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This podcast navigates the complexities of contemporary issues with a Christian perspective, as we strive to illuminate the path to truth. From deep theological discussions to practical applications, our aim is to challenge and inspire you to live a life of purpose by shifting perspectives for a better tomorrow. Let's dare to reimagine life! Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/macc-fenner/support

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This podcast navigates the complexities of contemporary issues with a Christian perspective, as we strive to illuminate the path to truth. From deep theological discussions to practical applications, our aim is to challenge and inspire you to live a life of purpose by shifting perspectives for a better tomorrow. Let's dare to reimagine life! Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/macc-fenner/support

    The Refining Fire

    The Refining Fire

    Life's trials and tribulations are not mere obstacles to be overcome, but a sacred fire that refines and transforms us.

    As we walk through the crucible of adversity, we emerge stronger, wiser, and more compassionate, our spirits tempered like steel in the flames. Through the alchemy of struggle, we discover our true strength, our greatest potential, and even our destiny.

    Today, we embark on a journey to explore the transformative power of adversity, and how it can shape us into beacons of hope, empathy, and resilience, illuminating a path to spiritual growth and a life of purpose and meaning.

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    We encourage you to send us your prayer requests, and if you'd like, Macc will pray for you in a PRAYING FOR YOU video! Also, please send us your stories of how God is answering prayers out there! We'd love to bring glory to Him by sharing your story in our next episode!

    Email prayer requests and answered prayers to Macc@FrontalLobePodcast.com.

    Enjoy the show! :-)


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    Limits Of Science

    Limits Of Science

    If you Google "how has science helped humanity", you'll get a huge list of examples. Think about how convenient our lives are, how easy it is to hop in the car and talk hands-free to someone, while you're driving over, getting your email notifications along the way.

    Buy your movie tickets online and scan the QR code at the door for a smooth transition to the snack line. Or just pull up your favorite movie app on your phone and cast it to your TV, so your whole family can enjoy it, assuming it's not already streaming on your go-to streaming app.

    GPS, the internet, digital banking, the moon landing, our understanding of the universe itself, and much, much more... The examples are truly endless!

    But when it comes to faith & walking with Christ, does science help..., or can it actually hinder...? See, I don't think science can answer the most existential questions in life, like "why do I exist?" "What is my purpose?" "What is my value?"

    Some allow science to be somewhat of a religion to them. And that's dangerous! I mean..., if there isn't enough quantifiable scientific data to specify the parameters around moral values, then do I really need them?

    If the hypotheses that my wife loves me as much as I love her isn't backed up by the scientific data, then maybe she doesn't. And the most dangerous frame of mind...

    If the theory that there is an omnipotent God, who loves me unconditionally, isn't able to be quantified and measured by the instruments of man, then perhaps there is no God, and perhaps I'm not loved.

    Perhaps I should allow my feelings to guide me, allow how I feel in the moment to define my identity, and assume my inherent value, based on the data at hand...

    Despite the many advantages it has provided mankind, science has some obvious limitations. In this episode, we discuss THE DATA which proves it! Let's get into it!

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    E-mail your prayer requests and answered prayers to Macc@FrontalLobePodcast.com. Can't wait to hear from you! We'll talk again soon...


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    How Does Faith Grow?

    How Does Faith Grow?

    In this episode of Frontal Lobe Podcast, we delve into the question of how faith grows and what we can do to nurture and strengthen our faith muscles. Just as physical muscles need exercise to grow stronger, our faith requires intentional actions to deepen and grow.

    By obeying God's commands, spending time in prayer, and allowing God to use us to help others, we can actively exercise our faith and watch it flourish.

    Join us as we explore practical ways to strengthen our faith and experience the transformative power of God in our lives. Tune in to discover how you can actively participate in the growth of your faith and experience a deeper relationship with God.


    Take a look below. If you'd like to stay up-to-date with information like this (and more), please go to our Frontal Lobe Website and subscribe, or simply e-mail Macc@FrontalLobePodcast.com!




    1. Audio to Video:

    "How Does Faith Grow?" is our first video podcast episode, and we are very excited! Please bear with us as we learn the ropes and get our video podcasting feet under us! :-)

    2. Duration:

    Our episodes will be much shorter, moving from an hour or so to 30 minutes or less (hopefully). Our hope is to give you an opportunity to listen/watch the entire episode in one sitting, without as much disruption to your daily life activities.

    3. Frequency:

    Instead of 1 episode per month, our new goal is to release an episode every week! Personally, I work 60 to (sometimes even) 90 hours per week at my regular job, so this is going to prove to be extremely challenging. But rest assured that I am committed and determined to do my absolute best to accomplish this mission!

    Additional / Auxiliary Content

    1. Macc & Me:

    The Frontal Lobe Podcast YouTube channel now has a playlist called Macc & Me. There, you'll find some extra content, videos which aren't considered podcast episodes, like things that the Lord puts on my heart, along with the "Praying For You" videos.

    2. Praying For You:

    "Praying For You" is a new initiative I've started to do my small part in changing the world, and I'm hoping you'll join me! These are 1-minute videos, where I pray for people who have sent me prayer requests.
    These are called SHORTS on YouTube and REELS on Instagram. I also post a link on Facebook each time. Please feel free to go interact and engage with any or all of these sites!
    God wants to have a relationship with us. The best way to invite Him in and develop that relationship is with prayer. Would you agree that we all need prayer? If so, then doesn't it stand to reason that we all need to be praying for each other? If we aren't praying for each other, then who's going to pray for us?
    If you need prayer, please don't hesitate to email me at Macc@FrontalLobePodcast.com. Tell me your name and the details of the situation you'd like me to pray for. If I pray for you online, you'll have all of my listeners agreeing with me in prayer for your situation. Many prefer I keep their circumstances private. Please know that I'm praying for you either way!
    To help these videos reach others for agreement in prayer, we need engagement! So, please engage! Follow. Like. Comment. Share. And most importantly, please agree with me in prayer every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings!

    3. Answered Prayers:

    Starting today, we are going to take the last few minutes of each episode to share stories and testimonies about God's power being manifested in the lives of everyday people like you and me.
    If you want your story to be shared with the world (13 countries so far), please send your testimonies of answered prayers to Macc@FrontalLobePodcast.com.

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    Answered Prayers

    Answered Prayers

    Imagine a world filled with countless possibilities, where hope intertwines with faith. In this world of uncertainty, there exists a beacon of light, guiding us through the darkest of times.

    Prepare to be captivated today by true stories of ordinary people whose lives have been forever transformed by the touch of God's grace.

    Every Christian has experienced answered prayers.  From unlikely coincidences to inexplicable blessings, answered prayers uncover a tapestry of interconnected events and reveal a divine hand guiding us towards a greater purpose.

    It is through these unveiled moments, these answered prayers, that we catch a glimpse of the magnificence and undeniable reality of the divine.  Answered prayers are PROOF that God is real!



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    Disciplined Disciples

    Disciplined Disciples

    What is it about a new year that inspires us to betterment?  What is it about January 1st that motivates us to attempt a newfound commitment to a better life?

    Whether it’s a healthier lifestyle, being a better steward of our money, quitting bad habits or beginning good ones, there’s something about a new year that seems to offer hope for another chance to do it right, a blank canvas, a clean slate. 

    Many of us feel called to new beginnings at the threshold of each new year.  And as we embark on this journey, we are inevitably faced with challenges which all too often have the power to derail the scope of our new plans and send us hurdling back into the rutted path from which we came.

    If we hope to stay on the new trajectory of a better future, it will take more than a moment of inspiration, more than a passing comment about commitment.  It will take diligent self-discipline. 

    And..., can being a disciplined disciple be light-hearted and fun? Stick around and find out! Enjoy the show!


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    A New Beginning

    A New Beginning

    I love this season!  What an amazing time to be alive and in the Kingdom of God!  Do you guys have old friends, who you haven’t seen in a while, but when you do see them years later, you just pick up right where you left off?  Well, although it’s happened more than once with me, it’s still very rare.  It’s happened again here recently.  I ran into an old buddy named Jason Courts.

    He is a Godly man, who is madly in love with Jesus Christ.  He’s got a magnetic personality.  You know…, the type of guy that just brightens up the room with his dynamic charisma…  He’s always making me laugh with his great sense of humor, and he consistently offers an intriguing perspective on life’s issues, making me think.  And no matter how deep our conversations go, he’s always right there with me every step of the way.

    When we reconnected, I thought to myself…, when you have an opportunity to re-spark a connection with someone as engaging as Jason Courts, you don’t pass it up.  Instead, you relish and nurture that relationship. Then, it hit me…  Since our conversations are always so vigorous and constructive, why not record them and share them with my audience?

    Consider this --> A New Beginning!

    As always, feel free to listed to our latest episode at https://frontallobepodcast.com!


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4 Ratings

Christa Joy! ,

Power packed episodes

Each episode is power packed with truth and encouragement. An extra bonus is Macc's voice is the perfect deep radio voice to listen to!

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