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Hacking the Afterlife podcast. Jennifer Shaffer works as a medium/intuitive and helps law enforcement agencies nationwide with missing person cases. Richard Martini is a best selling (kindle in their genre) author of books about the Flipside. They met 8 years ago, and have been filming their conversations weekly, the past two years on this podcast

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Hacking the Afterlife podcast. Jennifer Shaffer works as a medium/intuitive and helps law enforcement agencies nationwide with missing person cases. Richard Martini is a best selling (kindle in their genre) author of books about the Flipside. They met 8 years ago, and have been filming their conversations weekly, the past two years on this podcast

    How to Bypass Filters on the Brain; an excerpt from my talk at Contact in the Desert

    How to Bypass Filters on the Brain; an excerpt from my talk at Contact in the Desert

    This excerpt was filmed with the permission of Ron Janix; for the full video and other clips from this amazing event, please visit CONTACTINTHEDESERT.COM - This is a bit long for our podcast, but it includes a guided meditation, so please don't do the guided meditation while driving a car or using heavy equipment.
    Basically, filming people accessing this information for over fifteen years, and visiting the University of Virginia Lab DOPS, where they explore how consciousness is not confined to the brain, I've heard from Dr. Greyson about the "filters on the brain" that seem to be bypassed during the near death event. (See pg 125 of his book AFTER)   Dr. Helen Wambach also talks about "the filters on the brain" in her book RELIVING PAST LIVES.  She also called them "filters that block information not conducive to survival."
    Two scientists who talk about the same filters but 50 years apart from different disciplines.  There's also a reference to Viola Pettit-Neal, whom I was turned on to by Harvard neuroscientist Akeera Weerasakera PhD.  She did some trance sessions where she accessed a classroom on the flipside where they talked about the filters on the brain.
    People can bypass them using hypnotherapy, mediumship or guided meditation (also with hallucinogens like DMT, in dreams, during near death events, out of body experiences etc.  I recommend using a Newton Institute hypnotherapist, as their four to six hour sessions are like the ones that Dr. Wambach used. (And one can listen to a 2 hour hypnosis session given by Dr. Wambach on this page). 
    The point is - anyone can bypass their filters. Mediums don't have the same ones that other folks have, some children don't have them until the 8th year, see people others cannot, recall previous lifetimes.  Some elderly people lose them prior to passing. According to Dr. Greyson's talk IS CONSCIOUSNESS PRODUCED BY THE BRAIN (also reproduced on this page) refers to the data that 70% of the hospice care workers in the UK report dementia patients who spontaneously recall memories - as Greyson notes "It's as if the filters on the brain are dying with the atrophied brain."
    In this talk, courtesy of Contact in the Desert, courtesy of Ron Janix who allowed me to film and share this excerpt, this is a simple method of how to bypass those filters. It includes a guided meditation. 
    This information is based on fifteen years of filming people accessing the afterlife, accessing their loved ones via hypnotherapy, mediumship and guided meditation.  I was happy to see that the event was standing room only - people lined up along the walls to get some insight into this research.
    The reason it's at Contact in the Desert is when people use guided meditation to access their guides (as reported in DIVINE COUNCILS IN THE AFTERLIFE and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FLIPSIDE KIND) is because during these simple meditations, sometimes people access beings on their council who have never incarnated on the planet. Further, as noted, in the podcast with Simon Bown (see his podcast #119 ) he accessed a "gray alien" who allowed me to ask him a raft of unusual questions with mind bending answers. (Like: "have you ever donated blood to the Red Cross? The people we visit and extract DNA from are people who offered to donate before they incarnated on the planet.)
    I offer this as the kind of research anyone can do - people should see if they get different answers or results from their own experiments... people who do this kind of work can be skeptics, disbelievers, doubters, or religions folks who belief their belief system is sacrosanct.  Data needs to be reproducible and consistent to become data.
    In fifteen years of filming people accessing this information - it doesn't change, but keeps getting more interesting, deeper, and mind bending. We have a forum at Quora called "Hacking the Afterlife" - it's a place to share data, research or personal experiences with the flipside.
    Jennifer is at a family event this

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    Excerpt from our Workshop at Contact in the Desert - Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer

    Excerpt from our Workshop at Contact in the Desert - Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer

    This is an excerpt from our Workshop at Contact in the Desert.  For a full edition, please visit ContactInTheDesert.com - and choose the workshop version.
    The video for this excerpt can be found at the Hacking the Afterlife page on Youtube - MartiniZone or MartiniProds on Youtube... to see what photos I'm referring to.
    Over the course of three days, people gathered near Palm Springs to share research, data, about non human consciousness. 
    For those familiar with the podcast, Jennifer and I are sitting next to each other onstage and I'm showing some slides from the presentation. Those pictures can be found at the above mentioned page.
    What makes this session worth putting onto our podcast, is that in the middle I do a guided meditation for about 20 minutes.
    Anyone can follow along, but I recommend not doing a guided meditation while one is driving... who knows where one might go.
    Find someplace comfortable to allow images, thoughts, even sounds to appear while doing that kind of meditation.  Med means measure in Latin - one is measuring thoughts.
    The last portion is Jennifer answering questions from random members of the audience - their names are in a box, and Jennifer answers direct questions to people on the flipside - if it's a question about process, I try to field it.
    Either way - it's an insight into how the podcast comes together. For eight years Jennifer and I have been meeting weekly - she says "so and so is here" and I then supply the questions.
    For the entire session, about 90 minutes, or for other panels at the conference, please visit the website Contact In The Desert.  This excerpt is filmed and used with the permission of Ron Janix who runs the event.  Some amazing speakers this time around.
    Check it out!
    Hope this helps. 

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    Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Harry Dean Stanton, Fred Roos and friends

    Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Harry Dean Stanton, Fred Roos and friends

    Jennifer and I have been doing this form of accessing the flipside for 8 years.  Every week for the past 8 years we've been getting together to see who we can speak with or talk to on the flipside.
    In terms of the process; Jennifer works with law enforcement agencies daily; she senses, sees, hears information and does her best to interpret what she is seeing, hearing. 
    When someone shows up that I knew, or she knew, it's easier to interpret what they're talking about.  In my case I try to ask them the same relative questions; "Who greeted you when you crossed over?" "Who are you hanging out with?" "Who were you surprised to see?" "What was the journey like?" "What would you like to tell your loved ones?"
    Sometimes the people who are on our podcast show up because of their connection to our moderator on the flipside, Luana Anders, my friend who passed away in my arms in 1996.  She began to visit me after that event, then members of my family; at some point I had to acknowledge that she still existed.  My journey into the FLIPSIDE (book and film) was to figure out how that was physically possible.
    After about 7 years of filming people using hypnotherapy or guided meditation to access the same hallmarks, Jennifer showed up to demonstrate how talking to someone who was onstage is like having a cellphone to those who are offstage.
    And here we are 8 years later.
    Occasionally people show up that I knew well, or worked with, or someone like this week's guest who I knew for 40 years.  I heard from his family prior to the podcast about his passing, and they asked me to let them know if I heard anything from him on the flipside.
    So in that vein we offer this interview with someone who stepped offstage, who is not gone, just not here.  He talks about things only I know about - in many instances referring to people Jennifer doesn't know, but I do.
    To those who have lost a dear friend, a dear family member, someone close to their hearts, it can be difficult to listen to something like this - grief can be overwhelming. The desire to dismiss something like this is strong - and of course this kind of investigation isn't for everyone.
    But after doing this for eight years, I can think of no other podcast we've done that is so spot on in terms of what we learn from someone I loved dearly who is no longer on the planet, but has gone back "home" to be with friends and family.
    In the books BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE, (1-3) and TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE; there are the transcripts of the sessions with the late actor, great skeptic Harry Dean Stanton who was a dear friend of Fred Roos and Luana Anders.
    In those sessions, I asked Harry "at what point did you realize there was an afterlife?" and he told us that at first he thought he was dreaming - had "entered a happy memory" of his trip with Fred Roos and Luana Anders to the Monterey Pop festival in 1967 (where they arrived to see Jimi Hendrix.)  I know this is accurate, because in Harry's account from the flipside, I confirmed everything he said with Fred Roos, who was in the car with Luana and Harry Dean - something I wasn't aware of, but he was.
    And then, Fred described the same "soft landing" they had constructed for him. The memory of those fairgrounds, of being young and seeing one's pals offstage.
    This is about as mind bending a session as we've ever done. 
    As noted, Jennifer and I will be at the Contact in the Desert conference this coming week; I appear on Friday the 31st at 10:30, then Jennifer and I appear together on Saturday June 1st at 10:30 am in the Independence Room, and then I will be speaking solo about "filters on the brain" on Sunday at 2:30 at the event.
    Hope some can make it - or tune in via their website at ContactIntheDesert.com
    Again, I'm sorry to have a close friend of mine leave the planet after a fantastic 90 year run - and for some listening in the names of the people I ask him to talk about are easy to discern for those who might have known the great, Osca

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    Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Luana Anders, Roger Corman, Bill, Chuck and Eleanor

    Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Luana Anders, Roger Corman, Bill, Chuck and Eleanor

    An extra long episode for today - caught Jennifer at the end of her long day instead of in the middle of it.
    We start off by talking about some day to day issues, reminding the audience we're going to be appearing together at the ContactInTheDesert.com event on June 1st, at 10:30 "How to Talk to One’s Council: Including ET’s Workshop with Jennifer Shaffer and Richard Martini Saturday, June 1, 2024 10:30am–12:05pmLocation: Independence Room (Contact In the Desert) 
    Jennifer asked me how folks could sign up to do a guided meditation with me, they can by sending me an email at MartiniProds@gmail.com - 
    We invited Luana Anders to come and talk to us about two friends of hers who had crossed recently. Both friends and colleagues of hers.  In the first instance, I name the individual, who was famous in Hollywood, but not so much outside the business.
    The second person, her first name is used; she was a close friend of Luana's and those who know Luana and her story will likely recognize the name, those who aren't aware of it, will not.
    And I prefer it that way - because that allowed her to speak about her journey directly from the flipside - since Jennifer had no idea who this woman was.
    Jennifer also didn't know who Roger Corman is or was, and why these interviews are so unusual - because we are demonstrating how easy it is for ANYONE to speak to their loved ones offstage.
    Literally invited them to come and share details about their journey.
    I've been doing this with Jennifer for over 8 years, have been filming people talking to their loved ones via hypnotherapy or meditation for another 7 years, for a total of fifteen years.
    It's not opinion, theory or belief that people can speak to, learn new information from people offstage - it's footage, data or in the science from the University of Virginia lab DOPS that demonstrates consciousness is not confined to the brain.
    We had some visitors as well - Kobe stopped by to say "hi" (Jennifer has worked with members of his family) Bill Paxton stopped by to tease Jennifer about always forgetting his name, Charles Grodin made a short appearance - and people who know me, know that Luana and Charles were best pals for over 30 years, and I was close with him for 20.  Every time he shows up, I know that I'm getting something fun to hear from my friend who is godfather to my kids. 
    Bill and I met early on, while he was shooting Aliens in London, remained pals, but I rarely saw him outside of Cannes.  But he's shown up so many times that there's a film "talking to Bill Paxton" on Amazon where I had three different mediums ask Bill the same identical questions - only questions he could answer - and in one instance did so via a third person (blind study) who read my questions to the medium. I wasn't anywhere near them when they filmed that. Bill answered the same every time.
    As noted at the end of this podcast, everything that Jennifer said - including the moment I was driving in Westwood and heard my friend's voice in my head saying "I went there!" when driving by the UCLA sign. (Funny, I just looked that detail up to confirm it and yes, she did).
    Life does not end.
    Our loved ones still exist.
    One can access them, ask them questions.
    It doesn't require a medium, but it can help.
    Meditation works, so does hypnotherapy. 
    They want to continue the conversation.
    Let them.
    We are all heading home either way - as Ram Dass put it: 'We are all just walking each other home."
    Try to enjoy the ride.

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    Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Luana Anders, Ma Durga, Five, Hira, Harry Dean Stanton

    Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Luana Anders, Ma Durga, Five, Hira, Harry Dean Stanton

    Jennifer returned from her trip to Mexico and we dive into what people in our class on the flipside wanted to talk about; the upcoming "Contact in the Desert" workshop on Saturday, June 1st. (ContactInTheDesert.com)
    First up was Ma Durga, the Hindu deity who has appeared in a number of conversations with people on the flipside. Jennifer's father identified her as the 8 armed teacher from his astrophysics class.
    She's shown up in other conversations, guided meditations - and after asking her multiple questions. she is seen by most people as this kind of 8 armed octopus time person/woman. She told us previously that she was incarnated as a young girl on earth, as well as an octopus, and "kept the 8 arms because they're useful as a teacher." 
    She's funny, slightly off beat - and has offered to show up at our workshop on Saturday to talk about "aliens" and how we don't need to fear what we don't understand. Mind bending stuff. She was interrupted by "Five" - the Akashic librarian that we've interviewed before, that I've also seen or met in multiple other avenues, during someone's hypnotherapy session (Divine Councils in the Afterlife) as well as during guided meditations with people (Architecture of the Afterlife) as well as multiple times on our podcast. (Search "Five")
    He uses the number because it's non denominational, has no gender.  He's a sage, wise person, a bit like Yoda in stature.  But he too has offered to show up at our workshop (Not literally, but to answer questions that I pose to him). 
    Again, I can't see him or Ma Durga, but Jennifer can (and Ma Durga is a bonafide Hindu deity - look her up).  Then we had a visit from Harry Dean Stanton.
    Oddly enough I was reading Ed Begley Jr's hilarious autobiography, which mentions Harry a number of times. ("To the Temple of Tranquility and Step On It!") Harry Dean Stanton is/ was quite a character, funny, and much beloved by his closest pals (like Fred Roos). 
    Anyways, a conversation with Harry Dean about telling people not to get hung up over the word "God" or the concept of "God" - but to just allow that there are things, beings, people that exist that are higher intelligences than us - and that's okay, also that whatever one believes doesn't change the fact that there is an afterlife. (Something he argued against for much of his career.)
    He had a private message for Ed Begley Jr. so I will forward it to him. Thanks Jennifer!

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    Hacking the Afterlife Podcast with Jennifer Shaffer, Luana Anders, Tom Petty, Linda Medlyn, Robin Williams

    Hacking the Afterlife Podcast with Jennifer Shaffer, Luana Anders, Tom Petty, Linda Medlyn, Robin Williams

    Another one of those mind bending podcasts.
    In the first half, there's a visit from the one and only Tom Petty.  When he first showed up to talk to us, years back, I asked him "how is it you're appearing to Jennifer in this restaurant in Manhattan beach? I didn't meet you when I was a music critic at Variety, and I don't think Luana met you in her lifetime.  How did you show up?"
    His reply was "You have no idea how many people are in line to talk to you guys. It's like your friend Luana has a clipboard at the VIP section backstage and you need to be on the list."
    Which is how the name for the books came about BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE books 1, 2 and 3, and later TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE about all the musicians we've interviewed in the past 8 years.
    I asked Tom what he wanted to say and at the time it was a personal thing for his family.  So I transcribed that session, figured out how to get an email to a family member, told them the circumstances of how this "interview" happened... to which they politely replied, "Thanks, but I wish every day we could talk to him, and I don't think you and Jennifer are speaking to him."
    Which is fine, logical, completely understandable. So the next time he showed up I said to him "They didn't want to hear from us, it's best you communicate directly to them" to which he replied "It takes time. It's the first of many examples." 
    So that being said - I'm not posting this interview to "claim that we have a direct line" to anyone on the flipside. As I've always done - in the past 8 years of working with Jennifer - I ask the same questions to everyone we meet on the podcast. "Who greeted you, what was that like?" etc.  As noted in the podcast, Tom had told us before that he was "greeted by his father" on the flipside, and that was unusual for him as they were estranged (and I later found that was reportedly the case based on interviews with Tom.)
    But here we are years later - and I asked him "What's in like for you to revisit us - this many years later? He said "Like the time it takes to turn around."
    Which is what people consistently report. Roughly, that "25 years on earth feels like 5 or 10 minutes to someone offstage." That things that occurred years ago, feel like seconds ago.  (And this is repeated in the book FLIPSIDE where I had two hypnotherapy sessions two years apart, yet the second one picked up where I had left off, just a few seconds later.
    He came to give some simple musical advice.  "Pick up an instrument and play.  It will do you a world of good." I'm paraphrasing as the comment was directed towards our son, who is a virtuoso on the piano. (His grandmother was a concert pianist, so I'm aware of the term).
    Tom wants him to continue to play. After the podcast ended, we did just that. Jammed for a bit. Thanks Tom.
    Then Jennifer's mom stopped by - Linda. Whose birthday was this week - she passed recently, and this was Jennifer's first birthday of hers without her - however, as noted there was an unusual bouquet of flowers that appeared on her doorstep that day.
    Then Robin Williams stops by, briefly at the end... fans of the podcast, of the books know that he's been showing up for 8 years. Allow me to repeat the story that when he first showed up, he told Jennifer to tell me to "put his chapter back in my book."
    I had told no one that the night before I had deleted that chapter - as it was too much about me meeting him, Jonathan Winters, than it was about him. As ordered, I put it back into the book HACKING THE AFTERLIFE.My wife Sherry was in a class where the teacher had written down "Elvis" as the name of the person they wanted to see if the class could do a "remote viewing" and read what was the name on the paper she'd written.
    And as reported, Robin showed up doing his Elvis imitation. Funny enough, last night, happened to turn on the TV and the ad for the The Movie Channel has Robin doing that imitation and then there's a clip of Elvis doing the same thing. (Check

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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
69 Ratings

69 Ratings

sharpimge ,

I listen all the time

I ‘LOVE’ your podcast and YouTube channel. I even listen to to you on Coast to Coast… please continue your shows.

Willing-student ,

Hacking The Afterlife podcasts

I love the premise of the show and Jennifer is awesome! I would give 5 stars but unfortunately Richard talks so much, every episode, you barely get to hear from those in the afterlife who they are connecting with. Richard seems to always make everything about him or his experiences.
Richard, I love that you & Jennifer put this together and maybe your books give those on the flipside more “time to talk”.
I really don’t mean to offend Richard but requesting please, please, please do less talking so we can learn from those who have crossed over!

Stuart0432 ,

Educational and Entertaining

A perfect blend

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