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This show is dedicated to discussing the hot topics in our society and challenges men grow up and go threw in life whether it be finances, relationships, and leading your homes with God at the forefront.

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This show is dedicated to discussing the hot topics in our society and challenges men grow up and go threw in life whether it be finances, relationships, and leading your homes with God at the forefront.

    Rebuilding broken bonds between mothers daughter-Jeri Jamia explain

    Rebuilding broken bonds between mothers daughter-Jeri Jamia explain

    This Dynamic Duo Jeri 7 Jamia Coach mothers into having better and stronger bonds and Win in Life! Lets Tune In...
    Today, in this video, we will understand the process of healing mother and daughter relationship issues. We will be briefed by Jeri and Jamia who coach the mother and daughter relationship to be successful.
    In every society, because of misunderstandings, we lose most of the relationships. Just misunderstanding creates a lot of issues in the mother and daughter relationship. And we need someone to coach us to heal mother and daughter relationship issues. We need someone who can guide us about healing mother and daughter relationship issues.
    Jeri Godhigh and Jamia Ponder, launched Jeri & Jamia's “Unfiltered,” a powerful and necessary movement, created to help Mothers & Daughters heal mother and daughter relationship issues and break generational curses and coach the mother and daughter relationship to be successful.
    Within the “Unfiltered” brand, these ladies have hit several key areas, to ensure they have the ability and means to reach the masses as they continue to make strides in helping mothers and daughters heal completely.
    As mother (Jeri) and daughter (Jamia), are both certified life coaches and co-authoring a book compilation set to release in  May 2021 on living deeper.

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    Ex-Dancer dedicates her life to God Life after Sin

    Ex-Dancer dedicates her life to God Life after Sin

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    Kimberly Moses wears many hats to fulfill the call God has placed on her life as an entrepreneur over several businesses including her own personal brand Rejoice Essentials which promotes the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She also serves as a life coach and mentor to many women.
    She is also the loving mother of two wonderful children. She is married to Tron. Kimberly has dedicated her life to the work of ministry and to serve others under the call God has placed over her life.
    Kimberly currently resides in South Carolina. Kimberly is the author of 47 books including her latest book “Tabuletta."
    Her weekly Facebook broadcast is a lifeline of hope encouragement, empowerment and inspiration to people around the world. Kimberly has also been featured on Eternal Life T.V. and has a weekly podcast entitled “Warfare Strategies,” on Charisma Media. Also, she was featured on CBN's Prayer Link.
    She has hosted a radio broadcast on Glory 98.5 FM encouraging others to believe God for their miracle.
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    Everything you need to know about 1031 Exchanges-Dave Foster Explains

    Everything you need to know about 1031 Exchanges-Dave Foster Explains

    Dave Foster is an Experienced 1031 experienced broker and shares his insight into decades of how 1031 can take your real estate business to the next level.
    Today, in this video we will discuss commercial real estate 1031 exchange rules. Dave Foster will explain the process of the 1031 exchange. You can tell your opinion about the rules of the 1031 exchange explained. What is 1031 Exchange? If you own commercial real estate property and are thinking about selling it and buying another property, you should know about the 1031 tax-deferred exchange. This is a procedure that allows the owner of commercial real estate property to sell it and buy like-kind property while deferring capital gains tax.
    A 1031 exchange gets its name from Section 1031 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, which allows you to avoid paying capital gains taxes on commercial real estate when you sell an investment property and reinvest the proceeds from the sale within certain time limits in a property or properties of like kind and equal or greater value. Who is Dave Foster? Dave Foster, Founder, and CEO of The 1031 Investor.
    Dave is a degreed accountant and serial real estate investor who is a qualified intermediary and consultant for tax saving strategies such as the 1031 exchange and the section 121 homestead exemption. Dave started to fix and flipping in the 90s and realized that about 40% of his profits were going directly to the IRS.
    Dave tells us about the updated rules and regulations around using the1031 exchange to legally compound your tax interest that will stay with you instead of going straight to the government. Dave breaks down exactly how to use the 1031 exchange in layman’s terms. He explains to us how he moved his way from Denver, CO to Tampa, FL over 10 years using the section 121 homestead exemption, so that he and his family could move onto a boat (which was a huge dream of his).
    Tune in to listen to how Dave raised 4 boys on his boat while investing in properties with the 1031 exchange.

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    How to Patent your Own Invention-Rob Kessler Explains

    How to Patent your Own Invention-Rob Kessler Explains

    Rob Kessler teaches on the ups and downs to consider when deciding on getting your patent for your small business idea. Tune in as you won't want to miss a second of this show.
    Captain Rob Kessler is a 50TON Master Captain, as well as the inventor and co-founder of Million Dollar Collar and goTIELESS, a relatively simple solution to fix what his company dubs "Placketitis" The sinking, wrinkling, and folding of the placket of a casually worn dress shirt. goTIELESS is the first shirt designed to be worn TIELESS, featuring Million Dollar Collar.
    Prior to Million Dollar Collar/goTIELESS, Rob built a screen printing and embroidery business from a spare bedroom in his house to over $1,000,000 in revenue before selling the company. Although the company was never intended to be a screen printing company, word soon spread about the high quality, great pricing and never miss a deadline guarantee.
    Rob's sales experience in a number of high dollar industries including Diamonds, Real Estate and Automotive Sales provided a unique blend of backgrounds to transition him into the fashion world.
    His ability to look at the world through a different set of lenses than most people lead to his success in every sales job and with all of his own businesses.


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    From Prison Inmate to Million Dollar Business Mogul-Demond Coleman

    From Prison Inmate to Million Dollar Business Mogul-Demond Coleman

    Demond Coleman shares his story and spills the tea on some of his insider secrets to success.
    Today, we will discuss the Demond Coleman entrepreneur life. He traveled from leaven prison to the million dollars successful businessman story nspire. Demond Coleman will reveal about his entrepreneur life that how he remained motivated in Leavenworth prison and thought about new business ideas that help him in his entrepreneur life to be able to share successful businessman story nspire today. Demond Coleman is formerly an inmate at Leavenworth Prison, Coleman served a considerable amount time, where he developed multiple ideas to improve the lives of women closest to him (his mother, wife and sister).
    For years, he has seen the women closest to him suffer from the side effects of fibroid or a very aggressive menstrual cycle. In response, he began developing a solution to their problem: Essentiables Premium Sanitary Napkins. Now Demond Coleman is a highly successful businessman story who has dedicated his life creating products and services to assist women with living a healthier lifestyle is launching a state of the art new feminine product line entitled “Essentiables”.
    Coleman’s former company was titled Nspire Network, which introduced a new brand to his ventures called: “Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins”, an all-natural 100% cotton feminine brand in May 2017. Coleman launched Cherish, As the Global Director of Sales, Coleman helped generate $1.6 million in sales the first 30 days and $5.6 million in the first year that Cherish was in operation. Coleman successfully sold his shares of the company in 2018 and now seeks to help woman in other "essential" ways.

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    Author Ms. Sylvia Watkins shares How to Win in Life

    Author Ms. Sylvia Watkins shares How to Win in Life

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    This lady of excellence from St. Louis Missouri has made her presence felt on local scenes and continues to make waves on many national ministry stages.
    Sylvia was the co-business manager of National Recording Artist Chris & Kyle w/True Spirit for 14 years. Upon meeting celebrity comedian Darius Bradford Sylvia was asked to co-host The Darius Bradford Morning Show on Praise 99.5 FM. During her time there Sylvia gave a spiritual twist to practical life issues each morning Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. – 9 a.m. Later on lady Sylvia went on to have her own show on Praise 99.5fm “Be You-ti-ful w/Lady Syl.
    Her incredible book, “Be You-ti-ful”, is all about embracing who you are called to be. It’s about not allowing the titles and labels that others may have put on you or the titles you may have put on yourself hinder you from being “true to you.” It’s about embracing the transitions of life and walking into the “Best Days” of your life. It’s about letting go of fear and pronouncing who you shall be.
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    Instagram - ladisyl
    Twitter - LadySylviaWatk1

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32 Ratings

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Really enjoyed hearing the story about the paranormal house. This show will keep you on the edge of your seat and intrigued from beginning to end. Looking forward to more episodes!

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Wonderful pod

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I am a serial entrepreneur and wear many hats. I read and look for things to occupy my time that will add value. Gentleman style podcast does the job for me! It gives me great content in less than an hour, has me on the edge of my seat and hungry for more. The quality of the shows get better with each show. Truly motivating and encouraging to listen to. In a world that is full of chaos, I look to these shows to keep me grounded as a woman on the move. Thank you Marcus Norman for the vision that you accepted from God and to give to us the very best. Hands down the foundation to all podcasts!! Again thank you!

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