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Welcome to the launch of the Hagar's Voice Podcast. Here's a brief intro, backstory and the hope for this channel.If you, or someone you know, is a victim of clergy sexual abuse, we are here for you. You are not alone. Visit www.HagarsVoice.com

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Welcome to the launch of the Hagar's Voice Podcast. Here's a brief intro, backstory and the hope for this channel.If you, or someone you know, is a victim of clergy sexual abuse, we are here for you. You are not alone. Visit www.HagarsVoice.com

    Season 2, Episode 4: Cassandra

    Season 2, Episode 4: Cassandra

    This episode shares the story of a survivor who experienced abuse in two different industries and a traumatic trip through the court system.  The story (and therefore episode) is long, but there are obvious breaks along the way to pace your own processing as you listen.  The survivor, "Cassandra*" has been incredibly generous to provide the following show notes and access to communicate with her if you'd like.

    Dec 22, 2022
     – Military police investigation complaint:
    *Meaning of Cassandra: in reference to the Trojan princess who was given the gift of prophecies by Apollo but cursed so that no one would believe her.

    Sept 1, 2023
     – Charges stayed with my reasons on the record:
    *Meaning of Cassandra: “helper of mankind”

    "Cassandra’s" complaint to the Federal Ombudsperson for Victim’s of Crime (June 25, 2023)

    Links to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights - review of Bill S-12 Publication Bans:

    Oct 5, 2023
    : Morrell Andrews refers to the “Cassandra” PB issue at 17:05:48-59 and she has powerful words about what we still face in the system at 17:06:50-17:07:34.

    Oct 17, 2023:
    Dr. Ben Roebuck, the Federal Ombudsperson for Victims of Crime, presented at 17:04:10  to 17:04:41
    – the part specifically about protecting therapeutic records and their plans for a systemic review.

    - the reference to Cassandra wishing she had known to speak to a lawyer before reporting to the police, which led to the defence subpoena of her records and her decision to stay the case:

    Victims of SA can get 4 hours of free Independent Legal Advice:

    You can contact Cassandra at

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    Season 2, Episode 3: Christie Penner Worden

    Season 2, Episode 3: Christie Penner Worden

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Christie Penner Worden for returning to the podcast for some deeper learnings and a whole boatload of wisdom.

    Some items related to today's themes:
    Better Together: How Women & Men Can Heal the Divide and Work Together to Transform the Future by Danielle Strickland

    Christie's 4 Warning Signs/Flags: confusion, chaos, distraction & destruction

    Christie's Steps for Abuse Prevention:
    1) Collect warning signs as you go along (know you unique flags)
    2) Pre-Decide you have options (determine now that you have agency)
    3) Visualize acceptable options (imagine your authentic self using your agency to respond to abuse)

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    Season 2, Episode 2: Alexa Barkley

    Season 2, Episode 2: Alexa Barkley

    A HUGE thank you to Alexa Barkley for her encouragement and wisdom.  She has provided some resources and references that you might find helpful:

    Here is the article that tells a few more/different details of Alexa's story

    Alexa's correspondence with the Canadian Baptists of Ontario & Quebec (CBOQ)demonstrates very typical behavior for organizations that are lacking trauma-informed care principles and are oriented around a desire to protect the institution instead of orienting around making the situation right.  This correspondence also demonstrates the effort so many survivors go to in order to 1) be heard, 2) be grace-filled, and 3) use their voice to educate decision-makers.  It is nothing short of heroic.

    Jaymie Friesen of the Mennonite Central Committee is part of Alexa's circle of support and her letter to the CBOQ is a powerful demonstration of truth-telling and holding decision-makers accountable for their responsibilities.  It is educational and not abusive, but it pulls no punches.  The Mennonites also have an Abuse Prevention site that is incredibly insightful and helpful.  It demonstrates incredible transparency in naming abusers who have had credible claims brought against them.  Well done, MCC.

    Into Account is a powerhouse USA-based advocacy organization that Alexa referenced & that Hagar's Voice highly recommends for survivors seeking advocacy or decision-makers seeking guidance.

    #ChurchToo: How Purity Culture Upholds Abuse and How to Find Healing is a resource Alexa mentioned.  She also recommends You Are Your Own – A Reckoning with the Religious Trauma of Evangelical Christianity & Pure – Inside the Evangelical Movement That Shamed a Generation of Young Women and How I Broke Free & Putting Trials on Trial – Sexual Assault and the Failure of the Legal Profession  Each of these books is available in multiple formats.

    Those interested in the connection between purity culture and abuse might consider the thus-themed season of the Reclaiming My Theology podcast by Brandi Miller.  This season ran from Nov 2022 through May 2023 and is an in-depth autopsy of the theologies behind the purity movement and the ramifications of it still playing out today on more than just gender dynamics.  This podcast can be found on all major platforms.

    If you'd like to connect with Alexa, you can find her on Instagram @alexa.m.barkley or Facebook as alexa.barkley.7

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    Season 2, Episode 1: Lori Adams-Brown

    Season 2, Episode 1: Lori Adams-Brown

    Thank you so much, Lori, for your time, insight, courage and leadership in today’s episode!  We join you in your calls to action, listeners, let’s:
    Contact Saddleback & call for Andy to stand down (@saddlebackchurch or https://saddleback.com/visit/about/contact-us)Email Filipe at Echo (fsantos@echo.church) to release all NDAs or sign the petition Lori created that has over 1500 signatures already!Use public channels (#southernbaptist) to call on the SBC to let women speak (or email them at https://www.sbc.net/contact/)

    Below are links to references Lori made in the episode:
    Her story as reported in the Roys Report with access to more articles on Andy Wood, Rick Warren, Saddleback and the SBC.

    Lori and her husband Jason Adams-Brown share their story in long-form on Lori’s podcast “World of Difference” (Part 1 of 6) 

    Two (of many) sides of Andy Wood: opening to a sermon given in FL (May 2021) while pastoring in CA.

    Book: A Church Called TOV

    D.A.R.V.O. stands for Deny, Attack, Reverse, Victim & Offender.  More information is readily available with a DARVO Google search

    Hillsong Expose TV Series

    Shiny, Happy People Documentary on the Duggars

    Christianity Today podcast on Mark Discoll “Rise & Fall of Mars Hill”

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    Episode 5: Peter's Story

    Episode 5: Peter's Story

    Today we’re joined by Peter, a survivor who shares a bit of his story and amazing quantities of wisdom through his sober critique of the ways churches handle disclosures of clergy abuse.  We are so grateful for Peter’s openness and insight.
    If you, or someone you know, is the victim of clergy abuse of any kind, you are not alone.  Hagar’s Voice exists to support and stand with you. www.HagarsVoice.com

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    Episode 4: Conversation with Danielle Strickland

    Episode 4: Conversation with Danielle Strickland

    In this episode we’re joined by Hagar’s Voice co-founder, Danielle Strickland.  It’s an informal chat about our origin story, the original Hagar character from scripture, theologies that promote the types of abuses we’re seeing in religious spaces right now & how to keep hope alive.  It was a delight to have her, enjoy!
    Gender narratives about God referenced from Danielle’s book “Better Together”Hope concepts previewed from her up-coming book “The Other Side of Hope”
    Danielle does a lot of work in justice and social improvement, check out her other involvements at DanielleStrickland.com 

    If you're a survivor, we're here for you. Don't hesitate to reach out contact.hagarsvoice@gmail.com

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