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GNC Week In Review hosted by Kirk Corless and Scott Ertz is a weekly tech news podcast covering the latest news on smartphones, computers, smartwatches, mobile apps, video streaming, and more.

GNC Week In Review Kirk Corless and Scott Ertz

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GNC Week In Review hosted by Kirk Corless and Scott Ertz is a weekly tech news podcast covering the latest news on smartphones, computers, smartwatches, mobile apps, video streaming, and more.

    Tesla’s Bed is Burning! #105

    Tesla’s Bed is Burning! #105

    This week, Elon Musk says Tesla is losing billons, billons of credentials are for sale on the dark web and there is something from nothing and it’s not coming to the United States

    Show Notes:

    Tesla losing billions

    Billions of credentials for sale on the dark web

    The Nothing phone will not come to the US

    eBay acquires an NFT marketplace

    You can pay for your Lyft with cash

    Netflix lays off 300 more employees

    What's new on Hulu in July

    What's new on Netflix in July

    Kidnapped woman rescued after seeking help from a GrubHub order

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    What happened to Netflix? #104

    What happened to Netflix? #104

    This week,  Tesla is doing well, Netflix is not doing so well and after a month of streaming on-air, CNN+ is shutting down.

    Show Notes:

    Tesla Q1

    Netflix reported a loss of subscribers 

    CNN+ is shutting down

    HBO Max Q1

    Apple Store workers in Atlanta file for a union election

    The global smartphone market in Q1

    Amazon hit with more lawsuits

    Sony plans to put ads in games

    Disney+ glitch

    Electric chopsticks

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    Elon, what you are doing?? #103

    Elon, what you are doing?? #103

    This week on this special episode, Elon Musk buys into Twitter, Comcast wants a man to pay $19,000 and the State Department is adding a new bureau.....plus we welcome a special guest... Shannon Morse to the podcast!

    Also to celebrate having her on the podcast, we are going to have a supersized giveaway with some prizes! Details on this episode, so please be sure to take a listen!

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    Show Notes:

    Elon Musk owns 9.2% of Twitter

    Comcast wants a man to pay $19,000

    State Department's new bureau

    Mailchimp breach

    Star Trek NFT

    Activision Blizzard gives QA testers full-time jobs and a pay raise

    Amazon is planning to appeal Staten Island's victory


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    Are CD’s still a thing? #102

    Are CD’s still a thing? #102

    This week, Google’s getting sued, Amazon gets MGM, and who knew CDs are still a thing!

    Show Notes:

    Google is getting sued

    Amazon acquires MGM

    CD sales rose

    Netflix wants you to pay for sharing your password

    Verizon makes Fios free for low-income households

    Pete Davidson will not be on the next Blue Origin flight

    Tesla employee fired

    Amazon drivers staged a protest

    Russian try selling Big Macs

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    Amazon Ambassadors are silly to me! #101

    Amazon Ambassadors are silly to me! #101

    This week, Samsung is setting a standard, 4 AG's are suing Google and John Stankey says to its competitors, "Go ahead and raise your prices."

    Show Notes:

    Samsung's next Unpacked event

    Google is being sued

    John Stankey suggests Netflix's price hike is great news for HBO Max

    Amazon Ambassadors no longer on Twitter

    HBO Max Q4

    Apple obtains restraining order against a woman 

    Reddit tests allowing users to set any NFT as their profile picture

    Verizon Q4

    The SAT will now be digital 

    Warner Music Group is building a "musical theme park" in the metaverse

    Minnie Mouse now wears a pantsuit

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    Our 100th Episode! #100

    Our 100th Episode! #100

    This week,  Microsoft buys Activision for billons, Apple balloons its market share in the smartphone market and the CEO of Airbnb is living in Airbnb plus we'll recap on all that went down from CES 2022

    Show Notes:

    Microsoft buys Blizzard

    Apple retakes top spot in Q4 2021

    CEO of Airbnb will live on the platform

    Apple's rumored mixed reality headset could be priced over $2,000

    Pichai and Zuckerberg personally oversaw an illegal deal

    Democrats unveil bill to ban online "surveillance advertising"

    Amazon is being sued

    Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Cracker Barrel ordered to pay $9.4 million to a customer in a lawsuit

    I wanted to give a big thank you to Todd Cochrane for allowing me to have my own podcast and to be a part of the Tech Podcast Network as well as a partner with Geek News Central where this podcast is modeled from.

    Also, I want to give a big thanks to Scott for coming on the podcast as my co-host where he brings a lot to the table by dissecting the tech news with me and having a lot of fun on the episodes and I cannot imagine having a podcast without him. And lastly, I along with Scott wanted to say thank you to all of the viewers and subscribers to the podcast, without all of you, this podcast would not have happened.


    To celebrate our 100th episode, we are going to have a giveaway where we are going to select 2 winners to get some cool swag also some TPN merch, to enter head over here

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