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A podcast for people who long to try something bold but need some encouragement.

Productive Life Coach, Liz Sumner, interviews people who are doing (or teaching) things that others have always wanted to do.

What have you always wanted to try?

I Always Wanted To Liz Sumner

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A podcast for people who long to try something bold but need some encouragement.

Productive Life Coach, Liz Sumner, interviews people who are doing (or teaching) things that others have always wanted to do.

What have you always wanted to try?

    Be A Songwriter

    Be A Songwriter

    Judy Fine
    Judy Fine is a singer and music educator who owns Online with Judy Fine, a resource for DIY singing and songwriting courses as well as in-person singing, keys, and theory/songwriting lessons online. To use Judy's Chord Book bundle for free, visit https://onlinewithjudyfine.com/music-theory-songwriting/ to place the Workbook Bundle into your cart. In the cart, apply coupon code THEORY123. After checkout, you will be able to download the bundle.
    Website:   www.OnlineWithJudyFine.com
    Facebook:  @OnlineWithJudyFine (Judy Fine Vocal Coach)
    Instagram: @OnlineJudyFine
    YouTube: @OnlineJudyFine
    Michael Cohen
    I have been composing music almost all of my adult life, most of it for various bands that featured female vocalists. In 1988 I formed the band Lip Service in Bellingham Washington to perform my newly written original material.  Over the next decade Lip Service played at festivals and coffee houses across the Pacific Northwest. Their music could be heard on radio programs in the greater Seattle area, and they appeared on Sandy Bradley's Potluck, broadcast nationwide on NPR. Lip Service recorded two albums of original music, "Love & Romance Game" and "Like Magic" produced by Rick Ruskin at Lion Dog Studio in Seattle.
    In 1994 my wife and I moved to New England and began performing as Fuzzy Logic, which started out as a duet and morphed into a septet, featuring 3 female vocalists. In 2000 Fuzzy Logic released it's first CD “Doing The Best I Can”. The group gradually morphed into a septet, that focused on performing my music. Their second CD “Almost” was released in 2007, followed up with “Snow Shadows” in 2011.
    More recently I combined my interests in composing and storytelling into writing musicals, six of which were performed in New Hampshire.  “Moon Fever” debuted in September 2003  followed by “The Neon Coconut”  (2005), a reworked “Moon Fever” (2006) which was nominated for best original musical at the New Hampshire Theater Awards, “Amelia Rules!” (2007) based on the popular graphic novel series, “Transference” (2008),  the music & lyrics for “Cartoon Ink”(2010)  a pilot for a kid’s TV series. “Joanie’s Phone” (2011) and “Beauty and the Geek” (2012).  I recently wrote the music for a short theatrical piece entitled “Café Straits”.
    I formed an ensemble called "Complicated People" to perform cabaret style shows featuring songs from my musicals, featuring a large group of vocalists, the Fuzzy Logic band, augmented by a woodwind trio. At this point I became very interested in writing for orchestral instruments.
    In 2011 I relocated to Italy and am currently involved with musical projects here with a new Complicated People ensemble, as well as arranging my music for virtual orchestra.
    I enjoy the challenge of composing in a wide variety of styles. My music has been variously influenced by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Gilbert & Sullivan, Leonard Bernstein, The Beatles, Jerome Kern, Stephen Sondheim, Maurice Ravel, Kurt Weill, Brian Wilson, Elvis Costello, and Jacques Brel.
    Michael's music on YouTube: 

    Michael's music on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6FFBx18z37l0ewzxQ9Ue92?si=h7xSns8LRbON7Mzh1ZzSTw
    Music Mentioned in the Podcast
    Susan Werner - Barbed Wire Boys
    Joni Mitchell - Marcie
    Supreme Beings of Leisure - Never The Same
    SFR Beats

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    Understand How Sound Works

    Understand How Sound Works

    Steve Armstrong - from Springfield MA. Fell in love with and studied String Bass for a few years in the 60s' Went to college for Music ed. Received a BA in Music theory and composition - too shy to be classroom teacher. Along the way, played in R+R dance bands in bars and clubs. Went into music electronics repair. While in school took a job at KSC as their main academic audio support person. In that role I applied my love for physics and knowledge of electronics to the tasks at hand; Providing audio recording support for all campus events, touring music acts and a small audio production studio.That role lasted much of my 39 years there. My affinity for classical symphonic music has influenced my musical life as a performer and sound technician/engineer. I still love to play, mostly these days you'll find me smiling in the pit orchestras of regional broadway style musicals.

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    Be A Farmer

    Be A Farmer

    City girl gone country!  I moved to Alstead Center, NH from MA, in the fall of 1980. You have to be creative to “make it” here.  Learning to; unfreeze plumbing pipes, get out of 18 inches of mud, drive up or down an icy hill with a rear wheel drive car, get lost and then found, has kept me here, and I am happy. The natural highs are plentiful and the neighbors are terrific, they come with a tractor to pull you out of that mud.
    I raised my family here, met the love of my life, finished my Art degree at Keene State College, retired from cooking at Cheshire Medical Center and am currently working to revive our old organic farm. I have always grown plants and gardened.  Scaling up to farming is not an easy progression, but I’m getting there!  
    View photos from Cook Hill Farm
    Some of Jean's favorite sites:
    www.Johnnyseeds.com www.JLHudsonSeeds.net www.nh.gov/nhnursery www.florediem.com www.gilbertwild.com

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    Play the Ukelele

    Play the Ukelele

    Peter Scharf is a British pensioner living in the rural Le Marche in Italy.  He spent many years working in finance in the old City of London whilst running a sheep farm at the same time.
    His interest in music was sparked late in life by a fateful visit to a NY music store and a desire to trace back to the origins of finger-picked acoustic blues of the 1920's, 30's and 40's.
    The two largest download sites for musical instrument teaching material are:
    Homespun.com - run by Happy Traum, an accomplished fingerpicker who played on a few Bob Dylan tracks on the early records. The site covers all kinds of instruments including the ukulele. guitarvideos.com - run by Stefan Grossman who has pioneered the teaching of early blues acoustic guitar to thousands of would be fingerpickers throughout the world. The site is mostly concentrated on the guitar but also has ukulele material. An excellent online store specializing in ukuleles is southernukulelestore.co.uk. They have a great selection of ukuleles from £40/50 to £2000+. The sweet spot in terms of ukulele beginner spending is probably around £80 to £120.
    They also write a blog and a good one for beginners is southernukulelestore.co.uk/blog/best-10-ukulele-sites-beginners/ YouTube is a vast ukulele source with hundreds of sites dedicated to teaching the ukulele.
    Other internet sites are: ukulele underground
    ukulele hunt got a ukulele, and there are many, many more which a google search will reveal. Check out The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain on https://www.ukuleleorchestra.com/ (and also on YouTube) if you look for inspiration and an idea of what the ukulele can do.


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    Learn to play Bluegrass

    Learn to play Bluegrass

    Carrie Kidd

    I am a theatre artist in practice.  Lots of folks may know me from local theatre productions.  I've lived in Keene for close to twenty years now and love it.  I was born in New Jersey, but have always been drawn to New England.  So Keene is really my home.  
    I played violin as a kid, but like so many of us, I stopped because... well that's a mystery.  I love music but don't have any particular talents. My sister began playing the banjo awhile ago and I decided to take up the viola because bluegrass music uses a lot of strings.  I wanted to play with her.  

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    Intro to Season Four

    Intro to Season Four

    Restrictions have been imposed to slow the contagion. Some of us are fortunate enough to simply accept the new rules with only mild inconvenience-- or at least we have times during the day when we aren’t feeling afraid or angry or sorry for ourselves.
    In my work as a coach I help people with big responsibilities find time for their own pursuits. Now suddenly many of us have a LOT more time than we expected.
    What have you always wanted to learn or create or attempt? What’s on your Maybe Someday list? 

    • 30 min

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5.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Texas365 ,

Great insight

Wonderful look into what drives someone to go that place that is frightening or intimidating, pushing oneself into new territory. Great inspiration.

Just listened to the farming episode. She’s right—there is nothing like a tomato warm from the sun, picked from your own garden. Beautiful farm—so glad to see photos!

Beatrizbitt ,

I always wanted to be a Farmer

This was a lovely podcast. It was inspiring to hear all about the work that goes into a small farm.
Thank you.

jbalamuth ,

I always wanted to be a farmer!

And so, why not?!?
A delightful interviewer and terrific life coach, Liz gets to the heart of the matter!

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