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Gospel in Real Life seeks to transform the global human culture with the Truth of the Gospel via blog and podcast. The Word of God transforms the Man of God to perform the good Work of God for the Glory of God. For more information: gospelinreallife.org.

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Gospel in Real Life seeks to transform the global human culture with the Truth of the Gospel via blog and podcast. The Word of God transforms the Man of God to perform the good Work of God for the Glory of God. For more information: gospelinreallife.org.



    Ezra 1-2. We live in spiritual exile. Because of our sin, we are experiencing times of trouble and tribulation. However, when God decrees it, that will all change in an instant. We will be sent home to a place prepared by Christ where there will be no more crying and dying. We see pictures of this in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. The people of God live in Babylonian exile and have been for 70 years because of personal and corporate sin. However, God promised he would return his people to return.
    Jeremiah wrote, “Then after seventy years are completed, I will punish the king of Babylon and that nation.” (Jeremiah 25:12) Cyrus, King of Persia, defeated Babylon in 536 BC and allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem. God stirred Cyrus and the Jews headed home. Cyrus decreed that the Jews were to restore the temple, the people, the walls, and the city.
    In this episode, Dr. Michael Wright describes the events leading up to the return. Then he shows how our great sovereign God does his will via any vessel he chooses. Knowing that God is in control can bring us great comfort, no matter the circumstances we live in today. We will also learn that God’s word is alive and powerful to stir hearts, even our enemies, to perform his will regardless of who is the king.
    What a comfort to know that God is at work always in us and around us and, sometimes, despite us. His plans for the ages cannot be thwarted. We can trust the Lord.
    Gospel in Real Life can be found on every major platform such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. For more information or to give online to Gospel in Real Life, go to gospelinreallife.org. Dr. Wright takes zero salary but uses all gifts to professionally publish the blog and podcast. You may prefer to send a check made to Gospel in Real Life. Use 813 Gean Trail, Keller, Texas 76248. All gifts are tax deductible. Thank you!
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    We live in perilous times. Is God in control? We see chaos in cities around the world. Does God care? Can he do something about it? The answer for each question is yes. God is indeed in control, and he cares deeply about nations and individual people who live in them. And yes. God can and will do something about the evil which exists in the world.
    God’s people were warned to turn from their wicked ways, but they did not. Thus, the Jews spent 70 years in Babylonian exile. It was also foretold that King Cyrus of Persia would decree to send the exiles back to Jerusalem. The order launched a series of three returns. The first was led by Zerubbabel who organized the people to rebuild the Temple. The second return was headed by Ezra who ministered to the people. The third was led by Nehemiah who stirred the people to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. It is an incredible story which deserves to be told.
    The overarching theme of Ezra-Nehemiah is Restoration. God’s people were restored to their city. Once there they rebuilt a place of worship and a worshipping people. It is God’s story. In it we see that God is serious about sin and yet has the power to forgive sin and restore people to a place promised.
    In this episode, Dr. Michael Wright provides an overview of Ezra and Nehemiah which will reveal great personal and corporate truths about how God works to restore people today. The episode highlights God’s sovereignty over a nation and his personal one-on-one care for each person involved in his story.
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    Is there any hope for a lost soul? A depraved sinner? The answer? There is no hope for the one who rejects Jesus as Lord and Savior. Jesus said, the one who is not born again is condemn. However, the one who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. The one who is redeemed by God via a saving relationship with Jesus Christ will not only be saved, but that person, male or female, is instantly adopted like a son into the family of God and has become an heir of Christ. Not only does a chosen person become a family member, but he or she is promised to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. Thus, the lost soul, when he or she is transformed by Christ – because of private plan made by God before the foundation of the world – has an eternity of hope. Living in Christ changes everything.
    In this episode, Dr. Michael Wright explains what it means to be chosen and predestined by God, how Bible truth concerning these doctrines should stir great personal comfort in the heart of the believer. To know that God made a deeply personal choice to save sinners by grace through faith brings not only comfort, but immense joy.
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    Chosen by God

    Chosen by God

    Election is not a denominational doctrine. It is not owned by Baptists. It was not crafted by Presbyterians. It was not discovered by the reformers. Election is a Bible doctrine and should be taught in a manner worthy of the One who chooses to save human souls. In Episode 36 of Gospel in Real Life, we uncover some sound truths about Ephesians 1:4, that God’s authority to choose who will be saved is personal, relational, and purposeful.
    Since the fall of 2020, Gospel in Real Life has been downloaded multiplied thousands of times in over 71 countries around the globe. We are very exciting to see just how God is spreading the word in so many places. Gospel in Real Life is Good News for Humans.
    For more information about or to donate to Gospel in Real Life, go to gospelinreallife.org. Have a question or comment? Please write Dr. Michael Wright, President of Gospel in Real Life by using the address, mwright@gospelinreallife.com.

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    Ephesians 1:3-4. It might be a strange thought. God is blessed. Without understanding the fact that God is blessed and without knowing what it is that blesses him, you may miss why God is blessed. When you see why God is blessed and what blesses him, you will immediately become increasingly joyful. We are redeemed to be holy and have been adopted into a wonderful family by a very happy God. Enjoy a sweet intro brought to you by my grandson, Sawyer Brown. Need more information? www.gospelinreallife.org. We would love to hear from you! 

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    The Apostle

    The Apostle

    Ephesians 1:1-2. In this study, we will look closely at the first two verses of Ephesians chapter one. Paul self-ascribed himself as the author of the epistle. The apostle was a fascinating man. He was a leader among the Pharisees. He was well-educated. He was likely wealthy and played a prominent role in the community. He was well known among Jews and Gentiles alike. Paul was also feared by Christians. He arrested and murdered Christ followers for the faith in Jesus. His relationship with believers changed after his conversion. He once considered Christians his enemy. After meeting Christ, they became his friends and began to recognize them as saints, those set apart and belong to God.For more information: gospelinreallife.org
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5.0 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

deaf and ok ,

Grace to you

Wonderful teaching, clear and concise. I also love the Book of Romans. I continue to learn and actually understand the issue of bondservant for the first time yesterday. I attempted to post your podcast Dr Wright in my FB page. The goal is to bring souls to Christ. May God continue to Bless this start up ministry.

iuhnbvcfg ,

The Truth

Dr Wright has been a friend of mine since we served the Lord together at FBC Keller. Dr Wright is a man firmly grounded in the sound doctrine of the Bible . He is a fine teacher, Preacher, and a man of integrity . I look forward to hearing his podcasts and seeing the success of GRL and ELR.
Tracy S.

David M. T. ,

Outstanding teaching from a trusted source

I’ve known Dr. Michael Wright for years now and he is the real deal! His teaching is grounded in the Word of God and is focused on applying truth to everyday life. I’m looking forward to this podcast being part of my regular rotation!

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