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The longest running Resident Evil/Biohazard podcast in the world.Featuring comprehensive reviews and in-depth lore discussions on the greatest survival horror franchise.

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The longest running Resident Evil/Biohazard podcast in the world.Featuring comprehensive reviews and in-depth lore discussions on the greatest survival horror franchise.

    Episode 83: Resident Evil 6 Retrospective

    Episode 83: Resident Evil 6 Retrospective

    It's been 10 years since the biggest and most ambitious Resident Evil game to date graced the world and what better time for the team to look back on this ensemble piece. In our last show of the season, join Batman, STARS TyranT, Rombie and Neptune in this special retrospective podcast as we look to see if time has indeed been a healer for this divisive title.
    Resident Evil 6 was in fact REP's first new mainline title that we reviewed all the way back in 2012 and at the time, the criticisms were reflective of where the series had come with it's "action trilogy".  Have the ambitious and convoluted lore behind Ada, Carla and the C-Virus been remedied with the passage of time or is the Batman still trying to understand what the point of The Family was?
    Stars Tyrant has often been the lone voice in pointing out the positive aspects of RE6, from character interactions, the return of a certain Sherry Birkin and of course the sliding.  Rombie also bravely return to this title, this time giving the multiplayer a spin and perhaps a new appreciation of the global biohazard Capcom were going for. 
    All we know is Neptune still hates cucumbers, but what about Resident Evil 6? Strap yourselves in for this 10 years special!

    • 2 hr 29 min
    REP Presents: Resident Evil Damnation Audio Commentary

    REP Presents: Resident Evil Damnation Audio Commentary

    After a long absence, we take a pause from our usual podcast schedule to bring you an audio commentary of the CGI film - Resident Evil Damnation. Released just over 10 years ago, this second canonical installment joins agent Leon S. Kennedy as he battles against Lickers, Majini's, a super-cool Tyrant and new character notArk - Buddy!But as Leon is not alone in his battle neither are we. REP is delighted to welcome to this audio commentary as our special guest; actor, Val Tasso, who both voiced and mo-capped the hip-hop loving soldier, J.D! Neptune and STARS TyranT take this opportunity to not only reflect on the film as it plays, but we also get a unique insight into Val's preparation for playing J.D and his love for this project as a whole.So settle down with some popcorn, load up Damnation (or if put the disc in the player if you are like Neptune and still clamber for physical releases!) and join us in this fantastic audio commentary experience!

    • 1 hr 45 min
    Episode 82: Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition Review

    Episode 82: Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition Review

    Are you ready to delve into the subconscious mind of the REP collective? Well, buckle up as Neptune, theBatman, George Trevor, Rombie and STARS TyranT all take a trip to find that elusive crystal as we review Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition!


    Once again, we head back to the cursed village via a sample of Megamycete and a lot of strange misgivings along the way! The team will be casting their eye over everything Shadows of Rose and whether this piece of DLC adds to or hinders the story of the Winters's.


    With everything from gloopy walls, facesuckers, creepy mannequin dolls and theBatman trying to make sense of what the hell the Mold does, does this tale adequately bookend this phase of Biohazard?


    We also have a nice sub-discussion on the recent trailer of Resident Evil 4 Remake to tease the return of another village!Enjoy!

    • 2 hr 52 min
    Episode 81: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Retrospective

    Episode 81: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Retrospective

    In what has been a delayed podcast, the REP Team celebrate 10 years of this quirky spin off and see if, after a decade, its much maligned status requires a reappraisal? In this recording we look at how well the game holds up with Neptune in particular taking the multiplayer out for a spin for the first time ever! George Trevor also brings his expertise to the table having interviewed the games director Andrew Santos a few years ago and sharing tales of ORC's troubled production.


    We also take a detailed look at ORC's canonicity in light of the REmakes that have come since. Once brandished as sacrilege for messing up the geography of Birkin's Lab and the Raccoon Hospital when compared to the original titles, does has this burden been lifted with RE2 and RE3 remake?


    Is it time to embrace Party Girl and Four Eyes?


    We also have a recap of this summer's news as we build up to the next RE Showcase and we are delighted to be joined by special guest, HappySmelly!

    • 2 hr 17 min
    Episode 80: George A. Romero’s Resident Evil Documentary Interview

    Episode 80: George A. Romero’s Resident Evil Documentary Interview

    Announced today at Creature Feature Weekend, The Resident Evil Podcast are delighted to bring you this exclusive interview with the creators of the upcoming documentary about the lost Resident Evil movie that was to be directed by the grandfather of zombies himself - George A. Romero.The story is one of legend with Romero due to direct the first live action adaptation of Resident Evil following his involvement with the Biohazard 2 commercial. However, it was not to be and the project was removed from the director. This documentary will bring to light what happened by the people that were there at the time.This podcast brings together two of the creators of this documentary - Jason Bareford - George Romero's production assistant who personally worked on many Romero projects including the Biohazard 2 commercial and Brandon Salisbury - writer & filmmaker and the lead on this incredible undertaking.So join the team as we chat with the pair all about how this film came into being, the passion behind all things Romero and Resident Evil and lament what could have been. We also have a sub-discussion on the existing live action RE films, but please note that this podcast was recorded in May 2022 meaning the Netflix show had not yet dropped (nor cancelled!)Please enjoy!

    • 2 hr 6 min
    Episode 79: Resident Evil Netflix Season 1 Review

    Episode 79: Resident Evil Netflix Season 1 Review

    Coming hot off the heels of the Resident Evil movie reboot, attention now turns to the recently released Netflix adaptation of this popular franchise. Concerns were raised when this show was initially announced and then again when it was marketed as being a continuation of the games storyline up to RE Village anyway.Released last month what are the views on Neptune, [STARS] TyranT, Rombie and George Trevor now the dust has settled and all 8 hours have been consumed and digested? There is plenty to get our teeth into including the split storyline, the portrayals of legacy characters, the Wesker twins, as well as the return of the old (new) Umbrella.So buckle up as we try to flee through the Channel Tunnel is this review podcast.It's not all TV discussion however as we also have a look at the new trailer for the Shadows of Rose RE Village DLC.

    • 2 hr 49 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
70 Ratings

70 Ratings

Dawson131313 ,

Freaking awesome

I really wish you guys would do an episode on what your guys thoughts are about an RE BIOHAZERED continuous and how the plot would go.

undead jelly ,

Favorite podcast about one of my favorite series

Great podcast that has years of content and always makes it enjoyable to hear about resident evil. I dropped the series after 5 came out after being a huge fan of the older games and I can say their passion for the topic convinced me to play the newer titles and frankly improved my enjoyment of titles I didn't like. Great host and cast, always excited to see a new episode drop.

awkaedoooo ,

You want Stars? These boys will give you Stars!

Best Resident evil podcast around! Enough said.

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