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A lit-analysis cast currently reading ASOIAF POV by POV

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A lit-analysis cast currently reading ASOIAF POV by POV

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4.8 out of 5
141 Ratings

141 Ratings

SMKuldell ,

More people should listen to this

At first, I was put off by the name of this podcast--this is either going to be Very explicit, or very very knowledgable. Thankfully, it is the latter. I love that I can listen to a podcast which has a fresh perspective and points out SO many things I had never realized (i.e. Jeyne Poole in sex slavery), and this is nowhere near my first GOT podcast. The girls speak like my friends and I do (woo millennials) and I find it very easy to learn from while also laughing at so many things. I'm captivated every episode and I anxiously await the next one. Now if only I could rationalize a $5/month patreon commitment I could listen to all those TWOW episodes. My only comlaint. PLEASE get better microphones. I will join Patreon if you get new mics. It hurts my ears some times... Keep up the amazing work, ladies!! 5 stars for sure. <3

Graaavy ,

Still learning!

I’m on a third re-read and the way you chose to work through the books by character arc has revealed even more about GRRM’s world than I have picked up on before. Thanks!!

PirateDieselFinn ,

Love my ladies!

I’m loving listening to this reread and the different approach they’ve taken. I’m currently re-listening to Sansa chapters because of my nostalgia for being a tween girl and all the drama of those volatile emotions.
Also I can’t sit down and read for long stretches anymore on account of my 3 year old not allowing quiet contemplation and literary analysis. So this podcast is my life line to reading and feeling like I’m included in in-depth conversations about it.
Also: my poor baby paralarvae!

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