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Official podcast of Gut Check Press.

Gut Check Podcast Ted Kluck and Zachary Bartels

    • Religion & Spirituality
    • 4.9 • 123 Ratings

Official podcast of Gut Check Press.

    Episode 165 | Just the Pitts

    Episode 165 | Just the Pitts

    The Barattas counting cards, who's your hottest Brad?, SO! MANY! YAWNS!

    • 1 hr 25 min
    Bonus Ep | The Dog Lives Event

    Bonus Ep | The Dog Lives Event

    Book launch event for The Dog Lives

    • 48 min
    Episode 164 | Pure, Wholesome Radio

    Episode 164 | Pure, Wholesome Radio

    Dead guys out in the wild, putting Patreon concerns to rest, How to feel more smug, offputting sculptures, Secretly liking Richard Marx, Another (couch) song!

    • 57 min
    Episode 163 | I Did It! I Smoked It!

    Episode 163 | I Did It! I Smoked It!

    New Cheveu song, Ted's new hat and Zach's new jacket, Puke stories, Smoke shop ettiquette, KK's first cigar

    • 45 min
    Episode 162 | Radio Cuckold

    Episode 162 | Radio Cuckold

    In this episode...Flex 3: The Dog Lives update; We're kind of the bad girls of Patreon; We put the FUN in funds; Sacrificing your family for the company; What's the jar of rocks in your life?

    • 58 min
    Episode 161 | Radio Mavericks

    Episode 161 | Radio Mavericks

    Ted and Zach discuss the new Top Gun movie and hash out some business.

    • 1 hr 3 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
123 Ratings

123 Ratings

DarkCrystal29 ,

Lash this to your ears

Ha! Funny words! Sometimes they make non-words, sort of like the non-words you make when you forget the syrup. I’ll try to be as fawning as possible, because Hanz, bubby, this is an Apple Podcast review, not a dispensensational endtimes/romance/football thriller. Josh and Stephen do a wonderful job. I think I can count on one hand the times I didn’t laugh (laughing was the non-words). Baby, this is in fact a beautiful baby podcast.

Tell me who’s in the house? GC (Gut Chaz)!

Times to listen:
- When sitting in your giant sink/bath tub.
- After getting your books swindled from you at a barbecue.
- On the way to retrieving half of your gun that you maybe left in a booth at a restaurant.
- While eating 12 tacos.
- While pouring Noggin down the drain.
- While cracking open a can of Guru energy drink and drinking it instead of the aforementioned energy drink.
- After growing a scummy mustache.
- When you have demons that need stilling.
- While climbing a light stanchion to be raptured alongside your evangelical hero.
- Carman’s poofy purple jacket.
- While being hunted… by Cliff Graham
- During your annual Die Hard 1-5 marathon.
- While painting a battle scene between a demon and an angel.
- While playing a game of Set’lers.
- In a boxing glove shaped state.
- Deep in the belly button above the buckle of the Bible Belt.
- In Vegas.
- In Israel.
- Inside of the Denver Values Dobson/Moody Kilometer-High Stadium.
- After you forget the syrup.


madison_gutchecksoldier ,

To The Podcast I Couldn’t Live Without

I listen to a lot of podcasts, but I realized today that if I had to only keep one podcast that I could listen to, it would be you guys. Literacy month, your many thriving business ventures, the dialogues between true men of letters, and the innumerable inside jokes and hahas I’ve gotten to partake in are all things I would be sad to live without. Thanks to both the football loving professor who is famous among Scottish stalkers and the author of Michigan renowned “hot priest:crime fighter.” special thanks also to KK and Erin who only increase my ability to laugh along. It’s hard (no, impossible) to be glum when listening to the gut check podcast, so as long you keep making them, I will happily keep listening. :)


mithtyn ,

<Insert Fawning Praise Here>

Absolutely love the podcast. Zach & Ted bring a little bit of everything needed to the show, and have me anxiously awaiting each new episode. They provide the need to know about good and not so good energy drinks, and the very best of reading material. Be it dispensensational thrillers, smoking companions, or the latest from Chaz Marriot, they have you covered.

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