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A weekly podcast that explores the exciting world of theatre, musical theatre, film, opera, and other performing arts. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, your host, Ray Renati, explores local Bay Area theatre as well as theatre and live entertainment from New York City to London, to Paris. Drop by every Tuesday to hear a new episode.

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A weekly podcast that explores the exciting world of theatre, musical theatre, film, opera, and other performing arts. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, your host, Ray Renati, explores local Bay Area theatre as well as theatre and live entertainment from New York City to London, to Paris. Drop by every Tuesday to hear a new episode.

    Michael Gene Sullivan of The San Francisco Mime Troupe

    Michael Gene Sullivan of The San Francisco Mime Troupe

    The Tony Award-Winning SAN FRANCISCO MIME TROUPE Debuts
    a NEW Activist Adaptation of the Dickens Classic as a Radio Play


    An Activist Adaptation of the Dickens Classic

    Written and Directed by Michael Gene Sullivan

    Begins streaming FREE on Fri. Nov. 26, 2021 - Jan. 9, 2022 (donations accepted)

    For the first time the SF Mime Troupe presents a Holiday Audio offering with a worker’s take on the Dicken’s classic in A Red Carol. With its particular blend of activism, comedy, music, and passion the SFMT's labor-oriented adaptation of Dickens "A Christmas Carol” reclaims this revolutionary classic as a story not of the redemption of one bad man, but as the never-ending story of all of us making the world a more progressive place.

    In A Red Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge is a corporate banker, busy foreclosing on the hapless masses. Bob Cratchit and his beleaguered family live in a chilly tent in an anonymous homeless encampment. The ghost of Christmas future sports a flowing black robe of taped-together trash bags and plastic sheeting. Tiny Tim dies. At least that’s how the SF Mime Troupe’s resident playwright, Michael Gene Sullivan, has reimagined A Red Carol for the troubled 21st century.

    A Christmas Carol” has become “the closest thing to a modern myth that we have. It wasn’t much of a stretch to place Charles Dickens’ Victorian classic into today’s Covid-19 world. And that, as Sullivan would be the first to tell you, is exactly the point. Dickens’ novella was written in the heart of the “Hungry ’40s,” a time of labor unrest, unemployment and starvation across 19th-century Europe. The gap between rich and poor was wide - and getting ever wider.

    With the limited release of A Red Carol, the San Francisco Mime Troupe hopes it will become an annual alternative holiday tradition for the workers of the world.

    For more information visit www.sfmt.org or call 415-285-1717. 

    “The play, in its skewering of America’s social ills—racism, corporate greed, the plight of the working class—is so funny, and so well acted by the Troupe, including longtime ensemble members Velina Brown, Keiko Shimosato-Carreiro and Brian Rivera , that it comes to life even without visuals and minus the appreciative laughter of a sun-soaked audience. The second half of “The Mystery of the Missing Worker” airs Aug. 29.”

    SF Examiner - July 6, 2020

    ​“As a spoof of serials past, it’s solid, quick-witted, and sets the bar high for subsequent episodes, which will satirize other radio-drama templates—namely adventure, horror, and science fiction."

    KQED - July 8, 2020



    Actor, Director, Teacher, and Resident Playwright

    Michael Gene Sullivan has performed in, written, and/or directed over thirty SFMT productions. As an actor Sullivan has also appeared in productions at the American Conservatory Theater, Californian Shakespeare Theatre, Theatreworks, San Francisco Playhouse, Denver Center Theater Company, The Aurora Theatre, The Magic Theatre, The Marin Theatre Company, Lorraine Hansberry Theater, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, Berkeley Repertory Theater, and San Jose Repertory Theater. Michael has been a principal actor in Mime Troupe plays since 1988, performing in Freedomland, Ripple Effect, For The Greater Good, 2012: The Musical, Posibilidad, Too Big To Fail, Making a Killing, GodFellas, Doing Good, Showdown at Crawford Gulch, Mister Smith Goes to Obscuristan, Eating it, Damaged Care, Soul Suckers form Outer Space, Revenger Rat, Escape to Cyberia, Offshore, Social Work, I Ain't You uncle, Back to Normal, Rats, Seeing Double, and Ripped Van Winkle. His directing credits at SFMT include Schooled, For The Greater Good, Red State, Veronique of the Mounties, 1600 Transylvania Avenue, Killing Time, and Coast City Confidential, Michael has also directed for the San Francisco Shakespear

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    Abigail Munn and Circus Bella

    Abigail Munn and Circus Bella

    Circus Bella & Abigail Munn presents: Circus Bella’s 12th Annual Summer Season 2021
    HUMOROUS - A New One Ring Outdoor Circus Show
    Featuring the Gleeful Circus Bella Company -
    A Diversly Talented Troupe of Acrobats, Aerialists, Jugglers, Clowns
    with Live Music by Rob Reich & The Circus Bella All-Star Band.

    Written & Directed by Abigail Munn

    ALL SHOWS FREE! - For Children of All Ages

    August 26 - Oct. 3, 2021 - Various Locations in Bay Area Parks*

    Limited Engagement - 10 Performances Only!

    INFORMATION: https://www.circusbella.org/humorous


    About Abigail
    Since its inception, Abigail has been directing, creating and producing new work for Circus Bella. Along with the more conventional duties she has also served as the company's truck driver, catering service and laundress. An accomplished dancer, choreographer, and aerialist, Munn holds a BFA in Modern Dance from UC Santa Barbara. As a child, who was born and raised in SF, she appeared with the Pickle Family Circus, and later with Zoppe Italian Family Circus, New Pickle Circus, Cabaret Verdelet, Circus Cabaret, Tease-O-Rama, Va Voom Room, and The Velvet Hammer Burlesque. Munn was commended in the New York Times for her performance in Alma Esperanza Cunningham’s Princess. Munn co-directed the nouveau-vaudeville troupe Kitty Bang, an internationally recognized three-time “Best of the Bay” winner that is influential in the modern Burlesque resurgence.


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    Interview - Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young of American Idol

    Interview - Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young of American Idol

    Today's very special guests are the quadruple threats Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo. You may remember them from the acclaimed TV show, American Idol as they both made the finals and wowed the country.

    Diana and Ace, married for eight years, are about to debut in the on-line production of "First Date: The Virtual Broadway Musical"  The show will be avaiable from Friday, July 23, 2021 until July 25, 2021.

    Get your tickets here!


    First Date Summary

    Don’t miss the virtual Broadway musical revival of FIRST DATE, streaming exclusively on Stellar for five performances only: July 23-25

    Starring ‘‘American Idol’’ alumni (and real-life married couple) ACE YOUNG and DIANA DEGARMO, and featuring KEVIN MASSEY (A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder), JENNIFER SÁNCHEZ(Pretty Woman: The Musical), NICK CEARLEY (‘‘The Skivvies’’), VISHAL VAIDYA (Groundhog Day) and AURELIA WILLIAMS (In Transit).

    FIRST DATE tells the story of Aaron (YOUNG) and Casey (DEGARMO), two single New Yorkers on a blind date with nothing to lose, except maybe their patience and sanity. This hilariously relatable musical puts you right at the bar along with them--and all the persistent voices in their heads. While they fight the urge to call it a no-go, they suffer through every dating faux pas in the book, from awkward silences to rambling about their exes to panicking over their past. But in the end, they can’t help but be curious about their chances at a second date…and maybe even finding love.

    With an irresistible, contemporary pop Broadway score, and filled with those cringeworthy yet priceless moments that might feel all-too familiar, FIRST DATE lets us know it’s all part of the wonderful process of finding the perfect partner.


    Diana DeGarmo is a singer, songwriter, and full-out entertainer, from stage to screen, Diana DeGarmo has conquered it all and then some. Her powerhouse vocals shot her to fame on American Idol and opened doors to her numerous Broadway & Off-Broadway shows, National & International Tours, a recurring role on The Young & The Restless, and much more. Listen to her newest musical creation GEMINI anywhere you find fine music.

    Ace Young is a man of many talents and has the credits to back them up. Even before his multiple #1 hits as a songwriter, Ace was wowing millions on TV shows like American Idol and Half & Half. His Grammy-Nominated song “It’s Not Over” gave way to his own BMI Pop Award and many other songwriting acclaims. Ace has starred on stages around the world from Broadway in HAIR and GREASE, touring the country in JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT, and US Aircraft Carriers across the Oceans with the USO. His next chapter of artistry has him sitting in the producer, writer, and artist’s chairs, for his newest acoustic album Up All Night.”


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    Melissa Ortiz

    Melissa Ortiz

    Melissa Ortiz is an actor based in Los Angeles. She recenlty appeared in the Bay Area calle "Shoot Me When" by Ruben Grijalva at SF Playhouse in San Francisco.

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    Tony Award winning San Francisco Mime Troupe with Michael Gene Sullivan and Ellen Callas

    Tony Award winning San Francisco Mime Troupe with Michael Gene Sullivan and Ellen Callas

    Today we talk with two stars of the Tony Award winning San Francisco Mime Troupe: Michael Gene Sullivan and Ellen Callas.
    The San Francisco Mime Troupe Presents Their 62nd Season with TALES OF THE RESISTANCE, VOLUME 2: PERSISTENCEA Series of Radio Play Podcasts in 2 Genres:  Adventure! & Mystery! As well as the return of the “Little Jimmy” series, and a new series “Eyeball on History!” Special single episodes will also include Sci-Fi and Musical genres, and discussions with the activists & artists!Featuring Special Guest Artist Francis Jue!
    Sun. July 4 thru Sept. 5, 2021 (released weekly)
    More Info at the SFMT website
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    Alex Bennett - an American Broadcasting Legend (repeat performance)

    Alex Bennett - an American Broadcasting Legend (repeat performance)

    This is a repeat of my chat with Alex Bennett. 

    Alex Bennett is an American radio personality and talk show host, known for his mix of left-wing politics and humor. He currently hosts a show Tues-Fri on GABNet.net at 10pm ET.

    Bennett was born in San Francisco and adopted his on-air name as a tribute to his late father, Alexander Schwarzmann.

    During the 1960s, Bennett worked at radio stations around the country, including KILT in Houston, where he used the on-air moniker James Bond and did his show using an English accent, and WLOL in Minneapolis, before gaining major market attention in 1969 at WMCA in New York. He initially started as a disk jockey, later evolving into a talk show host during the station's transition from its Top 40 "Good Guys" music format to the pioneering "Dial-Log" all-talk era. Bennett brought a progressive rock radio sensibility to the teenage-oriented station, still playing album cuts of music as his talk show evolved, and openly discussing topics ranging from his love life to his participation in various countercultural events, such as Consciousness III, before giving his Yogic sign-off "Namaste" ("The God within me sees the God within you"). In 1969, Bennett flew to London to investigate the rumor of Paul McCartney’s death. He later became friends with John Lennon, who appeared on his show.

    In 1970, Bennett and his wife-producer Ronni moved their show to WPLJ, still in New York. By late 1971 the couple split. Ronni went on to produce for ABC’s 20/20 and Barbara Walters. Today, she writes a blog on aging and what it's really like to get old, Time Goes By.[1] Guests on Bennett's WPLJ show included rock stars, comedians, and left-wing, anti-war activists.

    An early video pioneer, Bennett produced Midnight Blue with Al Goldstein of Screw magazine for a New York public access cable channel.

    In 1980, Bennett returned to his native San Francisco to host a morning show for album-oriented rock station KMEL. Bennett found success by featuring standup comedians as his guests. Before they became famous, performers Bob Goldthwait, Whoopi Goldberg, Dana Carvey, Ray Romano, and Jay Leno were guests on Bennett's program. The popular show aired on three San Francisco area radio stations throughout the 1980s and 1990s: KMEL, KQAK, and KITS. The Alex Bennett Show changed stations due to management/consultant conflicts (KMEL), a format flip (KQAK), and, finally, a station ownership change (at KITS, where he did two stints). Bennett also briefly hosted talk shows on KNBR in San Francisco and WIOD in Miami, Florida (the latter, a very sour experience), in between his Bay Area morning show gigs. During the 1980s, Bennett was the original host of public television’s Comedy Tonight.

    While at KMEL, Bennett’s mother, Ruth, achieved fame as the world’s oldest album-oriented rock disk jockey when she hosted a Sunday night countdown show on KMEL from 1982 to 1983. Bennett hosted the station’s morning show, and Ruth continued at KMEL for a year after his departure for KQAK. Ruth passed away in 2005 at the age of 100.

    The radio show was unique in that it featured a live in-studio audience consisting of listeners who were invited to just walk in off the street. In addition to featuring comedians on his San Francisco radio shows, Bennett produced a number of live comedy shows. The earliest ones included his KMEL/KQAK newsman Joe Regelski and were called "Alex and Joe Shows". He also did remote broadcasts of his morning show, known as "Breakfast with Bennett."

    A technology aficionado, Bennett took advantage of the early growth of the World Wide Web. After leaving FM rock radio in the late 1990s, Bennett created an Internet radio show for Play TV that ended when the company went out of business. He also developed an early website, The Surfing Monkey (along with Chuck Farnham, David Biedny and Jesse Montrose), which featured, among other things, a series of articles written by an inmate on D

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5.0 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

parafan#1 ,

Interesting host and great guests

Love listening to the podcast. Ray has a wide array of guests in the industry and hearing his questions to the guests coupled with his experience in the industry makes for a knowledgeable listen. A must for anyone who works in the industry or is interested in it.

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Great Behind the Scenes Content

Ray seems to have a vast knowledge of many aspects of the entertainment world. His interviews are excellent. I listen to this all the time. Love it!

i_am_karel ,

Great Behind-The-Scenes

I love when actors and others interview those in the field, as there is just an insight. Ray is obviously an entertainer and his understanding of both the performance aspects as well as his interview skills keep this interesting! Bravo!

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