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We want to teach you how to decorate! We'll help you unleash your inner decorator with interviews from interior designers, sharing the trials and triumphs from our own homes, and answering your burning decorating questions. Brought to you from the Ballard Designs team.

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We want to teach you how to decorate! We'll help you unleash your inner decorator with interviews from interior designers, sharing the trials and triumphs from our own homes, and answering your burning decorating questions. Brought to you from the Ballard Designs team.

    Ep. 265 Trials & Triumphs

    Ep. 265 Trials & Triumphs

    We are back with this month’s trials and triumphs. Last time, Taryn was ready to move into The Schwartz House, but some new trials are holding up their move-in date. Liz gives us an update – the good and the bad – on her meeting with the architect. Plus, Caroline shares all of the tips she learned from TikTok on how to make the perfect bed!

    What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

    Taryn is still not living in her house; what’s the hold-up?

    So what IS ready in The Schwartz House?

    Tips on different types of blinds.

    How is Taryn feeling about her paint colors?

    Liz met with the architect for her kitchen. What are they planning for the stove?

    In coming up with a plan for remodeling her bathroom, Liz found out nothing is up to code.

    Caroline’s tips for making the perfect bed. Thank you, TikTok!

    Speaking of bed-making, how does everyone do theirs?

    Please email us if you have any tips for getting wrinkles out of duvet covers!

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    Ep. 264 Art 101 with Liz Lidgett

    Ep. 264 Art 101 with Liz Lidgett

    We are so excited to be joined today by Des Moines based art advisor and gallery owner Liz Lidgett. Liz works with clients in more than 45 states and 7 countries. She has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Business Insider, and Forbes. Part of what makes Liz’s business so successful is her accessible approach to art. For Liz, art is for everyone. We talk about all the ins and outs of how to feel good about your art investment, how to release the fear and intimidation around art galleries, and much more!

    What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

    How being based in the Midwest impacts Liz’s view on art as well as her business.

    Liz’s philosophy that “art is for everyone” is intricate to her design.

    Art and art galleries are for everyone; no one should ever feel like they don’t belong.

    How do you buy art if you don’t know anything about it?

    Why it’s important to know more about the artists behind their work.

    What to do when your taste varies greatly from your partner’s.

    How does Liz suggest buying art online or sight unseen?

    Liz tells us more about price levels and how they are determined.

    Why Liz loves commissioned pieces.

    All about framing; when to frame, when it’s included, what to choose, etc.

    Tips on how and where to hang art.

    When should you light artwork?

    What are Liz’s tips for artists to get their work in a gallery?

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    Ep. 263 Pools, Patios, and Porches w/ landscape architect Brantley Snipes

    Ep. 263 Pools, Patios, and Porches w/ landscape architect Brantley Snipes

    We had such positive feedback on our last episode with landscape architect Brantley Snipes, that we decided we had to have her back for part 2! Brantley is a Mississippi-based landscape architect as well as the owner, lead designer, and project manager for Brantley Snipes Landscape Design. Among many accolades, Brantley was named to the Greenwood Commonwealth’s Top 30 under 40. The last time we had Brantley on the show, we talked a lot about plants and softscaping. Today we “dive” into pools and other hardscaping elements.

    What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

    What to consider when deciding to build a patio.

    What are the pros and cons of concrete and when is it best to use it?

    What other hard materials should be considered and when?

    When should you consider using loose stone?

    How to determine the size, depth, shape, etc. of a pool.

    What to consider for the surrounding area of a pool; especially when kids are using it.

    All about pool tiles…and why are they so limited?!

    Considering liner vs. gunite pool surfaces.

    Does Brantley recommend a pool cover, fence, or both?

    What is a swim shelf?! And other popular pool accessories.

    It’s important to consider pool storage, using the bathroom, and other elements of hosting/entertaining.

    What is a realistic landscaping budget; for both softscaping and hardscaping?

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    Ep. 262 What Makes Upholstery Last with Hope Austin

    Ep. 262 What Makes Upholstery Last with Hope Austin

    The team welcomes Atlanta-based designer Hope Austin to the show today. Hope’s passion for craft started while working in design showrooms such as Brunschwig & Fils and Schumacher. She created her own brand, Hope Austin Interiors, where she works closely with her clients to create homes that are beautiful, comfortable and keep function top of mind. Hope talks about what’s going to make certain pieces last, starting with choosing a sofa that you like with fabric and patterns you will be excited about for years to come. She talks about how to treat the fabrics, some tips for having a nice sofa with kids and pets, and how to best clean when the inevitable wear and tear does happen. Hope also shares what she is putting in clients’ homes regarding counter stools, and how we can shop with realistic expectations.

    What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

    What really makes a sofa last?

    Hope gives her tips for having a nice sofa that is both kid and pet friendly.

    How do you do a white sofa?

    How you can use high performance fabrics and still have a punch of personality.

    What color fabric has Hope been seeing people stay excited about long term?

    Do practical and nice fabrics have to be expensive?

    What’s the real expectation we should have for big items such as high performance fabric, dining chairs, upholstered beds and barstools?

    Cleaning tips and frequency to keep your sofa nice and clean.

    Why the fabric should be your #1 priority in picking out the sofa.

    Mentioned in This Episode:

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    Ballard Designs Performance Fabrics

    Sunbrella Performance Fabrics

    InsideOut Performance Fabrics

    Crypton Performance Fabrics

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    Ep. 261 Trials and Triumphs

    Ep. 261 Trials and Triumphs

    Today we’re catching up with this month’s trials and triumphs. Taryn is finally moving into The Schwartz House, which many of you have been following on Instagram. But…is it ready? Plus, we hear about Liz’s new kitchen renovation plans which include many upgrades but most importantly a dishwasher. Finally, Caroline tells us why she really wants to build a fence to complete the vision for her home.

    What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

    Taryn’s moving day is FINALLY here….during a heat wave!

    From stair railings to bathrooms, to fireplaces, and more; the finishing touches are almost complete in The Schwartz House.

    What is the update on The Purple Dining Room?

    The Schwartz House’s kitchen has come together with green and brass and other perfections.

    Liz has the first set of architectural plans for renovating the kitchen in her 1930s home to include a butler’s pantry, extra shelves, a dishwasher, and more!

    Caroline really, really, REALLY wants to build a fence.

    Did Liz try to buy Caroline’s house or was there not enough curb appeal?

    Mentioned in This Episode:
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    Ep. 260 Best Ways to Make a Room Look Finished with Jenna Gross

    Ep. 260 Best Ways to Make a Room Look Finished with Jenna Gross

    Today we are joined by Jenna Gross. Jenna is the founder of Colordrunk Designs here in Atlanta. Jenna grew up in the design business spending countless hours surrounded by textiles at her family's antique and upholstery shops. After working in the fashion industry with Marc Jacobs, Jenna turned her attention to interior design. Today she serves up masterful mixes of pattern and color concocting designs that are refreshing from start to finish. Jenna gives us all of her tips on creating a finished look in a room; everything from drapery, lighting, rugs, and–you guessed it–color!

    What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

    What sets designer rooms apart from DIY rooms?

    What timeline should people expect to achieve a fully finished look?

    Jenna’s tips for choosing and hanging drapery.

    How to get your lighting just right using different layers, lamps, and even can lights!

    When to have pairs and when to have singles when you decorate.

    Jenna’s advice for getting a rug that’s just right for the space in terms of size, texture, layering, and more.

    How small details can pull together a room and allow for more customization.

    How does Jenna like to use color on wood and millwork?

    How can people with more neutral palettes in their rooms start to incorporate color?

    What are Jenna’s thoughts on having to match various sources of color in the room?

    We got to join Jenna at her Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle Showhouse room; inspired largely by vacation.

    Decorating Dilemma:
    Hi Amy,
    It sounds like you want a really fun space. We say if you want to paint the plantation shutters, paint them how you want to see them in your space. We think you should definitely choose a fun wallpaper. If you decide you don’t like the plantation shutters, you can always take them down and do a fun Roman shade. Some of us really hate the plantation shutters (hint: Caroline) and are in favor of taking them off! As far as lacquer goes, you could do that or you could just do a high-gloss; we definitely wouldn’t do a matte. Have fun and make it as dramatic as possible because that seems to be what you’re really aiming for! We would say the Oyster Bay paint color is more of a neutral than anything bold, so it would be nice to use in the whole space. However, if you haven’t picked your wallpaper yet and you definitely want to use one, we would wait to pull a color from there. We would also paint the ceiling too!
    We are excited for you! We think it’s going to look great and would love to see the after photos!

    Mentioned in This Episode:
    Colordrunk Designs
    Colordrunk Designs on Instagram
    Southeastern Showhouse

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4.5 out of 5
647 Ratings

647 Ratings

dsterrette ,

Love the Podcast but….

I really like this podcast but I wish the listener dilemma questions were shortened and not read verbatim. They are too long and sometimes hard to follow. Summarize! Other than that this is good information but it is missing some of the humorous banter from previous years.

28273728 ,


i LOVE this podcast so much. I have ONE piece of feedback to give and I promise you others feel the same- Taryn, my love you are awesome, but the reading of the Design Dilemmas is just not for you. Let the other ladies take this on! It just is very hard to listen to the choppiness. Love everything else and It is one of my go-to podcasts!!!

I love America ❤️🇺🇸 ,

Love your podcast...

I love your podcast, but there is one host, in particular, that does a LOT of agreeing when the guest is talking, by making the “ah-hmm... “ah-hmm...” constantly. Episode 258 is a great example of when I just have to stop listening. As much as I’d love to hear the entire podcast, I just can’t take her constant interruption of

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