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A Weekly Wonderland of Comic Industry Talk

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A Weekly Wonderland of Comic Industry Talk

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4.5 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

gardenhead982 ,

Good Comic Podcast for News and Comic Suggestions

What I like: Typically very good sound quality, which as I've learned is quite nice in podcasts and definitely not a given. The first podcasts I started listening to since I miss shopping at their store in Colorado. Occasionally very funny, they go over any comic news that happened since the last episode typically centered around whatever major comics that are coming out that might be good. They go over any standout issues from the prior week with a general highlight of why they appreciated the issue (and they don't always have a pick if nothing was particularly good to them). I mostly read non Marvel/DC books but am trying to break into that world a little so there's generally good insight as far as that goes with recommendations on current and previous major story arcs to read. Lot of dicussions around valiant comics which has me really intrigued. Occasional guests on the show, from the Colorado scene but some being noteworthy on a National level for one reason or another. They take suggestions which is awesome. It's stupid, but I love their "spinning the racks" music, not necessarily all of the remixes however. I guess the best part of what makes the show great is they talk about what they love and they each are quite different in what they read, how they collect, and their unique perspectives on what they all like.

Small Criticisms: Since they talk about what they love, there isn't as much discussion on indie comics, although they did a couple episodes with some cool discussions. This does seem to be a result of one of the positives mentioned above, speaking generally about the things they love and there seems to be one guy who reads some indie stuff, but not necessarily what the new Fantagraphics or Self Published stuff that's happening.
The back and forth is nice to listen to but sometimes I hear someone about to launch into something that intrigues me when they get cut off and don't always go back. I don't know if I could do it, but I guess for the podcast it would be cool if you don't cut someone off to agree with what they are saying but I guess it can be a helpful tool to help someone out of a circular discussion.
Last criticism is that they are a little too easy to agree with each other or generally everything. They may state things they don't like but with too much of a "play nice" feel for my taste. I'd like to hear more critiques of comics as I hear from Keith regarding like plot dynamics or artwork. It gets touched on, but I personally just appreciate more. Although I suppose theres a podcast for every niche and this doesn't have to fit all of my little whims.

Cristicisms aside, this pretty much got me into podcasts and I can't see me not listening to every episode they put out. Except for the Magik episode, because I don't play and on the chance that it would sound interesting, I can't afford another habit.

Harley Troy ,

Great comic book podcast!

This is one of my favorite comic book related podcasts. The guys are not only very knowledgeable, but relatable. Their store is also great, keep up the good work gents!

Paul Behrhorst ,


Been shopping at the store for a few a years. It's a lot of fun to hear these guys talk about the shop and the industry. I've already found some new books based off of their reviews.

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