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A one hour, nationally syndicated (Native Voice One) weekly show that shines a spotlight on Indigenous artists from across Turtle Island. Produced and Hosted by Brett Maybee (unenrolled Seneca)

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A one hour, nationally syndicated (Native Voice One) weekly show that shines a spotlight on Indigenous artists from across Turtle Island. Produced and Hosted by Brett Maybee (unenrolled Seneca)

    Miesha and the Spanks

    Miesha and the Spanks

    Miesha Louie (mixed-Secwépemc) is one half of the award winning duo Miesha and the Spanks. Based out of Calgary, they’re equal parts Patsy Cline and Patty Smith. Combining serious topics with high energy and infectious grooves, the Spanks have opened for the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and Death From Above 1979. Their single Dig Me Out addresses the tragedy and crimes of the Residential School system. It went to number 1 on the Indigenous Music Countdown and received heavy airplay on CBC Radio. Miesha joins me to discuss their latest album, Unconditional Love in Hi-Fi, the complicated nature of identity in the neo-colonial state, teases an upcoming project and so much more. Enjoy! 


    Track Listing

    00:00:01 | GAENO MIESHA INTRO 00:00:03 | Clouded Formation | Zoon00:01:08 | Dig Me Out | Miesha and the Spanks00:04:15 | GAENO MIESHA INTERVIEW 1  00:10:12 | Heart Is On Fire | Miesha and the Spanks00:12:46 | Blue | Black Belt Eagle Scout00:15:54 | When They Were | Status/Non-Status00:18:43 | GAENO MIESHA INTERVIEW 2 | 00:27:15 | Bully | Miesha and the Spanks00:30:37 | Residential School House Blues | Burnelvis00:35:02 | ôtênaw | nêhiyawak00:39:13 | Stay Wild Child | Jade Turner00:41:16 | GAENO MIESHA INTERVIEW 3 00:44:59 | I Wanna Be Your Dog | Miesha and the Spanks00:48:41 | 40 Days | Khu.éex’00:54:23 | Creatives Rebuild New York, Onöhsagwë:de' Cultural Center, nativeartistdirectory.com00:54:48 | Rumble | Link Wray & His Ray Men

    • 56 min
    Mike Lazore

    Mike Lazore

    Mike Lazore is a talented Onondaga singer/songwriter, multi instrumentalist. Like many young people, he played in a number of bands but as is too often the case, he had to find work outside of his main passion. He took a 10 year break from music but last summer he felt inspired to get back into the game. He's released a flurry of great music since the beginning of 2023. In fact, since the time of our recording, he's already released two new singles, On My Own and Searching for Something. Tune in to hear an insightful conversation with Mike about the challenges of navigating the music industry in the age of streaming and so much more. Enjoy!
    00:00:02 | Just Another Day | LAZORE | Single 00:03:55 | Mike Lazore Interview 1 00:07:53 | Wanted Man | LAZORE | Wanted Man - Single 00:10:33 | Across Seas (feat. Isel & Jared Corder) | Mozart Gabriel | Eager Within the Fire 00:13:20 | The Things That I Do | Makiyah Lazore | The Things That I Do - Single 00:16:33 | Mike Lazore Interview 2 00:23:23 | Break Slowly | LAZORE | Break Slowly - Single 00:26:44 | Truth and Time | Elemantra | Only Momentary - EP 00:30:14 | Mr. Business Days | Side Montero | In the Loop 00:34:08 | Child of the Government | Jayli Wolf | Wild Whisper - EP 00:37:33 | Mike Lazore Interview 300:40:59 | Searching For Something | LAZORE | Searching For Something - Single 00:43:57 | My Blood Runs Through This Land | Black Belt Eagle Scout | The Land, The Water, The Sky 00:49:00 | Got It Bad | Shawnee Kish | Got It Bad - Single 00:52:20 | Creatives Rebuild New York & The Onöhsagwë:de' Cultural Center00:52:30 | Clouded Formation | Zoon | Bleached Wavves 00:53:31 | Listening? | Sihasin | Fight Like A Woman 

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    Shawn Michael Perry

    Shawn Michael Perry

    After a summer off to attend to the massively successful launch The Mainstream with Brett Maybee, it feels great to kick off a brand new season of Gaënö’! Nya:wëh to everyone for your continued support! 

    It’s with great pleasure that we kick things off with Shawn Michael Perry (Mayan Decent Mestizo and probably African as well*). Shawn’s an accomplished singer/songwriter, actor, educator and consultant. On the screen he’s been featured in Last of the Mohicans, Star Trek the Next Generation, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman just to name a few. Musicially, he’s opened for or has shared the stage with the likes of Redbone, Bill Miller, Keith Secola. Additionally, he and his wife Belinda own and run the Only the Brave music consultant firm and educational services through All That Culture Music of the Americas. 

    Today, Shawn joins me to discuss his latest album Brave, which is up for consideration at the this years GRAMMY’s! 
    *disclaimer- this is part of an ongoing discussion. Shawn’s claims are being investigated.
    Track Listing
    0:00:01 | ROCK STEADY | Shawn Michael Perry | BRAVE0:04:25 | Interview Pt 10:08:34 | RAIN COME DOWN | Shawn Michael Perry | BRAVE 0:13:21 | Beautiful | Segweh | Segweh 0:16:52 | Move Me | Crystal Shawanda | Church House Blues 0:21:35 | Interview Pt 20:26:15 | BRAVE | Shawn Michael Perry | BRAVE 0:29:18 | World on Fire (feat. Karl Perazzo, Andy Vargas & Cindy Blackman Santana) | Micki Free | Turquoise Blue 0:33:44 | Find My Way | Blackbird | Find My Way - Single 0:37:01 | Interview Pt 30:43:23 | Fight | Shawn Michael Perry & Only the Brave | Shawn Michael Perry & Only the Brave Special Edition 0:49:27 | Just Like That | Stevie Salas | Colorcode 0:53:08 | CRNY/Onöhsagwë:de'/NativeArtistDirectory.com0:53:16 | Running With Wolves | Digawolf | High Arctic 

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    Brock Stonefish Turtle Island

    Brock Stonefish Turtle Island


    Brock Stonefish- (Lenape, Oneida, Chippewa) has been North America for the last 20 years as a performing singer/songwriter and Blues/jazz guitarist. He’s opened for BB King and has shared the bill with the likes of Kiss, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Barenaked Ladies. He tours regularly with film legend Gary Farmer. As a result of their close friendship, Farmer has produced Brock’s debut studio album, Turtle Island (https://www.gaenomusic.fm/episodes/gary-farmers-a-troublemaker).  In addition to his work as a musician, he’s a master guitar builder that has started the Indigenous Youth Guitar Giveaway. Brock knows the healing power of music and has dedicated considerable time and resources giving back to youth from Indigenous communities across North America (https://www.brockstonefish.com/indigenous-youth-guitar-giveaway-series). Tune in to hear our chat about all of this and so much more. Enjoy!



    01 Brock Stonefish- Talking Tree
    02 Janel Munoa- Glowing Flowers
    03 Gary Farmer & the Troublemakers- Stripped Me Naked
    04 Brock Stonefish- Residential Redemption
    05 DDAT- Losing My Mind
    06 Pappy Johns Band- Be There When I Need You
    07 Brock Stonefish- Mom’s Jingle Dress
    08 Beatrice Deer- You’re With Me
    09 PJ Vegas- NSOM Outro

    • 57 min
    Kristi Lane Sinclair's Super Blood Wolf Moon

    Kristi Lane Sinclair's Super Blood Wolf Moon

    Kristi Lane Sinclair (Haida/Cree), raised in British Columbia, currently living along the Campbell River in Vancouver is a classically trained rocker. With 5 albums already under her belt, she’s made waves in the Indigenous Music Scene, particularly with her previous release, The Ability to Judge Distance. Born out of pain, her latest offering, Super Blood Wolf Moon, embodies the true spirit of Rock and Roll.. “Anger and love are the main driving forces at the heart of the album” and it “reflects the harrowing experiences women suffer at the hands of domestic abusers.”  Recorded at Jukasa Studios in Ohsweken with Juno nominated singer/songwriter Terra Lightfoot producing, Kristi expertly balances thoughtful lyrics with catchy hooks and beats in a way that’ll keep you captivated from start to finish. Tune in to our hear our chat and enjoy some of the finest new rock tunes from the one and only Kristi Lane Sinclair. Enjoy!



    01 Kristi Lane Sinclair- Dogfish Woman
    02 Kristi Lane Sinclair- Heartbites
    03 Pura Fe Trio- Woman Sacred
    04 Andrina Turenne- See Me Through the Night
    05 Kristi Lane Sinclair- Break (Ft Kelly Fraser)
    06 Raye Zaragoza- Fight Like a Girl
    07 Edzi-u- Warrior Song
    08 Kristi Lane Sinclair- Desire
    09 Dalannah Gail Bowen- Lullaby for the Missing and Murdered Women
    10 Kelly Fraser- Immamiit

    • 58 min
    Rob Ludgate Dead Precedents/Khu.éex The Magic of Noise

    Rob Ludgate Dead Precedents/Khu.éex The Magic of Noise


    Rob Ludgate- (Blackfoot) lives and works on the Lummi Territory in Washington State. He’s a long time member of the Seattle artist collective, Khu.éex. For a full introduction check out our discussion in Jan of 2022 (https://www.gaenomusic.fm/episodes/khu-eex). This time around Rob joins me to discuss his latest solo effort, Captain Raab’s Dead Precedents and Khu.éex’s new documentary, The Magic of Noise, not to mention their 3 or 4 upcoming albums. The great thing about the experimental/jazz/funk nature of of Rob and Khu.éex is the opportunity to change the production style to fit the music. Turn it up and sing along. Enjoy the music and the chat! 


    01 Khu.éex- They Forgot They Survived
        (A- Captain Raab- Scene 1 from Dead Precedents) 
    03 Khu.éex- Before the Raven Call
        (B- Captain Raab- Scene 2 from Dead Precedents)
    05 Khu.éex- The Concept of Time Itself
        (C- Captain Raab- Scene 3 from Dead Precedents)
    07 Khu.éex- Spiritual Warfare 

    • 57 min

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