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Wanna talk shop with your musical buddies? Look no further than GigGab! Each week Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton come to you sharing their gigging experiences, tips and tricks learned, and interviews with other weekend warriors and pros.

Gig Gab - The Working Musicians' Podcast Paul Kent & Dave Hamilton

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Wanna talk shop with your musical buddies? Look no further than GigGab! Each week Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton come to you sharing their gigging experiences, tips and tricks learned, and interviews with other weekend warriors and pros.

    Changes Are Afoot

    Changes Are Afoot

    In this week’s episode of Gig Gab with Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton, the duo dives into the evolving landscape of the music scene, particularly focusing on how musicians are adapting to today’s world. They touch on the unexpected cancellations of Christmas gigs, stirring a conversation about the resilience and adaptability required in the ever-changing world of music.

    The conversation then shifts to an intriguing discussion about the future of cover bands and tribute bands. They ponder over what bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Lynyrd Skynyrd will mean to cover bands in ten years. The segment on tribute bands, featuring groups like Lotus Land, Foreigners Journey, and Dark Desert Eagles, highlights the enduring appeal of these iconic acts. They conclude with insights on personal growth through playing different instruments, discuss some exciting changes ahead for Gig Gab itself, emphasizing the show’s mantra: Always Be Performing.

    00:00:00 Gig Gab 406 – Tuesday, December 5th, 2023

    00:00:39 Adapting to the quiet

    00:01:56 Christmas (gig) is CANCELED

    00:03:51 What will cover bands be in ten years?

    The Beatles

    The Rolling Stones

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    00:16:26 What about Tribute Bands


    Foreigners Journey

    Dark Desert Eagles


    Lotus Land

    Being Petty

    00:27:30 Changes are afoot!

    00:37:32 Inspiration from Playing a Different Kit

    00:39:00 GG 406 Outtro

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    • 43 min
    Ventriloquism is Art

    Ventriloquism is Art

    In this week’s Gig Gab, Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton start with a dive into the nuances of performing solo gigs. They discuss the importance of honing your skills, reading the room, and choosing the right material to resonate with your audience. Emphasizing that a solo gig isn’t just about the performance; it’s about the art that emerges from having the discipline to manage everything on your own. They also revisit the iconic MTV Unplugged series, highlighting its impact on music and performance. Remember, even if you don’t immediately win over your audience, don’t sweat it in the moment – instead, always be performing!

    Your two favorite weekend warriors compare the dynamics of duos and trios, exploring gigs in private, often smoky clubs like biker bars and VFW halls, where everyone knows each other and the atmosphere is laid back and easy-going. Then it’s time for gear gab, where the gear talk gets real as they review Audigo’s pocket-sized recording studio, debate the quality of wireless vs. wired equipment, and discuss the range of microphone quality, mentioning brands like Shure, Telefunken, Heil, Sennheiser, and Warm Audio. The episode wraps up with a look at Ray-Ban Meta Glasses, an intriguing tool for artists, offering capabilities like live-streaming straight from your glasses…if you can hold still!

    Press play and enjoy, folks!

    00:00:00 Gig Gab 405 – Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

    00:01:43 The experience of a solo gig

    Working on your chops

    Reading the room

    Don’t sweat (in the moment) if you don’t go over well

    The discipline of everything being on your shoulders evolves into an expression of art

    Learning to play the right material…and learning the material!

    Revisiting MTV Unplugged

    00:10:37 Duos vs. Trios

    00:13:06 Gigs in Private (Smoky) Clubs

    Inexpensive Drinks

    Everyone knows each other

    Laid back, blue-collar vibe

    Example: Biker Bars, Elks Clubs, American Legion, VFW Halls

    00:21:22 Where’s the Meritocracy

    Is it musical? No. It’s drink sales!

    Gear Gab!

    00:29:01 Review: Audigo – Pocket-sized recording studio. Single mic: $219, and you can use up-to-four at once

    00:33:59 The Quality Wireless vs. Wired

    00:37:06 Microphone Quality Range. Is a $900 mic better than a $250 mic?

    Shure SM58

    Telefunken M80

    Heil PR37

    Sennheiser e945 (used at Monkey Fist rehearsal)

    Warm Audio WA-251

    00:44:04 Ray-Ban Meta Glasses – $299 (and up)

    Pictures, Video, and Live-Streaming from your Glasses

    Ventriloquism is Art

    00:48:48 Gig Gab 405 Outtro

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    • 49 min
    Musical Plumbers

    Musical Plumbers

    Dive into the evolving world of bands with the latest Gig Gab podcast, exploring the critical theme of ‘Evolving Bands’ and the importance of defining your band’s unique identity. Hosts Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton engage in a thought-provoking discussion on why curiosity is crucial for musical growth and how understanding who you are as a band can significantly impact your musical journey. They also delve into the practical aspects of the music world, discussing the strategic decision-making involved in turning down gigs and the tools essential for managing band availability, like WheresTheGig?, Google Calendar and Slack. This segment is a must-listen for musicians navigating the complexities of gig schedules and collaborations.

    Your two favorite weekend warriors then pivot to explore what it means to be a professional musician in today’s world. They discuss the dynamics of subbing in bands and the expectation of equal shares in such scenarios, likening musicians to ‘Musical Plumbers’ who are always ready to adapt and perform. The concept of a ‘Fantasy Houserockers League’ adds a playful twist to the conversation, emphasizing the versatility required in the music industry. Additionally, the episode sheds light on the less glamorous but essential ‘Wallpaper Gigs’ and the invaluable experiences they provide.

    The highlight of the episode is the discussion on the benefits and energy derived from playing club gigs, with a special mention of ‘Toad’s Place The Documentary’. This insightful episode concludes with a reminder of the show’s catchphrase, “Always Be Performing,” emphasizing the essence of live performance and collaboration in the music industry.

    00:00:00 Gig Gab 404 – Monday, November 20th, 2023

    00:01:11 Evolving bands

    Curious is Good

    00:03:30 Who Are You? (as a band)

    00:12:43 Turning Down Good Gigs

    00:17:24 Managing Availability

    Where’s The Gig?

    Google Calendar


    00:23:24 Dan-Mutual Cancelation Clauses

    00:27:53 Avid Listener-I Expect An Equal Share When Subbing

    Musical Plumbers

    00:35:58 What’s a Pro? (Redux)

    I’ll Sub For You If You Play Songs I Know

    Fantasy Houserockers League

    00:39:22 Wallpaper Gigs

    00:43:10 Toad’s Place The Documentary

    The benefits of — and energy from — playing club gigs

    00:48:49 How you learn to be a band

    00:52:59 GG 404 Outtro

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    • 53 min
    Keeping It Equitable with Christopher "High C" Breen

    Keeping It Equitable with Christopher "High C" Breen

    This week on Gig Gab, you’re diving deep with Paul Kent, Dave Hamilton, and their special guest, Chris Breen, a seasoned maestro in the music scene. Having played with his band, System 9, since 1985 — and having played quite a bit before that, too — Chris has a fun, observant perspective to share. Oh, and he also played for naked people, so there’s that.

    Your three favorite weekend warriors cover the fairness of compensating subs, the arc of live music’s popularity, and the technicalities and nuances of maintaining volume levels. Breen shares insights on handling difficult people at gigs and the thrill of hitting that high C in “Whipping Post.” Throughout these revelations, the underlying mantra remains the same: “Always Be Performing.” Whether it’s managing band relationships or crafting the perfect sound, it’s all about delivering a stellar performance, no matter the circumstances. Press play and enjoy, folks!

    00:00:00 Gig Gab 403 – Monday, November 13th, 2023

    00:02:05 Special Guest: Christopher Breen

    Pack it Down and then Explode

    System Nine (Since 1985!)

    00:03:56 Musical Education

    00:09:24 In-Ear Monitor Pioneer

    00:13:04 Three weird gigs in one!

    00:20:28 DJ Killed the (Local) Rock and Roll Star

    00:25:08 Bands at High School Dances

    00:28:11 Make People’s Jobs Easier

    00:29:30 Keep it Equitable

    00:33:07 Paying for Subs

    00:38:59 A little bit of band love

    00:41:12 Creating Moods with Piano

    00:44:11 Favorite Gear

    Nord Stage 2

    QSC 12”

    00:48:03 Maintaining a Reasonable Volume

    00:52:41 Hitting That High C in Whipping Post

    Whipping Post from the Macworld All-Star Band

    01:00:00 Managing People Behaving Badly

    01:10:13 GG 402 Outtro


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    • 1 hr 11 min
    Clubbing Seals

    Clubbing Seals

    In this week’s Gig Gab, Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton embrace the holiday spirit with a discussion about the unique challenges and opportunities that Christmas gigs bring to your musical journey. Keep your performance fresh with insights from Good and learn how rebranding your band, like Clubbing Fraggles did, might just be the edge you need. Additionally, your two favorite weekend warriors dig into the idea of commoditization in the world of custom-fit in-ear monitors and how that’s shaking up the industry.

    Then it’s time for Gear Gab, staring with the new iCloud syncing feature added to forScore, and Behringer BA 19A Boundary Kick Drum Mic that’s changing the game for drummers. More commoditization! Get the lowdown on the new Whirlwind PW-1 Headphone Amp for your IEMs and make sure you check out Logic Pro 10.8’s Mastering Assistant that could elevate your recording sessions. Plus, don’t miss out on Stage Ninja’s new heavy-duty mounts that ensure your tech is always where you need it on the gig. Through it all, remember the mantra that sets every great musician apart: Always Be Performing.

    00:00:00 Gig Gab 402 – Tuesday, November 7th, 2023

    00:01:08 Getting ear impressions done

    Alclair IEMs on Gig Gab

    00:05:18 The commoditization of custom-fit In-Ear Monitors

    00:11:20 Christmas Gigs and Holiday Parties

    Dallas Corbin’s Heartland Radio

    00:18:36 SPONSOR: Factor, America’s #1 Ready-To-Eat Meal Kit, can help you fuel up fast with flavorful and nutritious ready-to-eat meals delivered straight to your door. Visit FactorMeals.com/giggab50 and use code giggab50 for 50% off!

    00:20:18 Gord-400-I rebranded my band!

    00:24:58 The exercise in proving yourself right

    00:26:25 Find guys who don’t somewhere else to go!

    00:28:23 Being in a band is a team sport

    Gear Gab!

    00:36:37 Brian-forScore has iCloud Syncing Now!

    00:38:33 CSF-Behringer BA 19A Boundary Kick Drum Mic

    Behringer B906 Guitar Cab Microphone

    00:44:46 n-Dan-Whirlwind PW-1 Headphone Amp

    00:48:47 CSF-Logic Pro 10.8 adds Mastering Assistant

    00:50:15 New Stage Ninja Phone Pro and Heavy Duty Phone Mount Clamps

    00:52:08 GG 402 Outtro

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    • 53 min
    Alclair Custom IEMs: Affordable Quality

    Alclair Custom IEMs: Affordable Quality

    Dive deep with Andy Swanson of Alclair In Ears as he takes you on a sonic journey, discussing these high-quality, affordable custom IEMs. Feel the passion of playing in the gaps, the lessons from Andy’s leap into the corporate world at big names like Nintendo, and the importance of sharing music with the next generation.

    Uncover the ins and outs of Alclair’s premium earpieces, from the deep resonating CMVK to the versatile Spire. And for all the tech-savvy, there’s a treat about EQing rooms for that perfect Gospel and R&B sound, the magic of ear impressions versus scans, and a deep dive into the world of audio drivers.

    In your musical journey, remember to “Always Be Performing”. Whether you’re on stage or just sharing a tune, let your performance be your signature.

    00:00:00 Gig Gab 401 – Monday, October 30th, 2023

    00:02:19 Andy Swanson from Alclair In Ears

    Rap with Aerosmith to The Beastie Boys

    Primus’s Les Claypool

    Flea (“Give it away now”)

    Robert Trujllo (from Metallica and Infectious Grooves)

    00:07:07 Playing the spaces to create the feel

    00:09:32 Diving into the Corporate World…and back

    Producer at Nintendo

    Digital Audio Labs

    00:11:55 Sharing music with your kids

    00:16:12 Alclair In Ears

    Alclair CMVK (Crankmaster 5000) (down to 10hz!) $749

    Dual XB (Dual Driver) – $399

    Spire (Six Driver) – $899

    00:28:37 Comparing Dual-Driver units

    Versa Dual vs. Dual XB

    Give yourself the Disco Smile!

    00:31:02 EQing a room for Gospel and R&B with High-Pass and Low-Pass filters

    00:32:16 Compare Sounds

    00:35:21 SPONSOR: Bandzoogle — Listeners can go to Bandzoogle.com to try it free for 30 days, and use the promo code “giggabpod” to get 15% off the first year of any subscription.

    ST3 (Triple Driver) – $549

    00:37:06 Impressions vs. Ear scans

    Mark and Rick Musselman of Matrics, Alclair’s Parent Company

    The Bite Block Controversy

    00:58:11 Drivers: Types and Numbers

    Balanced Armature

    Dynamic Drivers

    Spire (four low, one mid, one high)

    01:07:42 GG 401 Outtro

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    • 1 hr 8 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
41 Ratings

41 Ratings

The Robonzo ,

Consummate pros with great advice and stories

I’ve known Dave and Paul for a number of years and remember when Paul came to me to ask what I thought of the idea he and Dave had for this podcast. Both are outstanding musicians and great people. The information they’ve put into Gig Gab is truly impressive. If you’re a working musician or someone who is just morbidly curious about what goes into putting live music on a stage, you’ll love this podcast. Topics they share are truly insightful and entertaining. Keep up the good work guys!

ConfusedBreakfastPodcast ,


The only thing better than movies, is music. This is one of our favorite music podcasts, full of great conversations and content.

Sertshark ,

Best Band Show

I’ve been listening to these two for a few years, and when I first found them I marathoner all the older shows. It’s the best podcast out there about being in a band. Yes, at times one of them gets a little long-winded, and while at first it was distracting, I have realized it is perfect, and I love it because he always talks about something we all can related to as musicians in a working band. Love the show. It’s my favorite podcast.

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