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Parenting done the right way... usually. Well, it's a learning process and Ryan Roy will give it to you straight.

I Don't Know Jack About Parenting Ryan Roy

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Parenting done the right way... usually. Well, it's a learning process and Ryan Roy will give it to you straight.

    300 Thank You - Goodbye - FBI Dads Podcast Next

    300 Thank You - Goodbye - FBI Dads Podcast Next

    0:55  Final episode

    1:10  Next step - FBI Dads: The Podcast

    1:15  Thank you to each and every one, even if you only listened to one episode

    2:30  I hope it saves even one marriage

    3:10  Having a father in the home improves to odds of success for the kids

    3:45  I hope the FBI Dads podcast helps give parents tools they need

    4:00  Thanks to all the people that have helped make this possible

    7:30  FBI Dads, at my kid's school, grew from 6 dads to 155 dads (consistently)

    8:05  Now it's morphed to a virtual meeting

    8:25  A brief overview of FBI Dads meeting

    10:05  There are 3 things a parent should tell their child every single day

    12:00  Kids are intuitive, they know what's important

    13:00  Magic happens when they have conversations around important things

    14:15  "Look what MY dad said about ME!"

    15:35  I was told "dads don't want to be involved"... I proved them wrong!

    16:20  I find the dads at the kid's sporting events, but they often fall short when it comes to saying "I Love You"

    17:40  I know a LOT about being fatherless, and I know having an involved father is MUCH better

    18:20  I don't plan on ever stopping my mission to help dads get involved

    19:00  See you on FBI Dads: The Podcast

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    299 Creating Leaders

    299 Creating Leaders

    1:25  I've been thinking about this leadership podcast for a while

    1:40  If you "lead" your household, you will create leaders

    2:03  Let them KNOW they are leaders

    3:35  Wait, stop, think... don't just follow, you are a leader

    3:10  I've recorded 300 podcasts, I'm a self-motivated leader

    3:30  I lead things at school

    3:55  I lead my clients to success.

    4:10  I bring organizations at school together

    4:40  I'm on the board of the Sock-it-to-em sock campaign foundation

    5:15  As I'm recording this, I'm pulling up to the car pickup line

    6:00  My son wanted to run for class vice-president

    6:40  Help them believe early on that they ARE a leader

    7:45  I grew up in survival mode, I didn't have the luxury of "frivolous" knowledge

    8:50  I was more concerned about meals than leadership

    10:20  Let your kids know they are loved unconditionally through words and actions

    10:30  Let them know that they are safe

    11:00  More is shown through your actions than can possibly be conveyed in words

    12:50  "I want both", here's the deal... then back it up

    15:05  Leaders follow through on their promises

    15:10  I love that YOU, the listener, are working to learn and get better

    16:05  This podcast has helped me pay more attention and get better

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    298 Glenn Lundy: Father of 7 plus 1

    298 Glenn Lundy: Father of 7 plus 1

    1:00  Glenn Lundy:

    3:00  Intentional activities

    4:00  Productivity and fulfillment

    4:30  Principles of success in parenting: #1 morning routine

    5:05  TheMorning5.com  Download Glenn's free ebook

    5:15  Glenn's BIG 5 things to do every morning

    5:40  The typical car business routine... is failing them

    7:45  The "67 Day Challenge"

    8:15  That's how long it takes to have a physiological change

    10:10  Structure and morning routines are the bedrock of parenting

    11:07  Preparing for the trip vs surprise

    14:45  I never know God's plan but I know it's good

    15:03  I know I'm not powerful enough to keep my kids on course or knock them off of it

    18:30  Even with COVID: you can NOT take a kid off their path

    21:20  We've created generations of sheep following others instead of leading

    24:00  Don't plant the seeds in your children, water them

    25:00  You can either be a consumer or producer. Start producing

    26:25  You need to come to an FBI Dads breakfast to understand

    27:25  "How do kids spell LOVE?"

    29:15  Kids will love those that serve them with what they need

    30:10  Just 15 minutes a day with a child can be all they need

    31:30  We can argue or we can say yes

    33:35  Talk to them as if they understand now

    34:45  Go the GlennLundy.com to find all the ways to get in touch with Glenn

    35:50  Glenn's Facebook group has raised over $700k for various causes

    41:00  Are you 100% in sync and integrity? If so, your spouse will follow and support

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    297 Parenting Success: The Jewish Phenomenon

    297 Parenting Success: The Jewish Phenomenon

    0:55  This is MY goal "The respect of my adult children" and no thing or no fling will get in the way

    1:15  Examples of HOW that looks along the journey

    3:00  We're getting close to the end of this podcast series

    3:15  "FBI Dads" podcast is starting 2012

    3:45  There is a certain group of people that have a higher level of success

    4:00  The Jewish phenomenon

    4:45  Education: flexibility, options, knowledge

    5:40  The 5 to 6 year jumpstart

    6:10  Culturally, Jewish people declare their children to be adults much earlier

    7:10  Then expectations are set options are laid out and plans are made

    7:45  Professions, schools, grades, money, scholarships become part of the planning

    8:45  At 13, they start acting like an adult with intention

    9:05  When you're treated like an adult, you start acting like an adult

    10:40  No one did it for me, but I want to break the cycle

    11:00  I want to be the one to guide and encourage my children

    12:10  I don't need to be Jewish to follow the things they do

    13:12  You may want to start planning

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    296 Parenting Is A Team Sport

    296 Parenting Is A Team Sport

    1:03  Children change every day and I have to learn and adjust

    1:20  "FBI Dads" podcast is coming in 2021

    3:20  Last night me 9 year old had a meltdown about internet service

    4:02  Internet "Glitchy" made him a little internet "_itchy" :/

    5:05  Voices escalated back and forth, tensions are rising

    7:05  After the baseball game, wind down... and it starts up again

    8:00  My challenge as a dad... I love my kids but I also must support my wife

    9:40  Certain words can be damaging, it's a tough balance

    10:40  I had to explain what happened and smooth things over

    12:01  Coaches like to bring up challenges and successes

    13:10  Acknowledge to people around you that help you along the road

    13:40  Parents should "huddle up" at night and get on the same page

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    295 Watching Your Kids Grow Through Sports

    295 Watching Your Kids Grow Through Sports

    1:00 3-year-old jumping and sticking the landing

    1:30  Baseball with the 9-year-old

    2:25  Energy is everything, highest energy wins

    3:45  One by one they gave him a tap

    4:40  Things started going our way and the energy got higher

    5:55  I'm NOT a baseball fan, but I am a fan of competition etc.

    7:00  Technical advice in the middle of a game?

    7:50  Up 9-5 and the closer is brought in

    9:05  Momentum going into last night's game

    11:05  Then the batting order got switched up

    12:10  When you ARE there, be fully present

    13:05  This show is my documentation of my journey

    13:40  Episode #300 will be the last podcast

    14:15  Next is "FBI Dads" podcast (Fathers Being Involved)

    15:25  Thank you for being part of my journey so  far

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Eric-Carroll ,

Great podcast

I highly recommend this podcast. Ryan is very passionate about what he talks about. Good stuff

Real Estate Investor ,

Great Listen!

Highly recommend listening to Ryan's show if you're a parent. His stories present common problems that every parent runs into throughout the process. Great listen!

LazySavr ,

Good advice, Bad sound quality

As a single mom of boys (and a girl), I listen to as much as I can to other Dad’s advice. I admire the hosts mission and passion for solid parenting. His dedication really shines through.

The sound quality needs help. Some eps sound like they are being recorded in a car or tunnel...or food pantry?...if so, trust me, I get it! It’s almost impossible to get away from kids as a single parent. But I listen with headphones like most people, so unwanted background sound is intensified and distracting.