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"I want what SHE has" w/ Theresa Lyn Widmann (and formerly Shana Falana) is a weekly live radio show at Radio Kingston in Kingston NY and PODCAST, amplifying women's voices and their stories. We share interviews of women (female identifying humans), seeking to flip the narrative on envy and celebrating the strengths and accomplishments of women we look up to. Women are so often the unsung heroines of a community’s overall health and wellbeing. These women have gifts to share and stories to tell. It's time to listen.

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"I want what SHE has" w/ Theresa Lyn Widmann (and formerly Shana Falana) is a weekly live radio show at Radio Kingston in Kingston NY and PODCAST, amplifying women's voices and their stories. We share interviews of women (female identifying humans), seeking to flip the narrative on envy and celebrating the strengths and accomplishments of women we look up to. Women are so often the unsung heroines of a community’s overall health and wellbeing. These women have gifts to share and stories to tell. It's time to listen.

    314 Kendra Nicole "Peace & Profits" and Jessica Cingel "Reproductive Psychiatry"

    314 Kendra Nicole "Peace & Profits" and Jessica Cingel "Reproductive Psychiatry"

    In the first half of today's show I welcome Kendra Nicole, the CEO of Kendra Nicole™️ & The Finance Femme®, and the creator of Scalable Firms™️ and Peace & Profits™️. After graduating from Clemson University (Corporate Finance and Accounting), Kendra quickly moved up the corporate ladder while working for corporations such as GE. This work led her to pursue her love for small business strategy by founding The Finance Femme®, an accounting and fractional CFO firm. Kendra also hosts an exclusive 6 month mentorship/coaching and retreat program called Peace & Profits™️. And her Scalable Firms™️ program where she coaches other accounting and finance professionals on brand and business building. Kendra is a wife, mom, and podcast host.

    Today Kendra talks about how to make time for what's important, moving away from profits first, getting clear about what you really want, tending to your taxes year-round so that tax season isn't such a burden, making a money date for yourself, and balancing work and parenting.

    Joining me in the second half of the show is nurse practitioner Jessica Cingel. After working on an inpatient psychiatric unit and with adults with autism spectrum disorder, Jessica went back to school to pursue her passion for individualized care in pregnancy and reproductive health. As a certified nurse midwife, she's had the honor of guiding individuals and families through life transitions, both joyous and difficult. During her eight years of midwifery practice, she became frustrated with the lack of mental health support available to her clients. Jessica decided that if these services weren’t available, she'd have to create them herself. She returned to school again and obtained licensure as a nurse practitioner in psychiatry. She created Kinship Health to offer help to individuals struggling to balance their mental and emotional health with the needs of their families, careers, and school.

    Today Jessica introduces us to reproductive psychiatry, how perinatal mood and anxiety disorders manifest, how to identify them, and why it's important to not ignore it. We also talk about some of the big picture issues around mental health like access to care, where the system is failing folks, cultural complexities, the insurance problems, and where the system is starting to get it right (there's still much work needed though!).

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    313 Admiral Grey "The Human Dream Project"

    313 Admiral Grey "The Human Dream Project"

    Admiral Grey is a multidisciplinary artist and performer whose new work, The Human Dream Project, records people describing dreams they have had, and then illustrates the recordings using colorful, surreal puppetry and original music.A multimedia project that continues to expand, Admiral developed a hotline for the project so that people can call in their dreams 24 hours a day, and has plans to create dream phone booths around the world where people can call in from. She has also made stop motion videos illustrating dreams, as well as colorful and absurd 'commercials' for the hotline using live action, puppetry, and animation. The show has had workshop performances locally at Opus 40 and in New York City at St. Ann's Warehouse, and is now preparing to launch its full length premiere at The Tank in Manhattan in April. The most ambitious Human Dream Project performance to date, the show will illustrate a wide variety of dreams, incorporate countless puppets and setpieces that she makes by hand, include a new score by sound designer and musical director Chad Raines, and will feature a new cast of incredible artists and performers, several of which are Kingston locals.

    Today we learn about the conception of the Human Dream Project and why Admiral pours her loving energy into it. We also talk about art making, art as a spiritual practice, dreams, dreams as a shared human experience, the hard parts of being an artist and the rewards, and what Admiral does when she has some down time. Come to her Carnival Party THIS Saturday, February 24th from 7:30-10:30pm at the Old Dutch Church in Kingston. It's a fundraiser for her work. There's a sliding scale entry and then get your tickets for games, food, raffle, and more. Proceeds go to support the Human Dream Project.

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    312 Political Parties with Marielena Ferrer

    312 Political Parties with Marielena Ferrer

    This month's installment of Spirituality and Politics dives into the subject of political parties. Are they still useful or not? Do we actually need them? Are they causing more harm than good? These are the questions Marielena and I wander through on the show with a little help from an article by Katherine Ellison, Can We Have Democracy Without Political Parties. Marielena's pro political party with lots of reform, and I am feeling pessimistic and say they've got to go! What do you think???

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    311 Khara Croswaite Brindle "Ruptured Mother-Daughter Relationships"

    311 Khara Croswaite Brindle "Ruptured Mother-Daughter Relationships"

    Today on the show... Khara Croswaite Brindle is a licensed mental health therapist in private practice in in Denver, Colorado. She holds various roles, including financial therapist, TEDx Speaker, burnout consultant, author, and professor. Her new book is Understanding Ruptured Mother-Daughter Relationships: Guiding the Adult Daughter’s Healing Journey through the Estrangement Energy Cycle (Rowman & Littlefield, July 1, 2023). You can learn more and access a wealth of tools at estrangementenergycycle.com

    With as many as 1 in 12 people being estranged from a family member, Khara shares her experience and knowledge gained assisting several female clients through the stages of estrangement. The choice is a challenging one and typically follows an emotional cycle that eventually lessens the grief and leads the adult daughter to discover a new sense of self. While each individual’s journey is unique, therapists, as well as those contemplating or trying to heal from estrangement, can benefit from recognizing the energy cycle of estrangement. Khara talks about the incorrect assumptions that are made about estrangement, the social stigma, how to support someone who is considering or going through estrangement, as well as how to support your children if you are going through the stages of estrangement.

    PLUS! We have a little time to talk about burnout and how it became something that she now supports others through. A subject that is right up my alley as ending burnout is an antidote to the patriarchy!

    I continue on once our conversations completes to share some info about the Mother Wound that I came across many years ago. It's a fascinating read and contemplation for anyone out there as we're all contributing to it by participating in the patriarchal structures and systems.

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    310 Imbolc, Archetypes and Writing

    310 Imbolc, Archetypes and Writing

    WOAH! Starting season 7!?!!!!!

    Today's show dives into the many benefits of handwriting. Hint: It clarifies thinking; improves understanding, memory, and application; and improves communication. Then we get into the archetypes I picked for Imbolc, and end with an homage to the first ladies of hip hop.

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    309 Nancy Furstinger "Catskill Creatures"

    309 Nancy Furstinger "Catskill Creatures"

    Nancy Furstinger is the author of nearly 100 books, including many on her favorite topic: animals! She started her writing career in third grade, when her class performed a play she wrote while recovering from chicken pox. Since then, Nancy has been a feature writer for a daily newspaper, a managing editor of trade and consumer magazines, and an editor at two children’s book publishing houses. She shares her home and heart with her partner, big dogs, house rabbits, and a chinchilla (all rescued), and volunteers and fosters pets for several animal organizations. Nancy has been speaking up for animals since she learned to talk, and she hasn't shut up yet! Please adopt, don't shop.

    She is the author of CATSKILL CREATURES, a lovely full color children's book offering readers of all ages a fresh and informative introduction to the Catskill area’s native fauna. This book asks, are you curious about the amazing Catskill creatures sharing your back yard? Your wild neighbors star in nature’s outdoor theater, where exciting drama changes with the seasons. Catskill Creatures spotlights fifteen species of wildlife with intriguing facts and dramatic illustrations. Inside these pages you will discover: Who isn’t scared of the skunks stinky spray? What warty secret weapon protects toads? Where prime raccoon real estate is located? When black bears head into their winter dens? Why the little brown bat is nature’s original bug zapper?

    A self proclaimed "animal nut," Nancy shares heartfelt and inspiring stories of animals that she's written about over the years. As someone who's life is rooted in compassion, she gives us a glimpse into the local shelter scene and ways you can help take care of our animal friends. As a life long writer, our conversation also touches on how her career has evolved over the years and advice she has for aspiring writers.

    She'll be at the Poughkeepsie Children's Book Festival on March 30th and loves visiting and reading at schools and libraries, so get in touch with her directly if you'd like her to visit you!

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
36 Ratings

36 Ratings

Alfred Spamy ,

Breathe it all in

I really appreciated your mission on celebrating and uplifting women with women. It was very evident that envy is not the point of the show, it’s sharing, learning, appreciating the journey. I appreciate the hosts addressing that on the first show. It turned envy into aspiration. Thank you for keeping the podcast going, there’s a lot of value that I got from just the first episode.

Helen Zuman ,

Fertile conversation!

Loved the episode with Julia Indichova of Fertile Heart! I especially appreciated Theresa's ability to elicit nourishing insights from Julia, while sharing her own story.

MercedesSamu ,

Learning & Living

I had an amazing time sharing my story in the show. I was asked questions that really had me think outside the box. I loved talking with fellow artists learning something new about myself. These women are hardworking all while taking the pleasure to promote other incredible artists.

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