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A lit-analysis cast currently reading ASOIAF POV by POV

Girls Gone Canon Cast Girls Gone Canon

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A lit-analysis cast currently reading ASOIAF POV by POV

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4.9 out of 5
123 Ratings

123 Ratings

moooooooooossseee ,

I like this podcast

I listen lots and the girls are fun and good

420NedStark69DragonKiller666 ,

I laughed, I cried, I left the stove on!

Girls Gone Canon is a truly excellent podcast. I started listening after hearing one (or both) of the hosts featured on History of Westeros. (I don't know if it was Chloe or Eliana. It was a crazy summer. Lots of crying.)

Anyhoozle! Chloe and Eliana are hysterical. They provide valuable insight into the most important characters of this fandom, like Strong Belwas and Gerris Drinkwater, and their chapter-by-chapter analysis for each character brings new life to the books based on the smash HBO television series. 5 Darkstars out of 5.

Kittyknight ,

So great!

I wanted to reread via POV and did an OCD sticky note division in the books but I didn't know where to start (I mean, who wants to start with Bran?) so this podcast is wonderful! So funny and insightful - I was almost wetting my pants listening to poor Quentin's fiasco Dragon "Tamer" episode. "Dog." I'm up to Sansa 7 in ACoK and have thouroughly enjoyed it. I listened to Davos' Fingers which I love, but was so sad when Brook left because girls just get it. Now I have two Brooks!

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