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Official podcast of Gut Check Press.

Gut Check Podcast Ted Kluck and Zachary Bartels

    • Religion & Spirituality
    • 4.9 • 133 Ratings

Official podcast of Gut Check Press.

    Episode 222 | Shawty

    Episode 222 | Shawty

    V8,'80s grocery stores, Ted vs. angry little guy, Roadtrip?, Press those khakis, old-man tomato talk, technical difficulties and pajama revival

    • 31 min
    Episode 221 | Eat My Hat

    Episode 221 | Eat My Hat

    Worship music from iffy sources

    • 49 min
    Episode 220 | Emergency Business Meeting

    Episode 220 | Emergency Business Meeting

    Another G.O.A.T. Fuel review, 80s sports nostalgia, V8 old man energy, blowing up GI Joes, pajama surplus strategy, Murray Slaughter and existential funk, C- tweets

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Episode 219 | Hypocritical or Just Really Complex

    Episode 219 | Hypocritical or Just Really Complex

    Energy Drink Review: G.O.A.T. FUEL: Blueberry Lemonade, 7-Eleven Street Drugs, Rage-inducing internet ads, The secret of Neil DeGrasse Tyson's success, Piloting a new seg

    • 56 min
    Episode 218 | Late Young-Guy Hubris

    Episode 218 | Late Young-Guy Hubris

    It's Garment Season; buy our pajamas; using up stories; getting boat-raced; in-depth interview with Will

    • 33 min
    Episode 217 | Press Conference

    Episode 217 | Press Conference

    This week: Ted and Zach stand on an outdoor staircase in the big downtown, in front of a bank of many microphones, and talk about Gut Check Pajamas. Special thanks to our patrons who sent in questions.

    • 31 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
133 Ratings

133 Ratings

justasinglegirl627 ,

Reverse Psychology and Throwing Caution

Gut Check is one of my favorite podcasts. I initially came for the soothing dulcet tones of one Ted Kluck himself (definitely not a fan girl or anything), but stayed for the familial banter, inside jokes, moments of wholesome genuineness, stories, occasional laughing of wives in the background, and overall pleasantness of both hosts. Sometimes I use reverse psychology on myself by only allowing myself to listen to this podcast when I do my least favorite household chores in hopes of being enticed into completing wearisome tasks. And while I come for the aforementioned merriment, I always stay to sing along with the closing song “Throw Caution to the Wind” (seriously, it’s a bop, please put it on Spotify). Much love from the PNW!

Tim B. - PA ,

Rocketship Quality

I am a HUGE fan of the podcast, five stars right off the bat. I have re:listened to episodes so many times because there is nothing like the the honest conversation of you gentlemen. This is, by far, my favorite podcast.

Now, I'll be even more honest with you. This past summer, episodes we're coming out that wreaked of a dying podcast. I was so close to emailing in just to say... put it to rest. Put this beautiful dog down before it gets too sad to listen to, it'll be okay. But I was wrong. THE DOG LIVES.
Now I am here to say well done, gentlemen. You have revived the morale of the troops, you have done what many are not capable of. With just as much gusto as the early episodes, you have successfully made a comeback. Thank you for making great radio.

Jhammerick ,

To buoy their spirits and make them feel smug

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this podcast is great

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