Air Act.


    At issue were the EPA's plans to use regulation to "reduce carbon pollution mostly by moving production to cleaner sources." Once the EPA determined this course of action, they began to limit allowable emissions from fossil fuel production. They enacted goals that they viewed as a "'reasonable' amou

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    Galatians 5:16-26 [Up and Ready]

    Galatians 5:16-26 [Up and Ready]

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    Al Sharpton/Joe Scarborough Abortion not in the Bible? Special Forces Vet. - Uvalde Shooting Assessment [CrossPolitic Show]

    Al Sharpton/Joe Scarborough Abortion not in the Bible? Special Forces Vet. - Uvalde Shooting Assessment [CrossPolitic Show]

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    Why People Abandon the Faith [Leadership Now Podcast]

    Why People Abandon the Faith [Leadership Now Podcast]

    In this episode, Dr. Aaron Rock talks about Christians who leave the faith-why we see this in the church, what are some of the telltale signs of someone who may fall away, and how we can stop this from happening to ourselves as Christians.


    You can now hear Leadership Now on CJXC Radio at 11 AM Tuesdays and rebroadcast at 11 PM Thursdays. https://cjxc.ca/ 
    We are excited to partner with the Fight Laugh Feast Network to reach more listeners. Download the app here: https://subsplash.com/fightlaughfeastnetwork/app
    Pursuit of Glory blog: https://pursuitofglory.org/

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    Daily News Brief for Thursday, June 30th, 2022 [Daily News Brief]

    Daily News Brief for Thursday, June 30th, 2022 [Daily News Brief]

    Lies, Propaganda, Story Telling, and the Serrated Edge:

    This year our national conference is in Knoxville, TN October 6th-8th. The theme of this year’s conference is Lies, Propaganda, Storytelling and the Serrated Edge. Satan is the father of lies, and the mother of those lies is a government who has rejected God. We have especially been lied to these last two years, and the COVIDpanic has been one of the central mechanisms that our government has used to lie to us and to grab more power. Because Christians have not been reading their bibles, we are susceptible to lies and weak in our ability to fight these lies. God has given us His word to fight Satan and his lies, and we need to recover all of God’s word, its serrated edge and all. Mark your calendars for October 6th-8th, as we fight, laugh and feast with fellowship, beer and Psalms, our amazing lineup of speakers, hanging with our awesome vendors, meeting new friends, and more. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR EARLY BIRD PRICING! Sign up now at flfnetwork.com/knoxville2022





    Japan has a birthing problem



    Roe making women tie tubes



    R. Kelly will be dropping his new song in jail



    Man beats pregnant woman. 



    KJB gets sworn in today.


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    TCND: BONUS, Starving Comics New Revelation and Channels Game [The Comedian Next Door]

    TCND: BONUS, Starving Comics New Revelation and Channels Game [The Comedian Next Door]

    Every Sunday at 7:00pm Eastern, four Christian entertainers host the best LIVE YouTube event of the whole week! It's called the Starving Comics Quarantine Show. 

    If you haven't been tuning in for the live broadcasts, here's a little sample of what you've been missing...

    On this episode, Juan DeVevo is out on the road and Jt's keyboard crashed. (This is why we have a sound check!)  Also, we have a special guest in the studio: Kristin Weber! She's an expert on Adulting for Jesus. 

    John surprises Jt with something that will change the course of the entire show. And, later, we play a new game called "Channels," which makes a lot more sense when you can SEE the television.

    If you're ready to watch this show live, subscribe to the John Branyan YouTube channel and tune in every Sunday evening! Also, consider supporting content like this by visiting johnbranyan.com and joining the Comedy Clique. 

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4.7 out of 5
869 Ratings

869 Ratings

Doctorcraft773 ,

Absolutely fantastic podcast and platform!

If you’re not listening to the Crosspolitic platform, you’re missing out on some INCREDIBLE content. This podcast will help you grow spiritually while constantly learning how to apply all of scripture to all of life. 🙌

Thewop33 ,

Press On

Make this podcast part of your daily routine. The pursuit of God is one of motion, pressing on toward the goal that is Christ Jesus. This podcast will push you and never allow you to be stagnant in your faith.

Chead36 ,

Bold Christianity

The hosts of this podcast are not neo-evangelicals. Praise Christ they aren’t! They don’t care about leftist feelings, nor do they cater to right wing agendas. They are straight to the point. Calling out communist lies and the hypocrisy of right wingers while bringing it all back to Christ.

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