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A chat around the fire place about family, relationships, divorce, domestic violence, social movement, abuse, marriage, mental health, male masculinity and business.

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A chat around the fire place about family, relationships, divorce, domestic violence, social movement, abuse, marriage, mental health, male masculinity and business.

    A second chance

    A second chance

    Fritz Moua. I'm 39 years of age, single father of 4 beautiful girls. My oldest 18, 16, 14 and my baby, 7 years old. I was born in Moline, Illinois but moved to Fresno, California and lived there until my early teens. My family and left California to a small town, Wausau, Wisconsin. Which I absolutely love. The big city living is not for me. Quickly adapting to the small town life style, I soon became a husband and a father at a young age. I worked a night shift job and was going to school to get my nursing degree. As busy as I was, life was good. Everything seems to be falling in place until Thanksgiving day of 2013. It started out as a slight fever and some flu like symptoms. I didn't think of anything much and I just kept brushing it of. Eventually my fever got worse and communicating started to get complicated. Even then, I was so stubborn, I refused to go to the hospital. As I tried to get through this fever, I eventually feel into a massive seizure. I was rushed to the hospital. Hours later, after the spinal tab, results came in and doctors diagnose me with Herpes Semplex Enchephalitis. A rare illness where the Herpes virus, you and I know it as the "Cold Sore Virus" goes and attacked the brain. I was then transported to Marshfield Clinic which is about one hour away. The viral attacked left me with seizure activities and I was often unconscious. At this very moment, I had absolutely no clue what was going on. I was given some anti virus and anti seizure meds and the doctors told my family, "We did everything we could, the rest is up to him." "Even if he makes it through this, he may never be the same due to the amount of damaged done to his brain." When I woke up, I was told there was no cure, but I was very fortunate. After therapy, I was mentally and physically stable. I was then released from the hospital. But, brain recovery was not easy. I could not drive. I couldn't go back to work. I should not be alone. So many "What if questions!" "What if I fell into another seizure?" It could be while I was driving or at work. So much negativity that I eventually was stuck in a dark bubble. No one knew my depression and anxiety sky rocket. The nerves in my brain was damaged from the virus, which severely impacted my sleep. Multiple sleepless nights after nights. I could not fall asleep, and when I did, I could not stay asleep. I often fought chronic fatigue throughout the day. My entire system was out of whack. I was so frustrated I desperately went searching for answers, and everywhere was a dead end. After a long sleepless night, I could no longer stare at the ceiling, I got up and accidently bumped into my old pair of running shoes that was slightly sticking out under my bed. I completely ignored it, walked out of my room and for what ever reason, I turned back and told myself, "What it going to hurt?" Slapped on some old running gear and in the middle winter, I gave it all I could give for 1 mile and it was the best feeling I ever had in a long time. Day by day, 1 mile led to 3 miles, 3 miles led to 10 miles and finally I chased my first half marathon, Wausau Half. Miles after miles, I finished my first Marathon. I broke every rule in the book, and my doctors were right, "He would never be the same!" From city to city, state to states, races after races, marathons after marathons. I even did my first International marathon in Chiang Mai. Throughout my journey, I have met some of the most amazing people I now call my dear friends. I could have not done this alone, I am truly greatfull to have such amazing supporters who stands behind me. This is only the beginning of a new chapter. Next stop, Ultra Marathons and my ultimate challenge, I am mentally and physically ready for my first IronMan. I truly am greatful for a 2nd chance and this time, I'm making every step count.

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    45 thousand miles and walking

    45 thousand miles and walking

    Lo Phong La "Lil' Buddha" Kiatoukaysy is an accomplished Hmong American backpacking adventurer, speaker, writer, and outdoor diversity & equity advocate. He has hiked over 45,000 trail miles since 1995. He is best known for his calendar year 2010 6,000 mile Eastern Continental Trail (ECT) route which is considered an ultra long-distance hiking first. In April 2020 he completed his second ECT, making him a Double-Triple Crown Thru-hiker, a distinction bestowed to backpackers who have thru-hiked the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail (AT), 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), and 3,300 mile Continental Divide Trail (CDT) in their entirety twice each. With only one more CDT (planned 2021) and AT (planned 2022), he hopes to become a Triple-Triple Crown Thru-hiker. In summer 2021 he is re-hiking the CDT, and has partnered with #stopaapihate co-founding organization the Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA), to raise awareness on anti-AAPI racism, bigotry and violence. Follow his adventures on Instagram @lilbuddhahikes

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    In a mental state

    In a mental state

    My name is Joshua (“Joanna”) Xiong and I am a 25 year-old Hmong professional living in Los Angeles. I am the second child of eight children whom three were adopted. My parents did not have the privilege to attain higher education and thus pushed us to pursue higher education. I was the first in my family to graduate from college where I graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with my Bachelors in Asian American Studies with a minor in Global Health and from the University of Southern California with my Master of Social Work. I have worked for roughly two years now as a mental health therapist and am currently working as a mental health therapist at a non-profit agency serving disenfranchised and underrepresented individuals. I hope to continue serving our communities and become a champion for other people of color and LGBTQIA+ individuals.

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    Finding spiritual awakening

    Finding spiritual awakening

    John B Yang is a Shaman and Qi energy healer. He is a meditation and spiritual mentor. He provides spiritual guidance, mental and emotional support for those who seek holistic healing.
    John's spiritual awakening, lead him to find his higher purpose and higher self. His calling was to do something bigger than himself. A selfless mission to further help his community, country, the world, and humanity.
    He is a small business owner. John’s company Vizion SEO provides digital marketing and website services.
    He is the Chair for the Minnesota Hmong Chamber of Commerce.
    He is also currently serving in the US Air Force.
    John has a long track record of community service, providing his holistic and professional services to help the community, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses.
    Outside of his work, he enjoys spending time with family & friends, sports, martial arts, outdoor activities, meditation, and holistic healing.

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    Self-Defense with Instructor Khang

    Self-Defense with Instructor Khang

    My name is Christian Khang and I've been a certified firearms instructor for the past 4 years. My goal is to provide low cost classes to my community but to provide the highest level of real world training I can. Bad things and evil people have and always will be around, emergency response will always be slower than the person who is already on the scene so it will always be up to the individual to respond to their own crisis. I'm married and have a 1 year old son and I work full time as a cybersecurity engineer. I hate bullies and those who hurt innocent people, this is my driving force for starting my project as a firearms instructor.

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    Life as Pro-Motorcycle racer #55

    Life as Pro-Motorcycle racer #55

    A 15 year old teenager is set to make his debut as a pro motorcycle racer, less than one year after first getting on a bike.
    Aden Thao hopped on a bike for the first time in his life just 11 months ago.

    • 54 min

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4.1 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Stargaze Flowers ,


I support and am rooting! I’ve taken a listen upon stumbling upon this podcast looking up Hmong in the search bar. This is awesome and I love how we get personal stories :)
Get this out there more so others can listen too and discover it !

Abuv_all ,

Could be a decent show... just need a few tweaks

Hey I get what your trying to do... just a few suggestions. Please introduce your guest and give us listeners a little more back ground. Not all of us follow or know the people you interview. Can you have a structure to your questions? What do you want us to learn or know about your guest? What is the reason for this “talk”? Not criticizing or hating... just trying to support and let you know from an outsider looking in. Thanks... keep it up!

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