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Hosted by Tony Rettman, Green Room Radio is a weekly podcast featuring in-depth interviews and music selections from legends of Hardcore Punk.

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Hosted by Tony Rettman, Green Room Radio is a weekly podcast featuring in-depth interviews and music selections from legends of Hardcore Punk.

    GRR! Episode 10: Tour Stories

    GRR! Episode 10: Tour Stories

    Throughout our run of Green Room Radio, we've talked with some of Hardcore's greats about their music, and what life is like on the road touring. Much like the Ain't Rights in the movie Green Room, driving from show to show playing gigs is not without its bumps. From Mike Judge facing a nazi riot in Florida to Keith Morris's encounter with the Wall of Death of in New Jersey, we've heard gnarly stories of gigs gone bad. For our 10th and final episode of Green Room Radio, we'll revisit these some of these moments as well as play the songs that these musicians helped create.


    TED LEO AND THE PHARMACISTS - “Bottled in Cork”
    CIRCLE JERKS - “Product of My Environment”
    MURPHY’S LAW - “What Will The Neighbors Think?”
    WORLD BE FREE - “Breakout or Busted”
    AGNOSTIC FRONT - “Your Mistake”


    H20 - “Skate!”
    GORILLA BISCUITS - “Hold Your Ground”
    JUDGE - “New York Crew”
    UNDERDOG - “A Lot To Learn”
    TITLE FIGHT - “Secret Society”

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    GRR! Episode 09: Walter Schreifels + Arthur Smilios

    GRR! Episode 09: Walter Schreifels + Arthur Smilios

    Walter Schreifels and Arthur Smilios are most well known for being founding members of the late 80’s NYHC band Gorilla Biscuits, but that is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to their musical histories.

    While in Gorilla Biscuits, Walter was also in Youth of Today and Warzone. As the 90’s crept in, he formed Quicksand with members of other NYHC bands such as Beyond, Burn and Collapse and along with Into Another and Orange 9mm forged a ‘post-core’ scene within the early part of the decade.

    In the 2000’s, Schreifels had the bands Rival Schools and Walking Concert. Working from the same pool of musicians he knew from the NYHC scene, these bands featured members of Youth of Today and Bold. Walter’s current bands include the psychedelic rock band Dead Heavens and Vanishing Life, a band also featuring members of Rise Against and ..And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead.

    Arthur Smilios was a member of the NYHC bands Token Entry and Underdog as well as Gorilla Biscuits. He was a member of CIV in the 90’s, who brought Hardcore to a new audience via videos on MTV and opening for Kiss. In the present day, besides playing in the reformed version of Gorilla Biscuits, Smilios plays in World Be Free, a band featuring members of Judge, Youth of Today, Strife and Terror. Their debut lp “The Anti Circle” was released in the winter of this year on Revelation Records.


    THE ABUSED - “Drug Free Youth”
    BEASTIE BOYS - “Transit Cop”
    URBAN WASTE - “Public Opinion”


    CHANNEL 3 - “Separate Peace”
    RIVAL SCHOOLS - “Good Things”
    WORLD BE FREE - “I’m Done” (With Walter Schreifels on guest vocals)

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

CowHugger ,

Smart, informative

If you have any interest in punk, this is essential. The questions are smart, the interviews are a good complement to Tony’s book on New York hardcore, and the music picks are wisely chosen. Not every guest is captivating, but Tony gets the best out of them. It would be nice if he talked to someone female, though. I listen to a lot of podcasts (punk and otherwise), and this is one of the few I anxiously look forward to.

Mtcnaz ,

Best new podcast

It's great to finally have a good hardcore podcast. It's pure in it's aim and isn't just another podcast with the occasional hardcore themed episode but mostly covering alternative music in general. I'm always eagerly anticipating the next episode and there's only three so far but I'm already hooked!

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