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    Hoya:Hoya Podcast 1- Swing Ting

    Hoya:Hoya Podcast 1- Swing Ting

    It’s been a long time coming, but finally we launch our podcast. Every few weeks there will be a new mix posted by either one of our residents, friends who have played, or people who are about to play Hoya.

    So the duty of kicking this whole thing off goes to two trusted and heavyweight selector friends of ours. They go by the names Platt and Samrai, who run the Manchester party Swing Ting, as well as teaming up on production under the same name. That Mosca remix? Yeah, that’s them. They’ve both played Hoya, and most of our crew have guested at their party, which is one of the finest in this city.

    It’s rare that the first of anything at Hoya goes to non-residents, but we believe in these two so much that it just seemed a no brainer. Let it begin...

    1. Tarrus Riley- Soul Grabber (Yard Vybz)
    2. Jah Cure- Feel It (Yard Vybz)
    3. Swing Ting- Hold Your Corner (forthcoming Fat City)
    4. Switch Groov Exp- Bon Tres Bien (Simbad Remix) (Bab Musique)
    5. Zed Bias, Omar & Fox- Dancing (Swing Ting Special) (Tru Thoughts)
    6. Smoove Kriminal- Digi-Tek (dub)
    7. Martyn- Masks (Brainfeeder)
    8. CRST- Revisit (No Hats No Hoods)
    9. Jook 10- Growler (Soulserious)
    10. xxxy- Kerpow (forthcoming All City)
    11. Swing Ting- Creepin’ (forthcoming Fat City)
    12. Matt IQ- Fuse Bomb (dub)
    13. Slick Don- Inna Dis (Undisputed Remix) (TS7 Recordings)
    14. Formula & Mr P- Magic Genie (Swing Ting Special) (dub)
    15. DJ Narrows- A Little Higher (Revolution)
    16. E.J- U.F.O (A.R.M.Y)
    17. Preditah- Electro (StayFresh)
    18. Vybz Kartel- Pree Dem (Ballaz Productions)

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