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Join hosts Gio, Erica and Kevin as they engage in unscripted conversations with life experts. Find hope and motivation as they share their stories, experiences and keys to success during and leading up to these extraordinary times.

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Join hosts Gio, Erica and Kevin as they engage in unscripted conversations with life experts. Find hope and motivation as they share their stories, experiences and keys to success during and leading up to these extraordinary times.

    009 I AM Artist with Stephanie Matthews

    009 I AM Artist with Stephanie Matthews

    We sit down with Entrepreneur, CEO and Violinist Stephanie Matthews and discuss the life and adventures of the freelance musician in the ever changing music business.  After trading in her lab coat and full scholarship in biochemistry for violin performance degrees from Indiana University and The Julliard School, Stephanie has gone on to trailblaze her own path as a business owner, musician and arranger.  An in demand artist and Music Consultant For Talent, Brands, & Companies Stephanie has toured the world and put together orchestras for some of today’s biggest stars including Lauren Hill, Lizzo, Kanye West, Beyonce and many more.

    What you will hear

    Stephanie’s journey from biochemistry major to professional musician

    The influences that inspired Stephanie to pursue the violin

    The travel experiences and career choices that inspired the formation of Stephanie’s company String Candy

    The notion of microwave success and the truth of how much time and hard work it takes to be successful.

    How working in different capacities and ownership can give you more visibility in your desired line of work.

    The reality of being an entrepreneur, what it means and what it takes.

    The basics of how to start your own business.

    Stephanie’s experience and growth as a musical arranger and how that contributed to her all in house approach.  How much of the flourishing of the company and her skills were built out of necessity.

    Matt Jones, The Recollective Orchestra and the Sphynx Organization.

    Meeting Hans Zimmer, and the influence that The Recollective Orchestra had on the scoring of Disney’s live action film The Lion King.

    How we individually all have the power to affect change.

    Where does inspiration come from and self investment.


    I AM evolving, fearless, grateful

    YOU ARE inspiring, an innovator, impactful, thoughtful, strong

    How String Candy got started


    Entrepreneurs can see a need and figure out how to address and monetize that.

    Being an entrepreneur means you are responsible for your own success and your own failure.

    Be teachable, be willing to learn.

    We each have the power to affect change.


    String Candy


    Recollective Orchestra



    • 1 hr
    008 I AM Credit Queen with Angela Setters Bessard

    008 I AM Credit Queen with Angela Setters Bessard

    Angela Setters Bessard, founder and CEO of Conquer Credit Management, Inc. Angela is known as a pioneer in the credit industry and has a passion to help people understand how to leverage their credit as a tool to create wealth and attain financial stability. 

    Conquer Credit Management

    • 39 min
    007 I AM Composer with guest Stefan L. Smith

    007 I AM Composer with guest Stefan L. Smith

    Our guest Stefan L. Smith talks to us about his experience as a freelance musician and up and coming composer in Los Angeles.   Hear about his composing process, inspirations, goals and work ethic.  Stefan explains what and how different opportunities have come his way as well as his focus on creating his own opportunities and networks to uplift and collaborate with creators.   Packaged in with a bundle of laughs, this episode will shed some light on the artist's journey in to what is often an unpredictable career path.  Hear wonderful stories and great perspectives on the current state of affairs and the impact it's had on Stefan's work.

    What you will hear

    Stefan’s educations and journey from Chicago to LA

    Stefan’s favorite composers and scores

    His experience as a young freelance musician and aspiring film composer in LA while finding his footing and his niche.

    The effects of the BLM movement, current events and the riots on his writing and motivation to write, as well as his long time efforts to connect and uplift black creators.

    Stefan’s process when composing music for film and how he chooses what projects he wants to be attached to.

    I AM optimistic, driven, activist for gay rights, focused

    YOU ARE fabulous, funny, driven, witty, talented, thinker, deep





    • 39 min
    006 I AM Multicultural with Guest Sonia Smith Kang

    006 I AM Multicultural with Guest Sonia Smith Kang

    Designer, Activist & Influencer Sonia Smith-Kang chats with us about her multicultural family and her transition from critical care nurse to fashion designer.   As an advocate for multiculturalism, a multicultural mother, speaker and entrepreneur, Sonia has become a leading voice for the multicultural community .   Combining her passion and skills, Sonia sprung in to action to create CDC compliant masks during the mask shortage, donating hundreds of masks to hospitals, and the underserved.

    Mixedupclothing @mixedupclothing

    Multiculti Corner @multiculticorner


    1:30 Sonia talks about being multi-racial, multicultural and trying to find herself in the world.  Culture, race, inclusion and diversity is who Sonia is,  

    3:35 Racism is a health issue.  This isn't a black vs white, it's everyone vs. racism

    4:15 BLM and how we can create change.  Tapping in to people's hearts and the humanity of it all.  Systemically, what changes are big businesses making and how we can keep them accountable.  Performance activism.  

    9:00 Mixed Up Clothing and how it was created and Sonia's inspiration.  Living an intentional life.  Culture proofing the house.  

    13:00 Mixed Up Masks.  Sonia's philanthropy, giving back through donating masks to hospitals and people in need.

    15:39 Business model in a pandemic and how Sonia has been able to continue to support her team members while giving back

    19:30 BLM movement and what is it that you can do to continue talking about it and supporting.  Talk about how the BLM movement has affected her business opportunities.  Advice for black and brown creators and business owners.  The importance of ownership and it leading to generational wealth

    26:06 We turn the conversation to kids and and parenting.  Having conversations early on, talking about the issues, the history and current affairs.  Talk to your children early and often.

    31:25 I AM, mom, a maker, creative, love. YOU ARE entrepreneur, innovator, impactful

    • 32 min
    005 I AM Activist with Jay Jordan

    005 I AM Activist with Jay Jordan

    From incarceration to legislation, meet Jay Jordan, Executive Director of Californians for Safety and Justice.  His transformative journey will activate and inspire you.  As we approach one of the most important elections of our time, Jay helps us put in to perspective the responsibility we have as voters to get educated and understand the incredible impact one single voter can make.  Learn what resources are available and what you can do to ensure your vote is an informed vote.



    California Democratic Party 

    California Teachers Association

    California Labor Federation

    California Chamber of Commerce


    Motor Voter

    Secretary of State 

    Prop 20 - NO.  This proposition is  opposed by  The CA probation chief's association,  CA Partnership to End Domestic Violence, The National Center for Crime Victims,  The CA Teachers Association, The CA Labor Federation, The Democratic Party 

    What prop 20 means:

    1. Lowers felony threshold from $950 to $250.00 Texas is $2500.  California is second lowest in the country

    2. Mandates if people on probation make technical violations the would be sent back to prison

    3. Non violent parol process would be revoked.  No rehabilitation and serve 100 percent of sentence and let people out with no parole process

    4. If you are convicted of shoplifting you are obligated to submit your DNA

    Prop 17  - YES

    Give people on parole the right to vote

    Prop 25 - YES

    Ending money bail system.

    prop 15 -YES

    Would update corporations property taxes to current market value.  Today, corporations pay the same amount in property taxes that they paid in the 1980's

    prop 16 - YES

    Brings back affirmative action

    Los Angeles Measure X - YES

    Taking 10% from criminal justice budget to invest in community.  This would create over a billion dollars in community investing

    Prop 18 - YES

    Allows 16 &17 year olds to preregister to vote 

    • 51 min
    004 I AM Privileged with Jackie Steele

    004 I AM Privileged with Jackie Steele

    Comedian Jackie Steele joins us on this episode of the I AM Podcast to talk about white privilege, white fragility and her activism through comedy and action.  

    • 42 min

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