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A podcast about Board Games and friendship, and a real life board game group! Join us every week for an in-depth look at the board gaming hobby, including board game news, reviews and much, much more.

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A podcast about Board Games and friendship, and a real life board game group! Join us every week for an in-depth look at the board gaming hobby, including board game news, reviews and much, much more.

    Round 16, Turn 7: "1848: Australia" with Ben, Candice, and Paul

    Round 16, Turn 7: "1848: Australia" with Ben, Candice, and Paul

    Ben, Candice, and Paul review "1848: Australia" and then discuss how to demystify the 18xx genre.

    0:00;00 - Introduction: Welcome Ben, Omnigamer Candice and Gamebreaker Paul: Railways of Australia, 1848, 18xx, Avalon, Tank Duel, TI4, Die Macher, Tribune

    0:09:07 - This Week’s Game Night: Eclipse; Eclipse: Second Dawn; (TI) Tzolk’in (Tribes expansion) Pax Pamir 2nd ed, The Climbers, (Santiago) Railways of the World Async on BGA (Eastern America Map) Pictomania, 2nd ed, (Through the Ages, Pictionary) Telestrations after Dark, Top Ten, Destinies, (Sagrada, Clank, Clank: Legacy) 18 Ireland, 1817,

    0:41:41 - Game News: Village Big Box, Stonewall Uprising,(Twilight Struggle)

    0:46:37 - Games on the Brain: Hegemony, Stonewall Uprising, 1979: The Iranian Revolution, Free at Last, 1941: The Race to Moscow,  Black Orchestra, Labyrinth: The War on Terror, Wings for the Baron, Wonderland Tour (Quacks of Quedlinburg Heaven and Ale) 

    1;07:42 - Review of 1848 Australia:  1822 PNW, 1846, 1830, 1889, 1817, 18 Chesapeake

    2:02:22 - Falling in love with 18xx: Agricola, Ticket to Ride, 18 Ireland, 18 Chesapeake,
    18 Los Angeles, 1822, Railways of the World, Brass, 1846, 1817, Age of Steam, 1882, 1840, Vienna, 1829, 1889, 1849, 1862, 1872, 18xx.games

    2;48:22 - Sign Off: Taking a Break

    • 2 hr 49 min
    Round 16, Extra Turn: Game Sommelier Roundup with Paul

    Round 16, Extra Turn: Game Sommelier Roundup with Paul

    Ben and Paul make up for episodes of neglected game sommelier segments with this mega roundup of questions we're overdue to answer.

    0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Ben and Paul 
    0:04;39 - This Week’s Game Night: 1848, Dice Realms, Taverns of Tiefenthal, (Russian Railroads) 18Ireland 

    0:23:11 - Board Game Sommelier
    0:24:10: Games for an Adult Community: Scrabble, Catan, Wavelength, Tichu, Telestrations, Ticket to Ride, 6 Nimmt, A Fake Artist Goes to New York, Just One, Concordia, Mahjong

    0:32:10 - Games for Newish Players who value Player Interaction:  Fresh Fish, Innovation, Concordia, Crisis, Gunkimono, Voluspa, Santorini, Twilight Struggle

    0:44:20 - Games/Designers that Suggest a Player who likes them  is a good or bad fit for the group: Sagrada, Catan, Arkwright, 18xx, Brass, Twilight Imperium, Foundations of Rome, Cards Against Humanity, Werewolf, Mafia, Avalon, Secret Hitler, Code Names, Decrypto, Ticket to Ride, 18Chesapeake, Age of Steam, Otello, Exploding Kittens

    1:03:05 - Economic Games with Player-Driven Economies (for train game and Splotter enthusiasts): Lowlands, Hegemony, Modern Art, Bohnanza, Navagador, Clans of Caledonia, Food Chain Magnate, Brass, Kraftwagen, Art Decko

    1:11:28 - Games that Hold Up: Taverns of Tiefenthal, Carnegie; and that don’t: Art Decko, Bitoku; and maybe both; Russian Railroads; Brick and Mortar

    1:17:30 - Six Player Games:  (like Architects of the West Kingdom and Libertalia, but not Dune) Quartermaster General, Railways of the World, Tribune, Keyflower, Key to the City: London, Medici, Viticulture (Tuscany), Thunder Alley

    1:24:26 - Shag, Marry, Kill: Barrage, 18xx, Avalon

    1:31:09 - Sign Off: @kirbooloni.com

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    Round 16, Turn 6: "Time of Crisis" with Tom, Candice, and Mike

    Round 16, Turn 6: "Time of Crisis" with Tom, Candice, and Mike

    0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Tom, Candice and Mike
    0:09:57 - This Week’s Game Night: Carnegie Deluxe (Gingkopolis, Carson City, Troyes,) Time of Crisis, (Railways of the World) Battle for Rokogon, Dale of Merchants, (El Grande, Babylonia, Wiz War)
    0:30:00-  Game News: BGG Con 2022, (Ark Nova, Messina) Cat in the Box, Undaunted: Stalingrad, Undaunted: Reinforcements, (Undaunted: Normandy, Undaunted: Africa) San Francisco, War of the Ring: The Card Game (Hunt for the Ring, Successors)
    0:49:34 - Time of Crisis Review: Age of Iron and Rust Expansion, Twilight Imperium
    1:35:45 - The Joys of Hand Management: Dominion, Dune Imperium, Terraforming Mars, Ark Nova, Race for the Galaxy, Twilight Struggle, Undaunted Normandy; Everdell, Scout, Bohnanza, Glory to Rome, Hand in the Sea, Arboretum, (Art Decko, Modern Art) Time of Crisis, Mumbasa/Sky Mine, Friedrich, Maria, Terraforming Mars: Prelude, Dual Powers (Labyrinth, Twilight Struggle,) Pax Porfiriana, Twilight Struggle, (Agricola, Gloomhaven) Star Wars: the Card Game, Taj Mahal
    2:21:36 - Sign Off: Kirbooloni.com

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    Round 16, Turn 05: "Root" with Trey, Tom, and jim pinto

    Round 16, Turn 05: "Root" with Trey, Tom, and jim pinto

    Trey is joined by Tom and RPG designer jim pinto to review Root and explore asymmetry in games.
    0:00:00 Message about audio quality0:01:08 Introductionjim pinto at Post World GamesA Good Book for Bad GMsDogs in the Vinyard0:20:50 Game Night Clank: A Deck-Building AdventureThe HungerRicochet RobotsThe Resistance: AvalonShadows over CamelotGlass RoadTime of Crisis: The Roman Empire in Turmoil0:30:00 Game NewsTerra NovaTerraforming Mars: Dice GamePraxis / ProtocolAtiwaBGG on Great Western Trail: ArgentinaTigris and Euphrates in beta on BGACentury Spice Road and Copenhagen on BGA 0:44:19 Games on the BrainHistory of the WorldHegemony: Lead Your Class to VictoryBlood on the ClocktowerNo Rolls Barred plays youtube link0:57:08 Game Review: Root1:27:34 Member Segment: Beyond AsymmetryTwilight StruggleAndroid: NetrunnerHistory of the WorldDuneThe Great ZimbabweHere I StandWatergateStar Wars: RebellionCrescent MoonOathVastTime Agent-  Find Etamar at kirbooloni.com
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    Round 16, Turn 4: Ginkgopolis

    Round 16, Turn 4: Ginkgopolis

    Ben, Dmitry, and Paul discuss the 2012 game "Ginkgopolis" as well as its expansion "Ginkgopolis: The Experts."  Plus, what makes us want to give a game a second chance.

    0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Ben, Philosophical Gamer Dmitry, and Game Breaker Paul.

    0:04:29 - This Week’s Game Nights: Avalon, Lowlands, Ark Nova, Time of Crisis, (Food Chain Magnate) Caesar!, (Blitzkrieg!) K2, Healthy Heart Hospital (Jaws, Top Gun) (Dice Hospital, Clinic) 18 Ireland, 1848, Scout, Mafia, (Bohnanza) Carnegie (Teotihuacan) (Black Angel) Agricola, Lorenzo, (Werewolf) Blood on the Clocktower

    1:11:11 - News: Spiel de Jarre nominations: Cascadia, Scout, Top Ten (Wavelength); Seven Wonders: Architects, Echoes: Thr Dancer, Magic Rabbit, My Goldmine, So Clover, Track 12 Hamilayas, Kennerspiel: Cryptid, Dune Imperium, Living Forest; Ark Nova, Cora: Rise of the Empire; Witchstone; Bureau of Investigation (Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective) Decorum, Wavelength

    1:21:40 - No Games on the Brain

    1:22:23 - Review of Gingkopolis: Troyes, Black Angel, Carnegie, Expancity, Underwater Cities, Arboretum, Eclipse

    2:08:17 - What Makes Us Give a Game a Second Chance: (Barrage) Age of Steam, Avalon, Beyond the Sun, Lowlands, Tzolkin, Ankh, Merv, Embarcadero, Coimbra, Great Western Trail, Faiyum, Mind Mgmnt, Dinosaur Island, Terraforming Mars, Fields of Arle, Heaven and Ale, Gaia Project, Terra Mystica

    2:37:33: Sign off

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    Round 16, Turn 3: Perseverance

    Round 16, Turn 3: Perseverance

    0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Game Enthusiast Matt #1, Game BreakerPaul and Game Designer Trey.
    0:03:45 - This Week’s Game Night: Perseverance, Crescent Moon (Root, Oath, Pax games) Agricola
    0:13:03 - This Week’s Game News: Azul, Master Chocolatier; Origins reinstates mask requirements; Awaken Realms Castles of Burgundy (Castles of Mad King Ludwig); Evergreen (Photosynthesis)
    0:28:50 - Games on the Brain: Reacting to the Past (Argent); Burn Cycle (Cloud Spire, Too Many Bones)
    0:37:21 - Review of Perseverance Chronicles Episodes One and Two: Trickerion, Cerebrea, Anachrony, Brass, Brass Lancashire, Age of Steam, Coimbra, Twilight Struggle, Troyes, El Grande, CO2, Archipelago, The Great Wall, Le Havre
    1:18:57 - Complexity
    1:39:42 - Board Game Sommelier: Panamax, 
    1:49:17 - Sign Off; kirbooloni.com, gamebrainpod.com

    • 1 hr 50 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
149 Ratings

149 Ratings

AT Phil ,

Great Pod, the Discord though…

Love listening to the podcast, always feel energized to play the games they talk about. However, when I try to engage with the discord, I feel like I don’t belong. Wish the community was more friendly.

Alternative Milks ,

The Game is the thing

Out of desperate boredom and panic I purchased a board game called Carcassone in April of 2020. Within months I was on the prowl for more games, dreaming of a future when I could be in a room with people, moving cardboard, plastic and wood around and engaging in mental and social exercise. I searched for content all over, often cringing at the lack of thought and care in the presentation of content creators in the board game world. Then I found Game Brain. The first thing I noticed was the elegant theme song. A board game pod cast that doesn’t start with a horribly corny rock song, a big band tv intro style theme or some 90s third wave ska nonsense? My ears perked up. I was taken into the world of gamers who focus on what is to be learned and experienced from gaming, from the philosophical to the social, the creative to the political. This was my first game group before I could actually game with others. I love these long episodes that let me listen over the course of a few evening walks. I love the scope of this podcast, and how many things we can learn and discuss through these gaming interactions. Check it out!

DrBubonic ,

Love the Format - and the Games are Fun too!

Enjoying a board game is not just determined by the quality of the games themselves, but the players you play with. By rotating the hosts, the show adds a Rashomon-like quality to game reviews, player perspectives and the stories told about what happened behind the scenes (even if they are filthy self-serving lies.) Highly Recommended!

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