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Grounded exists to build up believers in the faith and draw out the rich doctrines of the Bible.
Join Pastor Steve as he goes deep into Biblical and theological content to bolster our understanding of and commitment to the Rock of God’s Word.
Christians. Let's be grounded.

Grounded with Steve Hartland Cornerstone Community Church

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Grounded exists to build up believers in the faith and draw out the rich doctrines of the Bible.
Join Pastor Steve as he goes deep into Biblical and theological content to bolster our understanding of and commitment to the Rock of God’s Word.
Christians. Let's be grounded.

    God's Providence

    God's Providence

    Begin Show Notes -

    1) Are God and the devil evenly matched?

    2) How is providence helpful, even when we're dying?

    3) Why is God's providence important?

    4) What God's providence is not. (Fatalism, Stoical fate, Astrological, Opportunism)

    5) Definition of God's providence. (Gen 50:20, Eph 1:11, Rom 8:28)

    6) What is the extent of God's providence? (Acts 14:17, Mt 10:29, Mt 6:26-28)

    7) What about incidental events? (Exodus 21:12-13, Deuteronomy 19:5, 1 Kings 22:34, Proverbs 16:33)

    8) What about human decisions, such as government, individual plans or human sin? (Psalm 103:19, Isaiah 14:24, Daniel 2:21, Job 12:23, Isa 10:5-15, Proverbs 16:1, Proverbs 16:9, Jeremiah 10:23, Acts 2:23)

    9) How can God exercise providence over everything?

    - Omniscient (Job 37.16, 1 Jn 3:20, Ps 147:5)

    - Omnipotent (Daniel 4:35)

    - Wise (Psalm 104:24, Romans 11:33)

    10) What does this mean for us?

    - Trust Him (Job 1:21, Job 2)

    - Count it all joy (James 1)

    - Know how to be abased, abound (Phil 4:12)

    - Take courage (William Pegram example)

    11) Do not be afraid (2 Tim 1:7)

    End Show Notes -

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    Begin Show Notes:

    1) Rebranding definition

    2) What can we learn from Paul's preaching? (2 Cor 4:2-3, Acts 20:20-31)

    3) David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Knowing the Times - pg. 206-207, 213, 214, 215, 217 and 218)

    4) Business illustration

    5) How do Pastors rebrand:




    6) Contemporary examples of rebranding

    7) Common motivations for rebranding:


    Desire to be liked

    8) Review:

    Don't rebrand, present the Biblical truth as the Bible has it written

    Be aware of Pastors that do this

    Do not be anxious about the perception of other people

    Do not be embarrassed about the content of the Bible (Rom 1:16)

    Don't put evangelism at the center of everything (the center of why we do what we do should be the glory of God - 1 Cor 10:31)

    Seek God's favor and approval, seek to be faithful (Gal 1:10)

    Look at how different leaders in the Bible presented the message

    9) D. M. Lloyd Jones - 2nd Quote (Knowing the Times pg. 296, 297 - How to Safeguard the Future)

    End Show Notes

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    • 41 min
    Christmas Thoughts and Closing out the New Year - Interview with Jason Wallace

    Christmas Thoughts and Closing out the New Year - Interview with Jason Wallace

    Begin Show Notes -

    (1) A brief Jason biography (ministry background, position, etc.)

    (2) Measuring successes.

    (3) Favorite events.

    (4) Scriptures that stood out this year.

    (5) Some of Jason's challenges.

    (6) Sharing traditions.

    (7) Reasons against Christmas.

    (8) Outreach ministries.

    (9) Sharing interests.

    (10) Textual Criticism.

    (11) New Year goals.

    (12) Thoughts on selecting elders.

    End of Show Notes -

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    • 45 min
    The Family - Interview with C. R. Wiley

    The Family - Interview with C. R. Wiley

    Begin Show Notes:

    (1) The social importance of the family.

    (2) How does individualism oppose the family?

    (3) The family as the basic unit of humanity.

    (4) The family's traditional functions.

    (5) Patriarchy, why is it so and what are the implications of it?

    (6) Why are fathers important? The downfall of the American (Christian) father. (Anthony Esolen - No Apologies)

    (7) Culture change. (Divorce, children and wedding vows)

    (8) What can we do?

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    Begin Show Notes -

    1) Defining our terms - Modesty defined,(1 Cor 12:2, 1 Tim 2:9)

    2) Why is modesty a bigger issue today? - Feminism (Proverbs 7:10, rape culture, Mark 7)

    3) Rebranding - Current Christianity tends to rebrand unsavory parts of the faith/Bible

    4) What can't we say? - Men are not part of the conversation (Paul addresses only women directly on this issue in 1 Tim 2:9-10)

    5) Are there different types of modesty? - Financial, status, sexually.

    6) God says so - (Gen 3, 1 Tim 2)

    7) How should Christian women dress? - Proverbs 11:22

    8) God is critical of those who dress as prostitutes - Proverbs 7:10

    9) Humility - It's humble not to flaunt gifts, that includes physical ones.

    10) Love - Love thy neighbor as thyself (Matt 22:39, Rom 13:10, Phil 2, Girl Talk: Carolyn Mahaney, 1 John 3:17, Gal 6:2)

    11) Is she in any way responsible? - No, lust is clearly on the offender (Luke 6:45, Feminism)

    12) Is there a verse that specifically talks about a woman's lack of modesty causing a man to sin? - No, but it can contribute (Rom 13:10)

    13) Jesus taught about lust - Addressed only men (Matthew 5:27-28, Job 31:1)

    14) Can we apply what Jesus said about lusting with our eyes to women? - (Isaiah 3:16, modern day statistics of pornography viewing)

    15) What is the root issue involved in modesty? -

    There are multiple:
    a) Desiring acceptance
    b) Desiring to be noticed
    c) Not submitting to God
    d) Not respecting our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit
    e) A lack of humility
    f) Not loving others
    g) Not understanding how we are made with differences

    End of Show Notes -

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    Husbands and Wives in Christ

    Husbands and Wives in Christ

    (1.) The broader effects of our fallenness (Gen. 1, 2 & 3)

    (2.) General observations regarding marriage - (Feminism, biology, patriarchal, matriarchal-matrilineal)

    (3.) Is there hierarchy in marriage? - In marriage, by God's design, there is ranking (Huppa tasso - 'Rank self under')

    (4.) Don't tap out - some observations regarding women bucking and regretting weak men.

    (5.) Ephesians 5 - Husbands, love your wives. Wives, respect your husbands.

    (a) Men want and need respect.

    (b) Women will be tempted to despise their husbands.

    (c) Respecting a husband will be difficult.

    (6.) Before marriage for women - Ask yourself, "Do I respect this man?"

    (7.) Before marriage for men - Ask yourself, "Will she gladly follow my principled leadership.

    (8.) Act like men - The Bible assumes there are things that are unique to the nature of a man. (1 Cor 16:13)

    (9.) The Godly wife - Strengthen your man, cultivate subordination for the principled leadership of your husband for your family (Examples in: Eph, Col, Titus, 1 Peter)


    Men have been given rank and need respect from their wives.

    Women are more relational and need love from their husbands.

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    A podcast of Cornerstone Community Church in Joppa, MD [cornerstonejoppa.org](cornerstonejoppa.org)

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

Mel-Mel 1954 ,

Unfettered Truth

Thank you Pastor Steve for bringing messages that are the result of much obvious Spirit filled study. We need Christians and especially pastors who do not hold back teaching on what the Bible says.

tayofbmore ,

Local church with high quality doctrine

Love this! Would love to have a q&a episode. Specifically to answer questions on how we can be sure the New Testament is authorized by Jesus. Also, would love a walk through how God in his providence preserved the purity of scripture through canonization, distribution, translation, and old texts that are sometimes incomplete or not exact copies.

Thank you for putting on a quality show with a local voice

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